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Full text of "The Roosevelt genealogy, 1649-1902;"

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1 649 — 1902 





The Whittelsey Genealogy and The Descendants of 
John Pratt of Hartford, Conn. 

Copyrighted 1902. 


J. B. BURR 't CO., 
Hartford, Cjnn. 

^'Iw- z^ 




Two CooiEe Received 

JUN. 2 J 902 

Copyright entrv 
LASJ<5t^XXa No 





Note: By cutting this and pasting each entry on the appropriate 
page the record will be perfectly corrected. 

The Orthography of the name Roosevelt was given in the Genealogy 
as found in the various original entries from which the records were 
copied so that the original records might be more easily traced, and not 
to convey the idea that the name was other than as now used. 

Crest: Three Ostrich feathers per pale, gules and argent. 
Arms: Arg. on a mount vert, a rosebush with three roses proper. 
Motto: "Qui Plantavit Curabit." 

(The one who planted it will take care of it.) 
Quoted from Holgate's American Genealogy. Lamb's History of 
New York City, p. 766. Delano Genealogy, p. 505. 

Page No. 
28 204 ABRAHAM ROOSEVELT was born 1753. (Not 1752.) 

31 217 PETER ROOSEVELT died July 27, 1833. 

31 217 MRS. JUDITH ROOSEVELT died Jan. 20, 1832. 

34 297 SARAH DE RIEMER married Samuel Cooke. Geo. W., was their 

87 Memo. GOOSEN GERRITSEN m. Annetje Lievens, 1657 (not 1857). 

40 372 ROSETTA MARK ROOSEVELT, b. Jan. 31, 1810. 

40 370 HENRY LATROBE ROOSEVELT b. on river steamer " New 
Orleans." on Ohio River, Oct. 30, 1811; d. at Skeneateles, N. Y., 
Jan. 10, 1884, unmarried. 

40 373 MARY LOUISE ROOSEVELT, b. Aug. IC, 1816. 

40 374 LYDIA ELIZA ROOSEVELT, b. Mch. 18, 1819. 

40 377 LOUIS SILLON (not Sellew) Roosevelt, b. Nov. 25, 1820. 

40 27.5 JULIA ADELINE ROOSEVELT, b. Sept. 13, 1822. 


Page No. 
40 378 JAMES NICHOLAS ROOSEVELT, b. , 1823. 

40 376 ELLEN ANNA MARIA ROOSEVELT, b. , 1825. 

41 389 CORNELIUS ROOSEVELT, d. June 18, 1799. 

44-45 208 JAKOBUS or JAMES ROOSEVELT was married 2nd, September 
7, 1812, in St. Johns Church, New York (not July 31, 1813) to 
Catherine E. Barclay. He graduated at Princeton in 1780, A.M. 

46-47 220 JAMES CHRISTOPHER ROOSEVELT was graduate of Prince- 
ton in 1791, A.M. 

50 640 SILAS WEIR ROOSEVELT, b. Oct. 18, 1823; m. Mary West. 

50 645 WILLIAM WALLACE ROOSEVELT (not William Weir Roose- 

51-37 360 JAMES I. ROOSEVELT (not James John) I did not represent 
a name, but was used to distinguish him from James No. 208. 

52-72 653 CHARLES YATES ROOSEVELT m. Cornelia Livingston Talbot 
(not Carrie Louise Talbot). 

52 655 FREDERICK ROOSEVELT, m. Mary i^oney (not Mary Loucy). 

53 659 JENNY ROOSEVELT, m. Otto Favre. 

58 371 MRS. MARY JANE ROOSEVELT, d. March 24. 1901. 

53 681. LAURA GERTRUDE ROOSEVELT, b. March 1, 1849; m. Feb. 7. 
1889, at Skeneateles, N. Y., Rev. Thomas Wickes Punnett, son 
of Henry and Harriet (Wickes) Punnett of Troy, N. Y. ; grad- 
uate of Williams College and Berkeley Divinity School. 
Their children are: 

HELEN ROOSEVELT PUNNETT, b. May 20, 1891, Catonsville, Md. 
THOMAS ROOSEVELT PUNNETT, b. Apr. 13, 1893, Catonsville, Md. 

53 682 ELLEN LYDIA ROOSEVELT, b. Feb. 16, 1853; m. Oct. 27, 1871. 
Augustus Emilus Outerbridge, b. Jan. 29, 1845 on Bermuda 
Island, son of Alexander Ewing and Laura Catherine Outer- 
bridge of Philadelphia. Mrs. Ellen L. Outerbridge died Dec. 
20, 1880, in N. Y. 


Page No. 

Their children are: 
63 682 SAMUEL, ROOSEVELT OUTERBRIDGE, b. Aug. 5, 1875. 
HELEN LOUISE OUTERBRIDGE, b. Feb. 22, 1878; d. May 15. 

53 683 MARY LEONTINE ROOSEVELT, b. Nov. 4, 1854; m. Oct. 25, 1879, 
Charles Y. Leaycraft. 
Their children are: 






53 684 SAMUEL MONTGOMERY ROOSEVELT, b. Feb. 20, 1857 (not 

58 685 VIRGINIA ROOSEVELT, b. Jan. 11, 1860. 

53 686 FRANK ROOSEVELT, b. Apr. 18, 1851; d. Feb. 7, 1853. 

53 687 FLORENCE ROOSEVELT, b. March 7, 1857; d. October 31, 1859. 

54 758 HENRY HOLLAND ROOSEVELT (not Henry Hollard) b. Aug'. 

3, 1810, in New York; d. July 2, 1858, lin New York; m. Mch. 2'i, 

1833, Catherine Ann Billings, b. April 23, 1817; d. Dec. 3, 1886. 
Their children were: 

PHOEBE ANN ROOSEVELT, b. April 18, 1835; d. Jan. 28, 1837. 
CORNELIUS ROOSEVELT, b. Jan. 21, 1837. 

PHOEBE ANN ROOSEVELT, b. June 6, 1839; d. Oct. 27, 1861. 

ANTOINETTE ROOSEVELT, b. July 24, 1844; m. Miller; d. 

9, 1900. 
MELISSA REBECCA ROOSEVELT, b. Feb. 21, 1848; d. Dec. 1% 

ELIZA JANE ROOSEVELT, b. Oct. 17, 1850; d Oct. 28, 1851. 
WALTER JAMES ROOSEVELT, b. Oct. 9, 1852, N. Y.; m. Sept. 

27, 1880, N. Y., Barbara Wolf, b. Jan. 15, 1862, lin N. Y.; dau. of 

Henry and Magdalena (Heilman) Wolf, of New York City 

and Germany. 


Page No. 

The children of Walter J. and Barbara (Wolf) Roosevelt ai'e: 
54 768 MAGDALENA ROOSEVELT, b. Feb. 12, 1881; d. Jan. 29, 1889. 
ELINOR ROOSEVELT, b. July 27, 1882. 

JULIA LILLIAN ROOSEVELT, b. April 28, 1887: d. Mar. 4, 1888. 
WALTER JAMES ROOSEVELT, JR., b. July 11, 1890; d. Sept. 10, 

EDITH KERMIT ROOSEVELT, b. Nov. 28, 1898. 

55-41 396 ELIZA MATILDA DUFFIE (not Matilda). 

57 442 ISAAC ROOSEVELT graduated at Princeton, 1808. College of 
Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., 1812. Never practiced his 

60 907 HARRIET EVELINA MORFORD (not Henrietta) 

60-48 517 HESTER ANN DE RIEMER (not Hester Anthony De Riemer). 

60 990 CHARLES DRAYTON BURRILL. m. Alice Snow (not Alice 

60 990 EDWARD L. BURRILL m. Hortense Bartlett (not Hortenus). 

60 991 WILLIAM M. VERMILYE m. 2nd June 21, 1877 (not 1872). 

60 999 JOHN HENRY ROOSEVELT, b. Jan. 23, 1833, had two sons Au- 
gustus Roosevelt of Carlton, Carroll Co., Mo., Charles H. 
Roosevelt of Hail, Mo. 

62 1032 EMILY HUBBARD ROOSEVELT, b. Dec. 19, 1893 (not Aug. 1895). 

63 1035 WARREN G. ROOSEVELT, m. April 24, 1901. Loraine Ashton 


63 631 NELSON ROOSEVELT, d. Nov. 12, 1880 (not Nov. 1st). 

65 1070 LEILA ROOSEVELT changed her name from (not to) Cornelia. 

68 643. ALL CHILDREN OF ROBERT B ROOSEVELT were by his first 
wife Elizabeth Ellis, who died April 4, 1887. 

72 653 CHARLES YATES ROOSEVELT died November 6, 1883, Mrs. 
Cornelia Livingston (Talbot) Roosevelt, is living. 


Page No. 

Their children are: 
72 1090 CORNELIA CARNOCHAX ROOSEVELT, m. Feb. 2, 1889, Baron 
Clemens Von Zedlitz; he died Oct. 17, 1901. They had one dau. 
72 1090A WILLIAM OUSLET ROOSEVELT, b. Feb. 6. 1S71; m. in 1892. 
Frances Lockwood Hall Dare. 

72 1091A FR.EDERICK ROOSEVELT SCOVEL, m. August 23, 1902, Miss 

Vivian May Satoris, dau. of Mrs. Nellie Grant Satoris and 
granddaughter of General U. S. Grant. 

73 1095 MARGARET L. KENNY, m. Maj. George Wall (not Wild). 

73 6S0 NICHOLAS LATROBE ROOSEVELT was born in Skaneateles, 

N. Y. (not in New York City). 

74 1105 HENRY LATROBE ROOSEVELT, b. Oct. 5, 1879. 

74 1106A GUY NICHOLAS ROOSEVELT, b. July 21, 1S83. 

75 1116 WM. R. THOMPSON. 


75 1118 ELLA R. THOMPSON. 

Should be omitted from this page as they are mentioned cor- 
rectly elsewhere. 

76 1132 CLINTON E. ROOSEVELT, m. Nov. 7, 1894, Elizabeth Stine, their 

daughter. Jane Roosevelt, b. May 25, 1901. 

77 803 CORNELIUS R. DUFFIE, d. July 8, 1900, in Litchfield. Conn. 
77 810 CHARLES H. ROOSEVELT, d. March 24, 1901. 

78-102 1169 CAROLINE W. SCHERMERHORN (not Cornelia). 

84-106 1322a. BLANCHE I. P. TUCKER and BLANCHE ROOSEVELT (pl06) 
refers to the same person. 

84-63 1035 WARREN G. ROOSEVELT, m. April 24, 1901, Loraine Ashton 


Page No. 
92 1079 HON. THEODORE ROOSEVELT was appointed by President 
Harrison (not President Cleveland) " a Republican member 
of the United States Cavil Service Commission." 

94 1079 Memo. CHARLES CAROW, b. Oct. 4, 1825; graduate Columbia 
College, 1845, d. March 17, 1883; m. Gertrude E. Tyler, was a 
son of (page 95) Isaac Quantin Quereau, b. at St. Croix, Mch. 

29, 1778, and removed to New York in 1793. He married June 

30, 1803, Eliza Mo watt; he died in New York, Sept. 3, 1850. 

96 1080 ELLIOTT ROOSEVELT, b. Feb. 28, 18C0, in New York City; m. 
Dec. 1, 1883, in New York, Anna Rebecca Hall daughter of 
Valentine G. Hall. Mr. Elliott Roosevelt died August 14, 1894, 
and his wife d. Dec. 7, 1892. 
Their children were : 

96 1391 ANNA ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, b. Oct. 12, 1884. 

96 1392 ELLIOTT ROOSEVELT, b. Sept. 29, 1889; d. Dec. 1893. 

96 1393 GRACIE HALL ROOSEVELT, b. June 28, 1891. 

98 1129 JAMES B. GILBERT, m. Lucie Land (not Lucie Laird). 


102 1515 MISS SARAH STEWART VAN ALEN, m. July 26, 1902, Robert 
J. Collier. 

102 1519 JOHN JACOB ASTOR, m. Ava Lowle Williing, dau. of Edw. S. 

Willing, of Philadelphia. 

103 1195 JAMES ROOSEVELT ROOSEVELT, m. November 18. 1878, Miss 

Helen Astor. 

103 1550 JAMES ROOSEVELT ROOSEVELT. JR., b. August 20, 1879. 
103 1551 HELEN REBECCA ROOSEVELT, b. September 26, 1881. 
105 Bay Roosevelt is an error for Groesvelt. 

.: 1902 


New Netherland, now New York, in one of the most memorable 
years in the history of his time, for it was about 1649, when the 
Dutch government was seriously embarrassed. A contest had 
been waged between the people and the Sovereign of England, 
as it had long before been carried on in the Netherlands. Oppo- 
sition had been succeeded by revolt and civil war. Charles the 
First was beheaded in front of his own banqueting hall, and 
England declared a republic. The shock which troubled Europe 
was felt in America. In that year Winthrop died. The Dutch 
and other traders were forbidden to trade with the New England 
savages. Arms were brought to New Amsterdam from Holland, 
the people fearing that war would break out with the savages. 
Public opinion was running strong against Stuyvesant. Food 
was scarce. The winter was so cold that "ink froze in the pen." 
About this time a Burgher government was demanded, and dele- 
gates were sent to Holland. Katskill and Claverack were settled. 
Stuyvesant opposed the reformers. Fort Nassau was demolished. 
Esopus (N. Y.) and Newtown (L. I.) were settled. The Burgher 
government was conceded to Manhattan. War was declared be- 
tween the English and the Dutch nations. The Dutch built forti- 
fications across New Amsterdam. In 1652- 1653 all business 
was at a standstill, and the people were under arms, not knowing 
when an attempt would be made against the Colony. The next 
year the Dutch found danger still greater, as Cromwell had dis- 
patched a fleet to America, and as the fleet was leaving New 
England for New Amsterdam it was met by a vessel bringing 
news of peace between England and Holland. Later, in 1655, 
the Colony awoke one morning to find itself in possession of the 
Indians, but Stuyvesant established quiet by presents instea.d of 
by arms. 

Claes Martenszen van Rosenvelt was among the numerous 
Holland colonists who came over to New Amsterdam in 1649 or 
1650, undoubtedly bringing with him his wife, Jannetje Samuel — 
Thomas. In Munsill's American Ancestry, Vol. VI., p. 19, we 


find the statement that he emigrated to New Amsterdam, with his 
wife, in August, 1649. No record of their marriage in New- 
Amsterdam has been found, but it is a matter of record in the 
"Court Minutes of New Amsterdam, August 6, 1655," that "Jan- 
netie Hamel, wife of Nicholas Martensen, declares," etc. The 
baptismal records of their children in the Reformed Dutch church 
of New York City are signed by their parents as Claes Martenszen 
van Rosevelt — Jannetje Samuels — Jannetje Thomas, as shown by 
the records herein given, 

Styntie Claes Rosevelt was admitted member of the church 
November 28, 1678. Claes Rosevelt was admitted December'4, 
1679, to th^ Reformed Dutch church of New York, where they 
and their descendants have attended for 250 years. 

Their children were : 

2 CHRISTIAEN, bap. in Reformed Dutch Church of N. Y., Oct. 23, 
1650; par .'Claes Martenszen; wit. Herman Smetman, Beckje en 
i^ytie. This child died in infancy. 
3+ELSJE, bap. in [Reformed Dutch Church of N. Y., Feb. 11, 1652; 
par. Claes Martenszen Van Rosewelt; wit. Thomas Hall, Lys- 
beth Dircks, Alfje Van Tienhoven; m. Hendrick Jillish Meyert. 
4+ANNA MARGARIET, bap. Aug. 29, 1654; par. Claes Martenzen 
Van Rosenvelt; wit. Hendrick Hendrickszen, Margriet Lou- 
mans; m. Heynians Alderste Roosa. 
5+CHRISTINA, bap. in iReformed Dutch Church, N. Y., July 30, 
1656; par. Claes Martenszen, Jannetje Samuels; wit. Garret Co- 
erton, Christina Grevenrats; m. 1st, Nicalsie de la Montague; 
2d., John Hammel. 
-1 6+NICHOLAES, bap, in Reformed Dutch Church of N. Y., Oct. 2, 
' 1658; par. Claes Martenszen, Jannetie Thomas; wit. Nicholas 

Velthuysen, en syn huysor, Aeltje Bicker; m. Heyltje Jans 
7 ANNA, bap. in Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y. Sept. 10, 1662; m. 
Jan Van Dalfsen de Vries from Haarlem, Holland. 
"Jan Van Dalfsen de Vries, from Rockland County and his wife Anna 
Van Raasvelt, joined the church in New York. Feb. 27, 1702. He died 
about 1712 at Tappan, where he had served as 'voorleser.' " (Riker's 
History of Bap. records copied from Church records, Harlem, p. 532.) 

3. ELSJE (Claes Martenszen^). Elsie Rosenvelt was bap. 
February I2, 1652, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New 
Amsterdam (now New York), married, in 167 1, Hendrick 
Jillesh Meyert (or Meyer) ; bap. March 6th, 1650. "They resided 
in Pearl street, near Whitehall street. He was a Cordwainer, in 


1699, and in 1700 he was Assistant Alderman for the South 
Ward." (Valentine's History, p. 332.) "Mr. and Mrs. Meyer 
were members of the Dutch Church in 1686." (Church Records.) 

"Hendrick Jillish Meyer was the son of Jillis (or Gillis) 
Pieterszen (Meyer), commonly called Pieterszen van der Grouw, 
or van der Gonda — the ancient town of Gonda or Tergrouw in 
Holland, his birthplace. House carpenter; came to New Amster- 
dam in 1633. On the i6th of April, 1639, at the age of 27, in 
company with Jacob Stoffelson and Tymen Janszen, he makes 
declaration as to the condition of the fort, church, mills and other 
public property, at the time of Governor Kieft's arrival in New 
Amsterdam." (Col. N. Y. Hist. Soc, Vol I., p. 279, new series.) 
"He married, in New Amsterdam, July 6, 1642, Elsje Hendricks, 
b. in Amsterdam, Holland ; daughter of Hendrick Janszen Snyder 
or Hendrick Janszen, the tailor, and his wife, Geertje Scheerbuch. 
He died prior to 1656." (Vol. IX., p. 4, N. Y. G. & B. Rec.) 

The children of Elsje Rosenvelt and Hendrick Jillish Meyer 
were : 

8 ELSJE METER, bap. Sept. 15, 1672; she d. young. 
9+ JENNET JE MEYER, bap. Sept. 19, 1674; m. Abraham Proovost. 
10 ELSJE METER, bap. March 12, 1676; m. Oct. 30, 1698, Bernardus 
Smith from Bushwick, L. I., she was his first wife and she d. 
in 1704. He m. 2d, June 30, 1705, Anna Colevelt, widow of Lawrence Hed- 
ding-. (Vol IX p. 4, N. T. Gene, and Biog. Rec.) 

11+MARRITIE METER, bap. June 25, 1679, m. Hendrick Van der 

12 RACHEL METER, bap, March 1, 1684. 
13+CATHRINA METER, bap. June 13, 1686, m. Hermanns Rutgers. 

14 HENDRICK METER, bap. Nov. 4, 1688, may be the one who m. 

at Hackensack, N. J., June 24, 1716, Elsie de Vouw. (Nothing 

15 JOHANNES METER, bap. May 15, 1692. 

16 PETER METER, bap. Jan. 31, 1697. 

References: Valentine's History of New Tork, p. 332. Col. N. Y. 
Hist. Soc. new series, Vol. 1, p. 279. N. T. Gene, and Biog. 
Rec. Vol. IX, p. 4. 

4. ANNA MARGARET (Claes Martenszen^), bap. August 
29, 1654, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam 
(now New York). She married Heyman Alderste Roosa. 

Their children were : 

17 ALBERT RO6SA, bap. March 2, 1678, in the Old Dutch Church in 

Esopus (now Kingston, N. T.); wit. Mr. Roll of Cherstede, 
YV^illke de Jough, wid. of Aldert Hermanssee Rosa, who died 
Feb. 27, 1678-9. (Old Dutch Church, Kingston.) 


18 CLAAS ROOSA, bap. April 27, 1684. 

19 GTSBERT ROOSA, bap, Oct. 17, 1686. 

20 NETTJE ROOSA, bap. Oct. 13. 1689. 

21 RACHEL ROOSA, bap. April 19, 1696; m. John Ten Broeck; for 

descendants see Vol. XIX N. T. G. & B. Rec. pp. 69-70. 

22 liEA ROOSA, bap. Sept. 11, 1698; m. Sept. 11, 1719, Anthony Crisp- 

well; for descendants, see Vol XIX N. Y. G. & B. Rec. pp. 


Bap. records from the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, for fur- 
ther family records, see the New York Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Record, Vol. XXXI, p. 163. 

5. CHRISTINA (Claes Martenszen^), bap. in the Reformed 
Dutch Church of New York, on the 30th of July, 1656. She m., 
first, in New York City, Nicasius de la Montagiue, bap. in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York, April 9th, 1659. Son of 
Jan de la Montagiue, and his wife, Petronelle Pieces. [Church 
Records.] Nicasius de la Montagiue d. about the year 1700. She 
m., secondly, February 24th, 1703, in New York City, John Ham- 
mel or Hamill. (N. Y. Marriage Licenses: Riker's Hist. Harlem, 
P- 574,576.) 

The children by the first marriage were : 

23 SAMUEIL. DE LA MONTAGUE, b. June 2, 1698, nothing further. 
24+ JESSE DE LA MONTAGUE, b. Nov. 21, 1699; m. Martje Person. 

6. NICHOLAS (Claes Martenszen^), b! in September, 1658 ; 
bap. October 2d, 1658, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New 
Amsterdam (now New York). He removed to Esopus (now 
Kingston, Dutchess Co.), New York, previous to 1680, for on 
Monday, April 5th, 1680, he, with other Burghers of Esopus, 
petitioned for a minister of the gospel, in the person of Petar 
Taschemaker. (Col. Hist., Vol. XIII., p. 543.) On the 9th day 
of December, 1682, he m., at the Reformed Dutch Church of New 
York, Heyltje Jans Kunst, b. February 24, 1664, daughter of Jan 
Barentsen Kunst, and his wife, Jakeyntje Cornelius of Albanien, 
to New York. (Church Records.) 

"Jan Barentsen, house carpenter and workman, passenger in 
the ship "Gilded Beaver," arriving in May, 1658." (N. Y. Doc. 
Hist., Vol. III., p. 33-44.) "14 March, 'Pinkster Monday,' 1663, 
Jan Barentsen, house carpenter of Alckmaer (the present Alk- 
maar, 20 miles N. NW. of Amsterdam in the north of Holland), 


in Noort Hollant, widower of Jannetjen Ariens. And Jakemyntje 

Cornelis of Woerde (present Woerden, in Province south of 

Holland, on the old Rhine, 18 miles E. SE. of Leiden) in Holland, 

j. d., both reside here (in Wiltwyck, now Kingston, Dutchess Co., 

N. Y.). First publication of banns 29 April; second, 6 March; 

third, 13th March, 1663." (Kingston Marriages.) 

In 1690 Mr. Roosevelt returned to New York with his family. 

His occupation is given as that of a "Bolter." He was made a 

"freeman" August 23, 1698 (Mem. Hist. N. Y., Vol. II., p. 207). 

"He was an Alderman of the Leislerian party in 1700 and 1701, 

and although a Burgher of the 'major right,' he espoused the 

popular side of the contest of the colonies with the mother 

country." (Am. Biog. Diet.: Archives N. Y. City.) He was 

Alderman 1 698-1 701, and also Alderman for the West Ward in 

1715. (N. Y. Mem. Hist, Vol. II., p. 360.) 

He died in New York, July 30, 1742. (See vault Middle 
Dutch Church, New York.) 

Their children were : 

25+JANNETIE, bap. Nov. 11, 1683, Esopus, N. T., Old Dutch Church; 

wit. Elsje Jans, Heyinan Roosa; m. Johan Van de Heul. 
26 MAlRGARETTA, bap. Oct. 11, 1685, Esopus, N. Y. Old Dutch 

Church; wit. Cornelius Gerritz, Margariet Rozeveld. 
27+NICHOLAES, bap. Aug. 28, 1687, Esopus N. Y. Old Dutch Church; 

wit. Barent Kunst, Janjte Kunst; m. Sarah Fulman. 
28+ JOHANNES, bap. March 3, 1689, Esopus N. Y. Old Dutch Church; 

wit. Cornelius Geritsen, Jaconjn Slecht; m. Heyltje Sjoerts. 
29 ELSIE, bap. Jan. 1, 1691, Reformed Dutch Church of N. Y. 
30+ JACOBUS, bap. Feb. 1692. Reformed Dutch Church of N. Y.; m. 

Catharine Harden Brook. 
31 RACHEL, bap. March 21, 1693, Reformed Dutch Church of N. Y.; 

died in infancy. 
32+SA(RAH, bap. 1696, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; m. Philip 

33+RACHEL, bap. April 23, 1699, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y. ; wit. 

Thos. Sanders and his V. Aaltje Santvoort; m. Peter Low. 
34 ISAAC, bap. Feb. 28, 1701, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; died 


9. JENNETIE MEYER (Elsie Roosevelt^), bap. September 
19, 1674, in New York City ; m. in New York City, May 27, 1701, 
Abraham Proovost. captain of the sloop "Elizabeth," which car- 
ried a detachment of militia from New York to Albany. (Col. 
N. Y. Hist. Mss. English, p. 329-330. 


He was the son of Johannes Provoost (eldest son of David 
Provoost), born in Holland; m. Sara Staets, daughter of Major 
Abram Statts, who m., second, Sarah Webbers, widow of Laurens 
van der Spiegel. 

Abraham Provoost's will proved at Claverack, N. Y., January 
31st, 1766. 

Their children were : 

35 ELIZABETH PROVOOST, bap. Oct. 24, 1703, in New York. 

36 JOHANNES PROVOOST, bap. March 21, 1705, in New York. His 

will, dated Lonenburgh (now Athens, N. Y.) proved Jan. 14, 
1771, in N. Y. and Albany, mentions wife Cathrina and his 

37 HENDRICK PROVOOST, bap. Sept. 2S, 1707, in New York; lived 

in Cocksacksie, N. Y. in 1747. 

38 SAMUEL. PROVOOST, bap. May 24, 1710, in New York, lived 

in Cocksacksie, N. Y. in 1747. 

39 ABRAHAM, PROVOOST, bap, May 10, 1714, in New York, lived 

in Cocksacksie, N. Y. in 1747. 

40 JACOB PROVOOST, bap, Aug. 28, 1715 in New York, lived 

in Cocksacksie, N. Y. in 1747. 

41 ISAAC PROVOOST, bap. Oct. 10, 1718 in New York, lived 

in Cocksacksie, N. Y. in 1747. 

(See N. Y. Gene, and Biog. Register, Vol. VI., p. 20.) 

11. MARRITIE MEYER (Elsie Roosevelt^), bap. June 25, 
1679, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York ; m. April 21st, 
1700. Hendrick van der Heul, bap. May 14, 1676, son of Abra- 
ham Janszen Varit Zuydtlandt init landt Van de Briel, who mar- 
ried, on August loth, 1659, Tryntje Hendricks Kip, born in 
Amsterdam, daughter of Henry Hendrickszen Kip (Kype). 
(Riker's Hist. Harlem.) 

Their children were : 

42 ABRAHAM VAIST DER HEUL, bap. July 6, 1701; m. 1727, Maria 


43 ELIZABETH VAN DER HEUL, bap. March 21, 1703. 

44 HENDRICUS VAN DER HEUL, bap. Nov. 1, 1704; died young. 

45 TRYNTJE VAN DER HELTL, bap. Jan. 1, 1707. 

46 JOHANNES VAN DER HEUL, bap. June 12, 1709. 

47 HENDRICUS VAN DER HEUL, bap. Nov. 2, 1712; m. March 25, 

1736, Anna Breestede. 

See Vol. VIII., pp. 70-71, N. Y. Gene, and Biog. Register. 

13. CATHRINA or RACHEL MEYER (Elsie Roosevelt^), 
bap. June 13, 1686, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New Am- 
sterdam (now New York). Married, by Dominie De Booys, in 


New York City, on the 25th of December, 1706, Harmanus 
Rutgers, a brewer, in New York City, from Albany, N. Y. Son 
of Harman Rutgers, who d. 171 1 ; m. Catarina, daughter of Anth- 
ony de Hooges, secretary of the Colonic of Rensselaerswyck, son 
of Rutger Jacobsen, who embarked on yacht Rensselaerswyck, 
October i, 1636, from Van Schoenderwverdt, a village seven miles 
north of Leerdam, Holland. In June, 1646, he married Tryntje 
Jansse Van Breestedt, in New Amsterdam. He was a brewer, 
and he died in 1665. 

Hermanns Rutgers d. August 9, 1753, in New York. Mrs. 
Rutgers died February 28, 1737. 
Their children were : 

48+HEIRMANUS RUTGHERS, bap. May 2, 1708; m. Elizabeth Benson. 
49+ELSIE RUTGERS, bap. Feb. 1, 1710; m. John Marshall. 
SO+HEMDRIK RUTGERS, bap. Feb. 24, 1712; m. Cathrina De Pey- 

51+CATHARINE RUTGERS, bap. Feb. 21, 1714; m. Abraham Van 


52 MARIA RUTGERS, bap. April 11, 1716; died young. 

53 ANTHONY RUTGERS, bap. June 8, 1718; died young. 
54+EVA RUTGEIRS, bap. Aug. 30, 1719; m. John Provoost. 

55 JOHANNES RUTGE/RS, bap. Feb. 11, 1722; died young. 

(See Vol. XVII, p. 84, N. T. Gene, and Biog. Reg.) 

24. JESSE DE LA MONTAGUE (Christina Rosevelt^), b. 
in New York City, November 21, 1699; m. Martje Person. 

Their son : 

56 SAMUEL DE LA MONTAGUE, bap. Nov. 18, 1724, in Reformed 

Dutch Church, N. T.; wit. Jan Rosevelt, Heyltje Rosevelt. 

25. JANNETIE ROOSEVELT (Nicholas^), bap. Novem- 
ber II, 1683, in the old Dutch Church at Esopus (now Kingston, 
Dutchess Co., N. Y.) ; m., November 9, 1699, in the Reformed 
Dutch Church of New York, Johannes van der Heul, bap. De- 
cember 24, 1673, a merchant in New York, son of Abraham Van 
Zuydtlandt init landt Van de Briel, who m., on August 10, 1659, 
Tryntje Hendricks Kip. The progenitors of the Van der Heul 
family of New York. (Riker's History of Harlem.) 

Johannes Vander Heul was a part owner of the Privateer 
"Hunter." (Doc. Hist. N. Y. : N. Y. Colonial Records.) 

Mrs. Van der Heul was admitted to the Reformed Dutch 
Church of New York, February 28, 1700. (Church Records.) 


Their children were : 

60 ABRAHAM VAN DER HEUL, bap. Sept. 8, 1700; died young. 

61 ABRAHAM VAN DER HEUL., bap. Nov. 9, 1701, Reformed Dutch 

Church of N. T. 

62 CATHRINA VAN DER HEUD, bap. Sept. 1, 1704, Reformed 

Dutch Church, N. T. 

63 NICHOLAES VAN DER HEUL, bap. Nov. 0, 1706. Reformed 

Dutch Church, N. Y. 

64 JOHANNES VAN DER HEUL, bap. Sept. 16, 1713, Reformed 

Dutch iChurch, N. T. 

65 HELENA VAN DER HEUL, bap. May 25, 1714, Reformed Dutch 

Church, N. Y. 

(See Vol. VIII, pp. 70-71, N. Y. Gene, and Biog. Register.) 

27. NICHOLAS (Nicholas"), bap. August 28, 1687, in the 
old Dutch Church of Esopus (now Kingston, Dutchess Co.. N. 
Y.). He m., at the Reformed Dutch Church of New York, on 
the 1st day of February, 17 10, Sarah Fulman. (Church Reg- 

"March 20, 1738-9, Nicholas Roosevelt, Goldsmith, was ad- 
mitted 'Freeman.' " (Mem. Hist. N. Y., Vol. II., p. 207.) 

"At a Common Council meeting held October 9, 1753," it was 
"Resolved, that this Corporation Do Present his Excellency Sir 
Danvers Osborn, Baronet, with the freedom thereof, and the Seal 
of this Corporation, offered thereto to be enclosed in a gold Box 
of about £20 value, and that Mr. Nicholas Roosevelt 
prepare such a box accordingly." (Col. Hist. N. Y.) £38.10 
was paid to Nicholas Roosevelt for two Gold Boxes. 

Mrs. Roosevelt signed the baptismal records of their children, 
using the following spelling of her name : Sarah Fulman, Folle- 
mans, Volleman, Solleman. 

Their children were : 

66-t-CATHRINA, bap. Jan. 10, 1711, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; 

wit. Nicolaas Rosivel, Cathrina P'oMi^mr.ns: m. Stienwyck de 

67 HILLETJE, bap. March 29, 1713, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; 

wit. Nicholas Rosavelt, Sr., Hittelje Rosavelt. 
68+NICHOLAS, bap. Feb. 6, 1715, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; 

wit. Nicholas Rosavelt, Hittelje Rosavelt; m. 1st, Catharine 

Comfort; 2d. Elizabeth Thurman. 

28. JOHANNES or JOHN (Nicholas^), bap. February 27, 
1689, in the old Dutch Church at Esopus (now Kingston, Dutch- 
ess Co., N. Y.). (Church Register: Am. Ancestry, Vol. VI., 


p. 19.) He m., at the Reformed Dutch Church of New York, 
on the 25th of September, 1708, Heyltje Sjoerts (called Shourd), 
daughter of Capt. Olfert Sioerts, b. at Heerenveen in 1661, took 
his father's trade, a bricklayer, but abandoned it for the sea. He 
married, September 9, 1682, Margaret, daughter of Cornelius 
Jansen Clopper, and in 1703, Hillegond, daughter of Skipper 
Lucas Andriessen. He d. in New York in 1710, and was the 
son of Sioert Olfertsen, who emigrated from Heerenveen, a large 
village 18 miles southeast of Leenwarden, and for its beauty is 
called the Friesland Hague. He sailed from Amsterdam, Sep- 
tember 27, 1663, in the ship "Statyn," and with him his wife, 
Itie Roelofs, their child Olfert and a servant. He and his wife 
joined the church in New York, August 24, 1671. (Riker's Hist. 
Harlem, p. 486.) 

"Johannes and his brother. Jacobus Roosevelt, were joint pro 
prietors," with others, "of undivided land lying between Rye and 
Byrom River and blind brook, granted to the Prisbiterian Sosioty 
in 1729." (Baird's Rye, N. Y., p. 328.) 

"In 1730, John Roosevelt, Esq., was admitted 'Freeman.' " 

Mr. Roosevelt was Assistant Alderman from 1717 until 1727, 
and Aldreman from 1730 to 1733. (Todd Gene.) 

Their children were : 

69-l-MARGRETA, bap. May 8, 1709, in Reformed Dutch Church, N. T.; 
wit. Olphert Sjoertz, Hilltje Rosevelt; m. William De Peyster, 

70 NICHOLAS, bap. Oct. 8, 1710, in Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; 

m. Oct. 7, 1730, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y., Maria Bosch; 
bap. Feb. 15, 1713, in Ref. Dutch Ch. N. Y., daughter of Alber- 
tus, Coenradus Bosch, who m. July 25, 1703, Maria Jeeds (or 
Yaets) van N. Albanie; he was son of Albert Bosch van Ley- 
den, who m. May 1, 1668, Elsje Blanck Van N. Yorke. (Re- 
formed Dutch Church N. Y... Register.) 

Nicholas Roosevelt died Aug. 22, 1735, in the West Indies. 
(Todd Gene.) 

71 JOHANNES, bap. April 27, 1712, in Reformed Dutch Church, 

N. Y.; wit. Johannes V'der Heul, Jannetje. He died Aug. 22, 
1743, without issue. 

72 HEYLTJE, bap. May 23, 1714, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y., 

wit. Jacobus Roosevelt, Sara Roosevelt. She died Aug. 25, 
1745, without issue. 
73-l-OLPHERT, bap. Feb. 8, 1716, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; m. 
Elizabeth Lounsbury. 


74 JACOBUS, bap. April 6, 1718, Reformed Dutch Church, N. T. He 

died in infancy. 
75+MARIA, bap. June 15, 1720, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; m. 

Abraham Duryea. 
76 JANNETJE, bap. April 24, 1723, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y. 

She died Sept. 11, 1724. 
-^ 77+JAOOBUS, bap. Aug. 9, 1724, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; m. 

1st, Anatje Bogert; 2d, Elenora Thompson. 
78 AEDL-TJE, bap. Aug. 26, 1726, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y. She 

died Sept. 22, 1727. 
79-HOORNELIUS, bap. July 11, 1731, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; 

m. Margaret Herring. 

30. JACOBUS or JAMES (Nicholas^), bap. February, 
1692, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York. He m., in 
the Reformed Dutch Church of New York, on the 26th of Janu- 
ary, 171 3, Catharina Hardenbroek, bap. February 25, 1694, at 
the Reformed Dutch Church of New York ; daughter of Johannes 
Hardenbroeck, j. m., Van Amsterdam, who married, on May 27, 
1686, Sara Van Laer van N. Yorke. 

Johannes Hardenbroeck arrived in New Amsterdam, Decem- 
ber 23, 1661, with his father, Adolph Hardenbroeck, in the ship 
"Faith." His mother also accompanied them, but her name is not 
mentioned. (Doc. Hist, of N. Y., Vol. HI., pp. 33 to 42.) 

Sara Van Laer was the daughter of Stoflfel Gerritszen Van 
Laer, who m. Cathrina Jans Uijt den Hage, February 10, 1660, 
in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York. He emigrated 
from Laer, February. 1659, in the ship "Faith." (Doc. Hist. 
N. Y., Vol. UL, pp. 33-42.) 

Mr. Jacobus Roosenvelt laid the first stone of the Reformed 
Protestant Dutch Church of New York, July 7, 1767. He was 
then senior elder in the old church. The tablet in the church 
reads as follows: 

*' This Church was built by the congregation of the Reformed Prot- 
estant Dutch Church in the City of New York for English service under 
the Inspection of a committe of 

Elders. Deacons 

Peter Marschalk, Isaac Rosenvelt 

Peter Lott Adrian Bancker 

Corn's Bogert Andrew Marschaik 

Theooorus Van Wyck Garret Abeel. 


Andrew Brested In'r, carpenter and Protector. 
John Stagg master mason and Alex Bates. 

The first stone was laid July 2, 1767 by Mr. Jacobus Rosenvelt Sen. Eldei'. 
The walls built to Rescue the roof, June 17, 1768. 
The Pillars reared June 21, 1768. 

The first English minister for the iDutch Congregation, the Rev. Archi- 
bald Laidlie, 1764. 

' Peace be within this sacred place 
and holy gifts and heavenly grace.' 
Tobias Van Zandt, Clerk." 
(See p. 349, Vol. II, Mem. Hist, of N. T.) 

Ill 1728, Mr. Jacobus Rosenvelt bought ten lots, each being 
25x120 feet, "in the swamp near cripple Bush," for iio each. 
The swamp was originally very low ground, covered by bushes, 
and was known as the "Cripple Bush" or tangled briars, through 
which, a few years later, Roosevelt street was opened. Lots were 
marked off, and it became the seat of several tanneries, and it is 
still monopolized by the leather business. He afterwards bought 
the whole of the "Beekman Swamp" for iioo, through which he 
opened Ferry street. The "Beekman Swamp," in the vicinity of. 
Ferry and the neighboring streets, embracing the blocks between 
the present Nassau and Pearl streets, on the east and west, and 
from Fulton on the south, to the swamp which furnished its 
northern boundary, came into requisition for building purposes 
and became the present Beekman street. (Valentine's Hist. N. 
Y., p. 285 : Old Merchants of N. Y.) 

"A stream called 'Wreck Brook' ran from the 'Collect' to the 
East river, through a meadow ; it emptied into the river at the 
foot of what is now Roosevelt street. The 'Collect Pond' was a 
large body of fresh water, said to have been seventy feet deep, 
situated in the basin in the site of which is now occupied by the 

The will of Mr. Jacobus Roosevelt was dated June 29, 1775, 
and probated June 5, 1776 (No. 1442 R. 62 (file) : Calander 
of Wills, p. 33 ; Draft of will part missing : The will is printed 
in full in Vol. L, Old New York, 1890, pp. 360 to 369), in which he 
mentions his sons, Isaac, Adolphus, Nicholas and Peter ; his grand- 
children, Sarah, daughter of Isaac, Peter, son of Peter, James 
Crommeline, son of Sarah, Jacobus the only son of my son Chris- 
topher, and Jacobus, Jr. 


His will is also recorded in the Calander of Wills, p. 33. 1446 
R. 62 : N. Y. Wills. 

Their children were: 

80 JOHANNES, bap. Aug. 25, 1714, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y. 

He died young. 
81+ JOHANNES, bap. Aug. 28, 1715, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y., 

m. Anantie Luqueer. 
82+NICHOLAS, bap. Oct. 13, 1717, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; 

m. Annatie Breestede. 
83+HEDENA, bap. Oct. 11, 1719, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; m. 

Andrew Barclay. 

84 JACOBUS, bap. Sept. 17, 1721, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; ad- 

miitted to Church in 1749. He died a bachelor. 

85 CHRISTOFFEL, bap. Feb. 9, 1724, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; 

died in 1737 in West Indies. 
86+ISAAC, bap. Dec. 18, 1726, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; m. Cor- 
nelia Hoffman. 
87 ABRAHAM, bap. Jan. 5, 1729, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y., 

b. Dec. 28, 1728; d. unmarried. 
88+SARAH, bap. Dec. 9, 1730, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; m. 

Charles Crommelin. 
89+PETER, bap. Oct., 1732, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; wit. 

Elizabeth Brinkerhoff, Helena Thompson. 
90 ADOLPHUS, bap. May 23, 1734, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; 

d. July, 1734. 
91+ ADOLPHUS, bap. Oct. 22, 1735, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; 

92+CHRISTOPHER, bap. Dec. 24, 1739, Reformed Dutch Church, N. 

Y.; m. Maria Duryea. 

32. SARAH ROOSEVELT (Nicholas^), bap. 1696, in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York; m., February 26, 1718, 
at the Reformed Dutch Church of New York, Philip Schuyler, 
bap. October 28, 1694, son of Peter Schuyler, b. April 18, 1659, 
d. March 7, 1696, m. Alida Van Slichtenhorst ; son of David 
Schuyler d. February 9, 1690, and his wife, Catalyn Ver Planck, 
who. d. October 8, 1708. (Colonial N. Y., by G. W. Schuyler: 
Ref. D. Ch. Register.) 

Their child was : 

93 SARAH SCHUYLER, bap, Aug. 12, 1719, Reformed Dutch Church, 
N. Y. ; nothing further. 

33. RACHEL ROOSEVELT (Nicholas^), bap. April 23, 
1699, in the Reformed Dutch Church of N. Y. She m., at the 


Reformed Dutch Church of New York, on the 8th of August, 1720, 

Pieter Low, bap. October 17, 1697, son of Cornelius Louw of 

Esopus (now Kingston, N. Y.), merchant, who m., July 5, 1695, 

*Margariet Van Dorsum ; son of Peter Cornielius and Elizabeth 

(Blanchan) Louw. 

*Margariet Van Borsum, bap. September 20, 1679, was 
daughter of Tymon Van Borsum, bap. September 17, 165 1, m., 
February 3, 1675, Grietje Margareta Fockens, widow of Philip 
Janszen de Vas ; son of Egbert Van Borsum Van Embden and 
Annetje Hendricks Van Amsterdam, m. December 11, 1639. 

Peter Low's will proved June 23, 1750. 

Their children were : 

94+HELlENA LOW, bap. Jan. 9. 1722, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; 

m. Henry Kip. 
95+MARGRIETJE LOW, bap. July 4, 1725, Reformed Dutch Church, 

N.Y. ; m. iCornelius Low. 

96 PETRUS LOW, bap. April 30. 1727, Reformed Dutch Church, N. 

T. ; m. Miss Van Duzen. 

97 JANNETJE LOW, bap. May 15, 1729, Reformed Dutch Church, 

N. Y. Died young. 

98 CORNELIUS LOW, bap. May 14, 1731, Reformed Dutch Church, 

N. Y.; m. Maria Low. 

99 NICHOLAS LOW, bap. March 7, 1733, Reformed Dutch Church, 

N. Y. ; m. Sarah Louw. 
100 JANNETJE LOW, bap. April 16, 1735, Reformed Dutch Church, 

N. Y. ; m. John Duryea. She died in July, 1825, without issue. 
101+JOHANNES LOW, bap. July 3, 1737, Reformed Dutch Church, 

N. Y. ; m. Susannah Bourdet. 
102+RACHEL LOW, bap. Dec. 30, 1739, Reformed Dutch Church, 

N. Y. ; m. Cornelius Clopper. 

103 ELIZABETH LOW, bap. Oct. 24, 1742, Reformed Dutch iChurch, 

N. Y. ; m. in 1761, Abraham Duryea. 

104 SARAH LOW, bap. July 14, 1745, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y. 

48. HERMANUS RUTGERS (Rachel Meyer^''), bap. May 
2, 1708, in New York City; m., June 7, 1729, Elizabeth Benson, 
bap. November 24, 1708, daughter of Robert and Cornelia (Roos) 

Their children were : 

105 HERMANUS RUTGERS, bap. April 5, 1730, in the Dutch Church 

of N. Y. ; died young. 

106 ROBERT RUTGERS, bap, July 4, 1731, in Dutch Church of N. Y. 

107 HERMANUS RUTGERS, bap. Oct. 8, 1732. in Dutch Church of N. 

Y.; merchant; died without issue. 


108 ANTHONY RUTGERS, bap. Jan. 20, 1734, in Dutch Church of 

N. Y. Captain in the Colonial wars; was at Port Royal. He 
died unmarried in 1814. 

109 CORNELIA RUTGERS, bap. Oct. 31, 1736, in Dutch Church of 

N. Y. ; m. Jacob Le Roy, 1st wife. 

110 CATHRINA RUTGERS, bap. June 2, 1738, in Dutch Church of 

N. Y.; m. Jacob Le Roy, 2d wife by whom he had Herman 
LeRoy, whose daughter was the second wife of Daniel Web- 

111 MARGARITA RUTGERS, bap. Feb. 13, 1740, in Dutch Church of 

N. Y.; died young. 

112 MARIA RUTGERS, bap. Sept. 13, 1741, in Dutch Church of N. Y.; 

died young. 

113 JOHN RUTGERS, bap. June 22, 1743, in the Dutch Church of 

N. Y.; died young. 

(See Vol XYII, pp. 84-88 N. Y. Gene, and Biog. Register.) 

49. ELSIE RUTGERS (Rachel Meyer^"), bap. February 
I, 1710, in New York City; m., January 27, 1731, John Marshall. 

Their children were : 

114 ANNA MARIA MARSHALL, bap. Oct. 6, 1731, at Dutch Church of 

N. Y. 

115 HARMANUS MARSHALL, bap. March 14, 1739, at Dutch Church 

of N. Y. 

116 EDWARD MARSHALL, bap. April 29, 1741, at Dutch Church of 

N. Y. 

117 JOHN MARSHALL, bap. June 22, 1743, at Dutch Church of N. Y. 

(Not in Marshall Genealogy.) 

50. HENDRICK RUTGERS (Rachel Meyer^^'), bap. Feb- 
ruary 24, 1712, in New York City; m., January 29, 1732, in New 
York City, Catharine De Peyster, bap. July 22, 171 1, daughter of 
Captain Johannes De Peyster, b. September 21, bap. September 
22, 1666. Mayor of New York, 1698; m. at Albany, N. Y., Octo- 
ber 10, 1688, Anna Bancker, b. April i, 1670, dauc^hter of Garrit 
and Elizabeth Dirkse (Van Eps) Bancker. 

Hendrick Rutgers was ensign Captain Van Horn's Company 
of Militia in 1738, and second lieutenant in Captain Van Ness's 
Company. He named Catherine street, in New York, after his 
wife ; Rutger street, after his father. He died in Allmny in 1779. 

Their children were baptized in the Dutch Clmrch of New- 
York, as follows: 

118 CATHRINA IRUTGERS, bap. Oct. 8, 1732; m. William Bedlow, 

grandson of Isaac, of Bedlow's Island. (See July issue N. Y. 
Gene, and Biog. Rec. July, 1901, p. 16.) 


119 JOHANNES RUTGERS, bap. Jan. 1, 1735; dlea young. 

120 ANNA RUTGERS, bap. Jan. 9, 1737. 

121 HARMANUS RUTGERS, bap. Oct. 22, 1738; died young. 

122 ELIZABETH RUTGERS, bap. Jan. 17, 1742; m. Gerard de Pey- 

ster, No. 153. 

123 HARMANUS RUTGERS, bap. Nov. 27, 1743; died young. 

124 HENDRICK RUTGERS, bap, Oct. 20, 1745; graduate King's Col- 

lege (now Columbia), 1766; served as Lieut. Capt. and Major 
throughout the Revolution, during which time his house was 
used as a hospital. Bachelor, Assemblyman, Regent N. Y. 
University, renamed Queen's College, Rutgers College, gave 
one-fourth his income to charity; d. in 1830. 

125 MARIA RUTGERS, bap. Nov. 1, 1747. 

126 HERMANUS RUTGERS, bap. Oct. 4, 1749; killed in battle on 

Long Island, Aug. 27, 1776. 
(See Vol XVII, p. 82, N. T. Gene, and Biog. Reg.) 

51. CATHARINE RUTGERS (Rachel Meyer^^), bap. Feb- 
ruary 21, 1714, in New York City, m., on the 27th of December, 
1729, Abraham Van Home, bap. October 31, 1708, son of John 
and Cathrina (Meyer) Van Home. 

Their children were baptized at the Dutch Church of N. Y., 
as follows: 

127 CATHRINA VAN HORNE, bap. May 14, 1732. 

128 ABRAHAM VAN HORNE, bap. Jan. 9, 1737. 

129 MARGARET VAN HORNE, bap. Oct 3, 1739. 

130 ELIZABETH VAN HORNE, bap. April 28, 1742. 

131 JACOBUS VAN HORNE, bap. April 21, 1745. 

132 HERMAN VAN HORNE, bap. Sept. 27, 1747. 

133 "EVA VAN HORNE, bap. March 4, 1750. 

(N. Y. Gene, and Biog. Reg. Vol. XVII, p. 84.) 

54.^ EVA RUTGERS (Rachel Meyer^^), bap. August 30, 
1719, in New York City; m., 1741, John Proovost, born January 
10, 1714; son of Samuel and Maria (Spratt) Provoost. Mer- 
chant, New York City. 

He d. September 22, 1767. She d. about 1788. They were 
buried in the family vault in Trinity Church, New York. (N. Y. 
Hist. Soc. Coll., 1870, p. 198.) 

Their children were: 

134+SAMUEL PROVOOST, b. Feb. 26: bap. Feb. 28, 1742; m. Maria 

135 JOHN PiROVOOST, bap. Jan. 24, 1753; living July 29, 1789. 

136 CATHARINE PROVOOST, bap. May 8, 1755; d. before July 29, 


137 DAVID PROVOOST, merchant; died without issue In 1794, 

138 JAMES ALEXANDER PROVOOST, merchant; m. Mary ; 

living July 29, 1789. 
(See N. Y. Gene, and Biog. Reg. Vol. VI, p. 17. 


68. CATHRINA ROOSEVELT (Nicholas^'), bap. in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York City, on the loth clay of 
January, 171 1. Married from the Reformed Dutch Church of 
New York on the 9th day of May, 1 731, to Steenwyck De Riemer, 
bap. 23 April, 1710, in New York City; son of Isaac and Mayeret 
(Teller) De Riemer. 

Mrs. Cathrina De Riemer d. about 1742, as Steenwyck De 
Riemer m., second, in 1743, Angel Anthony, and had issue. 

He died before 1761. 

The children by first marriage were : 

139 ISAAiC DE RIEMER, bap. Feb. 20, 1732, in Reformed Dutch 

Church of N. Y.; wit. Jan Siort, Jr., Margaretta De Riemer. 

140 SARAH DE RIEMER, bap. Oct. 16, 1734, in Reformed Dutch 

Church of N. T.; wit. Nicholas and Rachel Roosevelt, and 
Peter Low. 

141 NICOLAAS ROOSEVELT DE RIEMER, bap. Oct. 10, 1736, in Re- 

formed Dutch Church of N. Y.; wnt. John Roosevelt, Heyltje 
Sjovert; m. in 1760 Margaret Pool. 

142+PETRUS DE RIEMER, bap. Jan. 23, 1739, in Reformed Dutch 
Church of N. Y.; wit. Richard Ashfleld, Elinor 'D Ray, wid. 
of Joseph Morris; m. Elsie Babbington. 

143 STEENWYCK DE RIEMER, bap. Aug. 16, 1741, in Reformed 
Dutch Church, N. Y.; wit. Jacobus Roosvelt, Catharine Com- 
fort, wife of Nicholas Roosvelt. 

68. NICHOLAS (Nicholas-^), bap. on the i6th of February 
171 5, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York, where, on the 
4th day of June, 1737, he m. Miss Catharina Comfort, bap. August 
18, 171 7, daughter of Gerardus Comfort and Catharina Burger, 
who were m. March 24, 1713, in the Reformed Dutch Church of 
New York. Mr. Roosevelt was admitted freeman in 1740. (N. 
Y. Memorial Hist., Vol. II., p. 207.) Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt 
were admitted to the church in 1738. 

Mrs. Catharina Rosevelt d. about 1750. Mr. Rosevelt m. 
second, on the 23d of November, 1754. at the Reformed Dutch 
Church of New York, Elizabeth Thurman, bap. May 9, 1725, 
daughter of John Thurman and Elizabeth Wessels. who were 
m. October 11, 1719, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New 

Nicholas Roosevelt was first lieutenant of the "Corsicans," 
one oi the militia companies organized under the spur of the ap- 
proaching conflict, in 1775. These men wore on their short, green 
coats a red heart of tin, with the words "God and Right" on it, 
and on their small, roimd hats, with a cock on one side, around 
the crown was the motto, "Liberty or Death." (N. Y. Papers S. 


P. O. CLXVIL, May i, 1775. j Nicholas Roosevelt was also en- 
listed in the Albany Company of Militia, First Regiment. (P. 
222, N. Y. in the Revolution.) 

The children by the first marriage were : 

144 CATHARINA, bap. March 22, 1738, in Reformed Dutch Church of 

N. Y.; wit. Gerardus Comfort, Cathrina Hennion; m. Feb. 6, 
1760, Wm. Kirby. (Vol. Ill, p. 24, N. Y. Gene, and Biog. Reg.) 

145 SARAH, bap. July 18, 1740, in Reformed Dutch Church of N. Y.; 

living, unmarried, in 1762. 

146 GERARDUS COMFORT, bap. Sept. 8, 1742, in Reformed Dutch 

Church of N. Y. 

The children by the second marriage were : 

147 ELIZABETH, bap. Feb. 6, 1757 in Reformed Dutch Church of 
N. Y.; died young. 

148+NICHOL,AS, bap. Oct. 11, 1758, in Reformed Dutch Church of 

N. Y.; m. Betsey English. 
149 ELIZABETH, bap. Feb. 24, 1762, in Reformed Dutch Church of 

N. Y.; m. Robert Gilchrist. 

69. MARGRETA ROOSEVELT (Johannes-^), bap. May 
the 8th, 1709, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York.' 
Married, on the 5th day of May, 1730, William de Peyster, bap. 
October 15, 1701, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York. 
Son of Johannes de Peyster, b. September 21, bap. September 22, 
1666; m., in Albany, N. Y., October 10, 1688, Anna Bancker, b. 
April I, 1670, daughter of Garrit and Elizabeth (Van Eps) 

Johannes de Peyster was Assessor of New York, 1692-3 ; As- 
sistant Alderman of New York, 1694-6; Member of Provincial 
Legislature ; Mayor of New York City, 1698-9. He d. September 
25, 1711, in New York City. He was the son of 

Johannes de Peyster, who was b. in Haarlem, Holland, early 
in the seventeenth century, where he was educated by the best 
doctors of science and literature. He arrived in New Amsterdam 
early in 1650, bringing with him his exquisite silverware bearing 
the de Peyster arms ("Shield, silver, charged with two sheep 
feeding under a linden tree proper. Crest, a linden tree proper. 
Motto, De Pasco: I feed down, or, I can take care of myself."), 
as well as his pictures, which were gems of art. He was an owner 
of many vessels, which sailed from Europe and the West Indies. 
"The first mention of him in Colonial Records is as an 'Adelborst,'' 
or cadet, of one of the Burgher corps. He resided and did busi- 
ness in 'Winckel,' or Shop street, now Whitehall street, opposite 
Bowling Green. Johannes de Peyster retired from active busi- 
ness in 1664, one of the foremost and fearless of the sturdy Dutcii 
patriots who refused to take the oath of allegiance to the British 
Crown until they and their fellow citizens were secure in their 


rights." "In August, 1673, New York, originally New Amster- 
dam, became New Orange. Johannes de Peyster was one of the 
three Burgomasters, selected by the council of war, from the six 
candidates elected by the people to govern it comfortably to the 
laws and statutes of the fatherland. In 1673-4 he was a member 
of the commission of five to make preparations for defense against 
the anticipated recapture by the English. 1676, Alderman, 1677 
Deputy Mayor — he declined to act as mayor. He m., on the 17th 
of December, 1651, Cornelia Lubberts, from Haarlem, Holland. 
He died in 1688. He was the son of Sieur de Peyster of Rouen, 
France, driven from there by Charles IX. 's persecutions against 
the protestant subjects in 1572." 

(O'Callaghan's New Netherland, p. 433.) 

Their children were all baptized in the Reformed Dutch 
Church of New York, as follows : 

150+ JOHANNES DE PEYSTER, bap. May 2, 1731; m. Elizabeth Her- 

151+HEYL,TE DE PEYSTER, bap. Jan. 17, 1733; m. Beekman Van 

152+WILL,IAM DE PEYSTER, bap. Feb. 16, 1735; m. 1st, Elizabeth 
Brasher; 2d., Christiana Dally. 

153+GERA)RDUS DE PEYSTER, bap. Nov. 2, 1737; m, Elizabeth 

154+NICHOLAS DE PEYSTER, bap. March 16, 1740; m. 1st, Jane 
Janson; 2d, Francep De Kay. 

155+ABRAHAM DE PEYSTER, bap. Nov. 3, 1742; m. Christina Bar- 
ber or Baldwin. 

156+ JACOBUS DE PEYSTER, bap. Feb. 27, 1745; m. Ann De Peyster. 

157 ANNA DE PEYSTER, bap. June 8, 1747; died unmarried. 

158 MARGERTJE DE PEYSTER, bap. Oct. 4, 1749; died in infancy. 

159 MARGARITA DE PEYSTER, bap. Nov. 3, 1751; m. James Blanch- 

N. Y. Gene, and Biog. Reg. Vol. XIV, p. 178. 

73. OLIVER or OLPHERT (Johannes^^), bap. February 
8, 1716, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York ; m., in 1740, 
Elizabeth Lounsbury. 

He was an elector on the Poll List of 1761, in New York City. 

He died September 17, 1785. 

Their children were baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church 
of New York, as follows : 

160 JOHANNES, bap. March 25, 1741; died in infancy. 

161 ABLTJE, bap. March 9, 1743. 

162 MARIA, bap. Oct. 3, 1744; m. Mr. Sanders, and died wrth- 

out issue. 

163 JAN or JOHANNES, bap. Feb. 4, 1747; wit. Jacobus Roosevelt, 

Annatje Bogerd. 


164+CORN'ELIUS, bap. Ivlaxch 24, 1749; m. Miss Wilton. 
165+MAiRGRITA, bap. Sept. 18, 1751; m. John Cozine. 

166 OLFERT, bap. Jan. 16, 1754; died young. 

167 ELIZABETH, bap. Oct. 8, 1756; m. Casina T. Goerck, and died 

without issue. 
168+OLrIVER, bap. Aug. 15, 1759; m. Rebecca Taylor. 
(Hoigate Am. Gene., p. 137.) 

75. MARIA ROSEVELT (Johannes-^), bap. June 15, 1720, 
in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York; m., on the nth 
of February, 1743, Abraham Duryea, bap. April 10, 1720, son of 
Abraham (Joosten) Duryea, b. 1685, m. EHzabeth Polhemius, 
daughter of Theodorus of Jamaica. Son of Joost Durie, who emi- 
granted about 1675 from Manheim, in Palatine of the Rhyn. 
French Hergenot, and his wife, Magdalena Le Febre. They set- 
tled at New Utrecht in 1681. 

Mr. Abraham Duryea was a merchant in New York City and 
a deacon of the Reformed Dutch Church of Flatlands, in 1743. 
(P. 63, Vol. XL, N. Y. G. & B. Reg.: p. 65, Vol. II., N. Y. 
G. B. Register.) 

Mrs. Duryea died August 8, 1755. 

Their daughter : 

169 HEYLTJE DURYEA, bap. Dec. 9, 1747, in Reformed Dutch 
Church of N. Y.; died young. 

77. JACOBUS or JAMES (Johannes -«), bap. in the Re- 
formed Dutch Church of New York, August 9, 1724. He m., 
first, on the 2d of December, 1746, Annatje Bogard, or Bogert, 
bap. in 1728, daughter of John (Jan) Bogert, bap. May 5, 1697; 
m., March 10, 1716, Hannah Peck, b. 1695, daughter of John 
Peck and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. Gysbert and Rachel 
(Monta)ige) Van Imbroch. Son of 

Claas Bogert, b. 1668, Bedford, L. I., m., first, Beeltje Van 
Schaick, January 28, 1695. Son of 

Jan (Jan Louwe) Bogert, b. in Holland, m. Cornelia Everts. 
Son of Lowens Bogert of Schoenderwoert, a small village in the 
south of Holland. (Talcott N. Y. & N. E. Families.) 

On the 22d of February, 1748, Jacob Rosevelt, shopkeeper, 
was admitted Freeman. 

On the 14th day of July, 1774, he m., second, Helena Gibson, 
widow of Mr. Thompson. 

Jacobus Rosevelt was private in the State Colonial Troops, 
under Captains "Hadlock" and "Blauvelt," in "Hay's Regiment, " 
also in "Yates' Regiment." (Doc. Hist., N. Y., Vol XV. : State 
Archives, Vol. I.) 


The children by the first marriage were bajx in the Reformed 
Dutch Church of New York, as follows : 

170 ANNA or HANNAH, bap. July 17, 1748; m. June 18 or 28, 1771, 
Reformed Dutch Church of N. T., Andries Heermanse; no 
children. (M. L. N. Y. C. Vol XVII, p. 125.) 

171+ JOHANNES, bap. Jan. 16, 1751; m. Mary Schuyler. 

172 HETLTJE, bap. Nov. 22, 1752; died young. 

173 MARGARIETA, bap. March 12, 1755; m. Nov. 27, 1772, at the Re- 

formed Dutch Church of N. Y., Isaac Van Vleck. (M. L. of 
N. Y., Vol. XIX, p. 133. 

174 MARIA, bap. Jan. 12, 1757; died young. 

175 THOMAS, bap. July 19, 1758; died young. 

„.^ 176+ JACOBUS, bap. Oct. 25, 1759; m. Mary Van Schaack. 

177+HELENA, bap. Aug. 19, 1761; m. 1st, John Ray, Esq.; 2d., Mr. 


178+MARIA, bap. June 10, 1763; m. James Provoost. 
179 ELIZABETH, bap. Nov. 3, 1765. 
180+NICHOLAS, bap. Dec. 27, 1767; m. Lydia Latrobe. 

By the second marriage : 

181 ANN, bap. Jan. 80, 1775, 

79. CORNELIUS (Johannes=»), b. July 8, bap. July ii, 
1 73 1, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York. Private in 
Col. Hay's Regiment, Capt. Blauvelt's Company, State Colonial 
Troops. (Doc. Colonial Hist. N. Y., Vol. XV.: State Archives, 
Vol I.) Ensign Captain J. A. Robert's Company, First Regiment 
of New York City in the Revolution (p. i8 N. Y. in the Revolu- 

Mr. Cornelius Roosevelt was Assistant Alderman from 1759 
to 1763, and Alderman in 1763. He m., December 9, 1751, in 
New York, Margaret Haering, bap. June 8, 1733, daughter of 
Elbert Haering, bap. March 31, 1703 ; m. Elizabeth Bogert, son of 
Pieter Haering, who married, November 9, 1687, Grietje Bogert. 

Elizabeth Bogert, b. September 19, 17 14, was daughter of Claas 
Bogert, b. Bedford, L. I., 1668, and his second wife, Grietje 
(Margaret), daughter Jan Conselyea, and Phebe Schut,and widow 
of Johannes Van Tilburg, February 23, 1707. Son of 

Jan (Jan Louwe) Bogert of Holland and Cornelia Everts 
came to America in the ship "Brindle Cow," April 16, 1663. 

Cornelius Roosevelt, gentleman, was made freeman October 
4, 1765. Widow Margaret Roosevelt lived at 15 John street for 
many years. She died February 7, 1821. 


Their children were baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church 
of New York, as follows : 

182+ JOHANNES, bap. Aug. 22, 1753; m. Ann Beardsley. 
183+CORNBILIUS, bap. Oct. 29, 1755; m. 1st Catharine Van Alstyne, 
2d, Alida Farquie. 

184 ELIZABETH, bap. April 8, 1757; died young. 

185 E^^TRUS, bap. Feb. 18, 1759; died young. 
186+MAKIA, bap, July 2, 17fiO; m. John Duffle. 


187 CORNELIA, bap. July 2, 1760; died young. 

188 PETRUS, bap. Feb. 12, 1764. 

189 ELIZABETH, bap. 16, Oct, 1765; died April 24, 1850. 
190+ELBERT, bap. Oct. 28, 1767; m. Jane Curtenius. 

81. JOHANNES or JOHN (Jacobus^"), bap. August 28, 
171 5, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York, Merchant, 
Assistant Alderman, 1748- 1767, made a "Freeman" October 4, 
1737 (p. 207 Mem. Hist, N. Y., Vol. U.) "John Rosevelt was an 
'enlisted man' in the Orange Company, militia. Second Regiment, 
Land and Bounty Rights." (N. Y. in the Revolution, p. 254. 

"John Rosawelt, Captain, Oswago Rangers, an independent 
company of foot guard organized in 1775. They wore Blue coats, 
small round hats with a brass plate against the crown with the 
words on it 'Oswago Rangers.' All white under clothes, half 
gaiters and black garters." (Vol. XHL, Col. N. Y., p. 602.,) 

"John Rosevelt and others of the ist Battalion waited on Con- 
gress, by authority from the said battalion, to ofifer the Congress 
their service to be taken into pay as minute men in this city, 
Feby 17, 1776" (p. 65 Col. Doc. Hist). "Therefore resolved that 
Col. P. Ten Broeck, Mr. Roosevelt, Air. Yates and Mr. Hobart be 
a committee of war to whom the Continental Troops in this city 
may apply for such advice, direction or assistance as he may from 
time to time have occasion for from this Congress." 

Mr. Roosevelt m. Anatje Luqueer of Long Island. The com- 
mon ancestor of her family emigrated from Paris in 1657. settled 
in Bushwick, Long Island, where he, Jean Luquier,*took oath of 
allegiance in 1687. He m., November 11, 1663, in New Amster- 
dam, Rachel Dirks. (Bergen's Kings Co.. L. I.) 

Mr. John Roosevelt graduated at Yale College in 1735. 

Their daughter: 

191-l-CATHARINE, m. Sept. 26, 1766, Abraham Van Ranst. 

82. NICHOLAS (Jacobus^"), bap. October 13. 1717, in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York. Freeman December 4. 
1739. Married May 24, 1739, at the Reformed Dutch Church of 
New York, Annatie Brestede, bap. January 25, 17 16, daughter of 


Johannes and Rebecka (Onkelbag) Brestede of New York City. 

They were admitted to the church in 1764. He was a mer- 
chant in New York City. 

Their son : 

192+NICHOL,AS, bap. Oct. 1, 1740, in Reformed Dutch Church of N.Y., 
m. Sarah Van Ranst. 

83. HELENA (Jacobus^**), bap. October ii, 1719. m., in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York, m., June 14, 1737, Andrew 
Barclay, after whom Barclay street. New York, was named. Mer- 
chant in New York City. Son of 

Rev. Thomas Barclay of Albany, N. Y., and his wife, Anna 
Dorothea Dranger, daughter of Andrew Dranger, Schout by 
Nacht, the rank answering to the English Rear Admiral, in the 
Danish Navy, and his wife Gerritz, daughter of Levinius Van 
Schaik. Son of 

John Barclay, who emigrated to American, and his wife, Cor- 
nelia Van Schaick; Deputy Governor of New Jersey, d. 1731. 
Son of 

Colonel David Barclay of Wrie, b. in Kirtounhill, 1610, d. Oc- 
tober 12. 1686. Served many years in the Swedish Army. 
Made Colonel by King Charles I. He m., 24th December, 1647 
or 1648, Lady Catherine Gordon, b. January, 1621, d. 1663. 
Daughter of 

Hon. Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstown, b. 14 May, 1580, 
d. 1656. Gentleman of Privy Chamber to King James VL Mar- 
ried in London, 16 February, 1613, Louisa, b. December 20, 1597, 
only daughter of Rev. John Gordon, D. D., of Longorines and 
Dean of Salisbury. (See Pedigree below.). Son of 

Alexander Gordon, Earl of Sutherland, d. 6 December, 1594. 
ni., second, 13 December, 1573, Lady Jean Gordon, third daughter 
of George, Fourth Earl of Huntley, High Chancellor of Scotland, 
and the divorced wife of James, Earl of Bothwell. She died 14 
May, 1629, aged 84. Son of 

Sir John Gordon, Earl of Sutherland, Governor and Lieuten- 
ant of the kingdom, poisoned in 1567; m., second. Lady Helen, 
who was poisoned with her husband ; daughter of John Stewart, 
Third Earl of Lennox, and widow of William Fifth, Earl of 
Erroll. Son of 

Hon. Alexander Gordon, Master of Sutherland, d. v. p. 15 
January, 1529, m. 1474, Lady Janet, daughter of Sir John Stewart, 


Second Earl of Athol, son of Joan, Queen Dowager of Scotland, 
and her second husband, the Black Knight of Lome Son of 

Hon, Adam Gordon of Aboyne, and Elizabeth, Countess of 
Sutherland, daughter of John, Earl of Sutherland, a descendant of 
King Robert Bruce of Scotland. Son of 

George Gordon m. Princess Janet Stewart, daughter of 

James I., King of Scotland, murdered in 1437. He was a 
prisoner for 19 years. Married, 2 February, 1424, Lady Jane 
Beaufort. Son of 

John Stewart, who changed his name and was crowned King 
of Scotland, under the title of Robert HL Son of 

Robert Stewart, A. D. 1370, was under the name of Robert H. 
crowned King of Scotland. Son of 

Walter Stewart, High Steward of Scotland, married Marjory, 
only daughter of Robert Bruce, King of Scotland. Son of 

John Stewart of Bute, Lord High Steward of Scotland ; was 
one of the six Governors of the Kingdom during the controversy 
between Robert Bruce and John Balioll for the crown in 1292. 
Son of 

Alexander Stewart. Son of 

Walter Stewart, who was in the great fall of Largys, fought 
against the Danes, A. D. 1263. Son of 

Alan Stewart, who went to the Holy Land with Robert, Duke 
of Normandy, A. D. 1099, where he behaved himself with much 
valor for the recovery of Jerusalem. (Americans of Royal 

Andrew Barclay's will was probated May 25, 1766. 
Their children were : 

193+CATHARINlE BAORCLAY, m. Augustus Van Cortlandt. 
194 MARGARET BARCLAY,' m. Sept. 7, 1773, Frederick Jay. of Bed- 
ford, Li. I.; they left no issue. 
195-f-SARAH ANN BARCLAY, m. Antliony Lispenard. 
196+CHARLOTTE AMELIA BARCLAY, m. Richard Bayley. 
197+ ANNA DOROTHEA BARCLAY, m. Theophylact Bache. 

198 THOMAS BARCLAY, b. July 3, 1737; d. in Nova Scotia without 


199 HENRY BARCLAY, d. without issue. 

200 ANDREW BARCLAY, d. without issue. 

201 JOHN BARCLAY, d. without Issue. 
202+JAMES BARCLAY, m. Mary Van Beverhout. 

203 HELENA BARCLAY, m. Major Thomas Moncriefe. 


86. ISAAC (Jacobus''°), b. December 8th old style and 19th 
new style, 1726 (from family Bible). Baptized December 18, 
1726, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York; m., Septem- 
ber 22, 1752, new style, Cornelia Hoffman, b. August 13, old style 
and 24 new style (from family Bible), 1734, at Kingston, N. Y., 
daughter of Colonel Martinus Hoffman and Tryntie, daughter 
of Robert and Cornelia (Roos) Benson. Son of 

Nicholas Hoffman of Kingston, Ulster Co., N. Y., and his 
wife Jannetje, daughter of Antonie Crispell, a Huguenot, and one 
of the patentees of New Paltz, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

. Isaac Roosevelt was admitted freeman September 27, 1748. 
His business was that of sugar refining. He built the old sugar 
house, the first erected before the Revolution, and worked during 
the war and for forty years after. His store was originally on 
Wall street. His house faced on Queen street, now Pearl, in 
Franklin Square. Harper Bros, now own this property. On the 
rear of his house and in the center of the block was the old sugar 
house. On the 25th of -April, 1772, he removed to St. George's 
Square, and he issued the following advertisement : "Isaac 
Roosevelt is removed from his house in Wall Street to the house 
of his late brother. Jacobus Roosevelt, Jr., deceased, near the Sugar 
house, and opposite to Mr. William Waltons, being on the north- 
west side of Queen Street, where his customers may be supplied 
as usual with double, middling and single refined loaf sugars, 
clarified, muscovado and other molasses, & etc." 

The Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1768 and kept up 
by the resident merchants during the war. Isaac Roosevelt was 
one of its first members. (Mem. Hist. N. Y., p. 15, Vol III.) 
His name is found among the original incorporators of the first 
public hospital in New York, 1770. 

Mr. Isaac Roosevelt enlisted as private in the Sixth Regiment, 
Dutchess County Militia (Land Bounty Rights: N. Y. in the Rev- 
olution, p. 250). He was elected April 22, 1775, a member of the 
Provincial Congress "On Sunday, April 23, 1775, at noon, a 
dusty, travel-stained horseman dashed into the city with the news 
of the affair at Lexington, in a twinkling copies of the dispatch 
he bore were posted at all places of public resort." 

"On May the ist, 1775, the following gentlemen were among 
those chosen a general committee for the county and city of New 
York in the present alarming crisis. 'Isaac Roosevelt, 'Nicholas 
Roosevelt,' at the same time chosen deputies of the other counties 
in the Provincial Congress, May 22. Isaac Roosevelt." (N. Y. 
Mem. Hist., Vol. II., p. 480.) 

He was one of the most noted Whigs of the time. On the 
entry of the British he withdrew from the city. His sacrifices 
were rewarded by the confidence of his countrymen. Mr. Roose- 


velt was one of the General Committee of One Hundred to take 
control of the government. He represented the city of New York 
in the convention at Kingston, Ulster County, N. Y., to form a 
constitution for this State, April 20, 1777, and of the New York 
convention at Poughkeepsie, June 18, 1788, to deliberate on the 
adoption of the Constitution of the United States. 

The men of 1776 had found out long ago that to carry on war 
successfully money was needed, for they had to pay for powder 
alone £30 or £40 per 100 wt. ; hence the last issue of paper money 
was soon drawn out of the treasury. About the same time New 
York applied to the Continental Congress for a loan of £45,000, 
which was refused, and the Committee of Safety, sitting during 
the adjournment of the Provincial Congress, ordered, January 6, 
1776, that Isaac Roosevelt get an emission of paper money ready 
as quickly as possible. Delays, however, arose. March 5th the 
House adopted the report of the Committee for the issue of 
£55,000, 213,400 bills in denomination of 1-8, 1-6, 1-4, 1-3, 1-2, 2-3, 
I, 2, 3, 5, 10, to be redeemed or sunk in three yearly installments, 
beginning March i, 1779. (Mem. Hist. N. Y., Vol. IV., p. 339.) 
The Bank of New York was establised early in 1784, largely 
through the efforts of William Duer and General Alexander Mc- 
Dougall, who was its first president until his death on 8th June, 
1786, when Mr. Roosevelt succeeded him. Mr. Roosevelt was 
State Senator, 1786-90. 

The freeholders and freemen of the city met at the Exchange 
on March 6. On that day a Union flag with a red field was 
hoisted on the liberty pole, at 9 o'clock, when the people rallied in 
large numbers and marched to the Exchange, where they author- 
ized the committee to nominate eleven deputies, for the sole pur- 
pose of choosing delegates to the General Congress, such election 
to be held April 25. The committee nominated deputies for the 
city and county of New York in the Provincial Congress. They 
were Philip Livingston, John Jay. James Duane, John Alsop, Isaac 
Low, Francis Lewis, Abraham Walton, Abraham Brasher, Alex- 
ander McDougall, Leonard Lispenard and Isaac Roosevelt. 
(Mem. Hist. N. Y., Vol. II., p. 443.) 


To the Citizens of New York : 

A number of your fellow citizens, deeply impressed with the 
importance of the crisis, and convinced that it is your and their 
interest at the present juncture, by men unequivocally attached to 
the establishment of a firm National Government, beg leave re- 


spectfully to recommend to your support and choice the following 

persons as delegates to the convention : 

John Jay, 

John Sloss Hobart, 
Richard Harrison, 
Richard Morris, 
James Duane, 
Isaac Roosevelt, 
Robert R. Livingston, 
Alexander Hamilton, 
Nicholas Low. 

(Printed in "The Packet" throughout the Summer of 1788.) 
New York State convention, called to meet at Poughkeepsie, 
June 17, 1788. Isaac Roosevelt was one of the seventeen State 
Senators under Governor Clinton. 

In 1784 Mr. Roosevelt resumed his business of sugar refining, 
in partnership with his son, under the firm name of Isaac Roose- 
velt & Son. Mr. Roosevelt continued president of the bank until 
1 79 1, when he retired and was succeeded by Gulian Verplank. 
"He was the fourth President of the Society of the New York 
Hospital, 1 790- 1 794. He died October, 1794, aged 68, beloved 
and honored as a tried, true and constant parent." (Chamber 
Commerce Rec.) 

In the diary of General George Washington the following 
lines are written about Nov. 14, 1789 : "Received an invitation to 
attend the funeral of Mrs. Roosevelt (the wife of a Senator of 
this State), but declined complying with it, first, because the pro- 
priety of accepting an invitation of this sort appeared to be very 
questionable, and secondly (though to do it in this instance might 
not be improper), because it might be difficult to discriminate in 
cases which might thereafter happen." (Mem. Hist. N. Y., Vol. 
III., p. 57. 

"She departed this life on Fryday, 12 o'clock ye 13 Nove 1789 
being then 55 years 2 ms and 19 days of age" (from family Bible 
in possession of John A. Roosevelt, Hyde Park, N. Y.). 

Their children were : 

204 ABRAHAM, "1752, August 13. Monday morning, one o'clock, our 
first son was borne, on Wednesday, ye 15th of do August was 
Baptized and named Abraham. Having for his Godfather and 
Godmother Jacobus Roosevelt and Catharine Roosevelt, who 
being his grandfather and mother." 
" This our first son died in the Lord on Tuesday afternoon at 
four o'clock the second day of October in the same year, 
being seven weeks and one day old, and interred in the fam- 
ily vault ill the New Dutch Church Yard. 


205 MARTINTJS, "1754, October 27, Sunday morning, ten o'clock our 

second son was borne, on Wednesday ye 30 do was Baptized 
and named Martinus. Having for his Godfather and God- 
mother his grandfather and grandmother Martinus and Trin- 
itje Hoffman." 
" 1755, September 20, Sunday night, 8 o'clock, this our second son 
died in the Lord, being eleven months and one day old, and 
interred in the family vault." 

206 CATHARINE, " 1756, July 28, Wednesday night twelve o'clock, 

our first daughter was borne. Wednesday ye 4, August was 
Baptized and named Catharine. Having for her Godfather 
and Godmother her grandfather and grandmother Jacobus 
and Catharine Roosevelt." 

" Died May 19, 1807 at her sister Cornelia ( ) aged 50 years 

and 11 mos and 11 days and Interred in the " 

207 SARAH, " 1758, November 18, Saturday night, eleven o'clock, our 

second daughter was borne. On Wednesday following was 
baptized in ye old Dutch Church by Domini Ritsma, and 
named Sarah, having for Godfather and Godmother Nicholas 
Hoffman and Helena Barclay." 

" 1777, December 18. Thursday night, ten o'clock, this our second 
daughter departed this life after five days sickness being 
nineteen years and eleven months old, and as she died at Red- 
hook in Dutchess Coimty she was interred there in the family 
burying ground near her grandmother Hoffman. 
s^ 208-[-JACOBUS or JAMBS, " 1760 January 10. Thursday morning, 
/'''^ eleven o'clock, our third son was borne, on Wednesday 24 Jan- 

uary was baptized in the old Dutch Church and named Jaco- 
bus, having for his Godfather and Godmother, Jacobs Roose- 
velt Jun'r and Mary Hoffman." 

1st m. Nov. 15, 1786, Maria Eliza Walton; 2d. m. Catharine iBliza 
Barclay, No. 439; 3d. m. Harriet Howland. 
208a CORNELIA, " 1761, April 29. Wednesday afternoon, five o'clock 
our third daughter was borne, on Friday ye 22d May was bap- 
tized in our house by Dominie De Randes and named Cor- 
nelia, her grandfather and grandmother being witnesses. This 
our third daughter died in the Lord, on Monday morning at 

five o'clock ye first day of June Being three days old 

and interred in the family vault." 
209 MARIA, " 1763, August 5. Fryday morning. Five o'clock, our 
fourth daughter was borne, on Wednesday ye 24 do, was Bap- 
tized in the Old Dutch Church by Domini Ritsma and named 
Maria. Witnesseth by And"^ Barclay and Maria Hoffman." 

She married on Monday evening ye 8 day of May 1786 to Richard 
Varick, Recorder of the City of New York." 

Col. Richard Varick born March 25, 1753 was the son of Dirk 
Varick. He was a prominent Lawyer in New York City. Col. in 
the Revolutionary Army. Recorder of New York City. Mayor 
1789-1800. President of the Society of Cincinnati. He died 
July 30, 1831. She died July 19, 1841. They are buried in the 


rear of the church in Hackensack, N. J. They left no sur- 
viving children. 
210 MARTIN, " 1765, May 22 on Wednesday morning two o'clock our 
fourth son was borne, and on Wednesday the 5th of June he 
was Baptized by Dominie Laidley, in the old Dutch Church 
and named Martin. Godfather Anthony Hoffman Jr, God- 
mother Elizabeth Syms, widow of Peter Roosevelt Dec'sd." 
" 1781, Sept. 19 on Wendnesday night 11 o'clock this my son de- 
parted this life after a lingrin disorder of about 2 months 
when at Colledge at Princeton, where he was interred in the 
Burial ground of the Presbyterian Church being 16 years 3 
months and 14 days old. 
211+COlRNELIA, "1767, April 27, on Monday at 12 o'clock our fifth 
daughter was borne, and on Wednesday ye 13th day of May 
was baptized by Domini De Ronda in the old Dutch Church, 
and named Cornelia. Godfather Martinus Hoffman, God- 
mother Alida Livingston wife of do. Hoffman." 

" She married on Wednesday ye 16th January 1786 to Doctor Ben- 
jamin Kissam." 
212 HELENA, "1768, August 30, on Tuesday at 2 o'clock in the morn- 
ing our sixth daughter was borne, and on Sunday evening ye 
4 of September she was baptized by Domini De Ronde in the 
new Dutch Church and named Helena. 

Godfather James Barclay, Godmother Sarah Ogden wife of Nicho- 
las Hoffman." 

" 1796, September 7 — Died of a lingering disorder, she bore with 
exemplary resignation and patience, was interred in the fam- 
ily vault." 

88. SARAH (Jacobus^"), bap. December 9, 1730, in the Re- 
formed Dutch Church of New York ; m., on the 29th day of Sep- 
tember, 1750, Charles CrommeHn; his second wife. 

She d. before June 27, 1775, the date of her father's will. 
Their children were : 

214 CHARLES CROMMELIN, bap. July 17, 1751, in the Reformed 

Dutch Church of N. Y.; died young. 
215+JAMES CROMMELIN, bap. April 11, 1753; m. Julia 

89. PETER (Jacobus^"), bap. in October, 1732, in the Re- 
formed Dutch Church of New York; m., November 14, I753> at 
the Reformed Dutch Church of New York, Elizabeth Brincker- 
hoff, daughter of Joris and Mary (Van Durszen) Brinckerhoff of 
New York City. Mr. Peter Roosevelt m., second, on the nth of 
May, 1762, Elizabeth Vreelenhuesen. (Mar. License, Vol. VI., 
p. 155, N. Y. C.) The baptismal record of her child gives her 
name as Elizabeth Sims. Family records give her name as the 
widow of Rev. Theodore Frelinghaus of Albany. 


Mr. Roosevelt died about one month after his marriage of 
scarlet fever. Mrs. Roosevelt m. for her third husband (Mar. 
License N. Y., XVI, 222) William Lupton, a British officer. They 
left issue, who were brought up by Peter Roosevelt, No. 217. 

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Roosevelt were : 

216 ELIZABETH, bap. Oct. 30, 1754, in the iReformed Dutch Church 

of N. T.; died young. 

By second marriage : 

217 PETER, bap. April 20, 1763 in the Reformed Dutch Church of 

N. Y.; m. Judith Hallett, widow of Goodwin. They left no 
issue. " Peter and Judith Roosevelt of Newton, L. I., were 
communicants at Grace Church, Jamaica, L. I., in 1793-6. 
(Hist. Grace Ch. Jamaica. L. I., 1880.) 

91. ADOLPHUS (Jacobus^*^), bap. October 22, 1735, in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York, was admitted to the 
church in 1750. He m. Elizabeth Dekker or Decker. They re- 
sided in the West Indies. 

Adolphus Roosevelt and Elizabeth Dekker, his wife, were 
witnesses to the baptism of Margrita de Peyster, No. 159, on the 
13th of March, 1774, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New 

He died in the West Indies. 

Their children were: 

218 CATHARINE, m. J. Amory and left one son and one daughter 

in the West Indies. 

219 SARAH, m. Jan De Witt. They resided in England. 

92. CHRISTOPHER (Jacobus-^^), bap. December 24, 1739, 
in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York ; m., September 25, 
1769, in the Reformed Dutch Church, New York (M. L., Vol. 
XV., p. 43), Mary Duryea, bap. June 26, 1751, in New York, 
(laughter of Jacob Duryea, m. March 21, 1747, Sarah Nostrandt. 
He was a Bolster in New York. Will proved August 19, 1793. 
Son of 

Jacob Duryea (Joosten), bap. November 21, 1686, m. Catrina 
Polhemius. He d. in 1758. 

Son of Joost Duryea. 

Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt were admitted to the church in 1769. 
He died in 1772. Mrs. Mary Roosevelt m., second, November 5, 
1780, Thomas Stagg of New York City, in the Reformed Dutch 
Church. (M. L.,Vol..XXX., p. 88.) 

The only child of Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt was : 
220+JACOBUS or JAMBS C, bap. Nov. 11, 1770, in the Reformed 
Dutch Church of N. T.; m. Catharine Byvanck. 


94. HELENA LOW (Rachel Roosevelt •), bap. January 9, 
1722, in the Reformed Dutch Church, New York; m., December 
2, 1742, Henry Kip, b. December 11, 1718, son of Jacobus and 
Cathalina (De Hart) Kip. She died November 4, 1798. 

Their children were: 



223 JOHN KIP. 






95. MARGARIETA LOW (Rachel Roosevelt^=* ) , bap. July 
.j, 1725, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York; married 
Cornelius Low. 

Their son was : 

229 JOHN LOW. 

101. JOHANNES LOW (Rachel Roosevelt^^), bap. in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York, July 3, 1737; m., 1758, 
Susannah Bourdet. 

Their son was : 






235 JOHN LOW. 

102. RACHEL LOW (Rachel Roosevelt^^). bap. December 
30, 1739, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York; m., 1757, 
Cornelius Clopper. 

Their children were: 

236 ELIZABETH CLOPPER, bap. Dec. 19, 1758, in Reformed Dutch 

Church of N. Y. 


134. SAMUEL PROVOOST (Eva Rutgers^*), b. February 
26, bap. February 28, 1742, in New York City. Was one of the 
first graduates of King's College (now Columbia), 1758, which 
was then a frame building located in Trinity churchyard. In 1761 
he went to England, entered St. Peter's College, Cambridge, 


and graduated and was admitted to Episcopal orders. He m., at 
Cambridge, June 8, 1766, Miss Maria Bousfield, the daughter of 
Thomas Bousfield of Land Lakes, near Cork, Ireland. Rev. 
Samuel Provoost then returned to New York, and was assistant 
minister of Trinity Church from December, 1766, to 1770, when 
he removed to a farm in Columbia County, N. Y. In 1784 he 
was chosen rector of Trinity Church, New York, and June 13, 

1786, was elected the first Bishop of New York. February 4, 

1787, he was consecrated Bishop at Lambeth Palace, and returned 
to New York, April 8. He was appointed a regent of the Univer- 
sity of New York in 1784, chaplain to Congress in 1785 and to 
the United States Senate in 1789. Trustee of Columbia College, 
1787. He received the degree of D. D. from the University of 
Pennsylvania in 1786. Resigned rectorship of Trinity Church, 
September 8, 1800. Resigned Bishopric, September 3, 1801. He 
died suddenly September 6, 181 5. His wife died in August, 1799. 

(See p. I, Vol. 17-18, N. Y. G. & B. Rec, for his arms, picture 
and memorial.) 

Their children were : 

250 SUSANNA ELIZABETH PROVOOST, m. 1st. July 19, 1798, GeOrge 

Rapalje; b. Aug. 9, 1771, Lawyer, d. 1835; no children; m. 2d., 
Dr. Julian Xavier Charbet, he d. 1859. 

251 MARIA PROVOOST, m. April 8, 1793, Cadwallader D. Golden, 

son of David and Ann (Willet) Golden; she d. May 10, 1837. 
See Vol. IV., p. 179, N. T. Gene, and Biog. Rec.) 

252 BENJAMIN BONSPIELD PROVOOST, b. Dec. 22, 1776; m. Jan. 

19, 1803, Nellie French of Middle-Brook, N. J. They removed 
to Gherry Valley, N. Y.; he d. Sept. 16, 1841; she d. Springfield, 
N. Y., Nov. 30, 1863, and left issue. 

253 JOHN PROVOOST, d, July 9, 1800. 

142. PETRUS DE REIMER (Cathrina Roosevelt««), bap. 
January 28, 1739, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York. 
Goldsmith, New York, Albany, Hyde Park, N. Y. Married, May 
10, 1763, Elsie Babbington, b. August 5. 1744, daughter of Samuel 

Petrus De Reimer d. October 2, 1814, in Poughkeepsie. Mrs. 
De Reimer d. October 19, 1810. 

Their children were : 

290 PETER STEIN WYCK DE REIMER, bap. Jan. 30. 1765; m. 

291 MARY DE KiEIMER, bap. July 11, 1766; unmarried. 
292+SAMUEL BABBINGTON DE REIMER, bap. July 7, 1768; m. 

Hester Anthony. 

293 CATHARINE ROOSEVELT DE REIMER, bap. Jan. 6, 1770; m. 

Rev. Gornelius Brouwer. 

294 ANNE DE REIMER, bap. March 18, 1773; d. July 28, 1776. 


295 ELSIE ROOS1EVBL.T DE iREIMER, bap. Jan. 5, 1775; d. July 26, 

296+EIjSIE DE REIMER, bap. May 3, 1777; m. James Sleight. 

297 SARAH DE REIMER, bap. Aug. 16, 1781; m. George W. Cooke. 

298 MARTHA DE REIMER, bap. May 23, 1785; m. Robert G. Liv- 


148. NICHOLAS (Nicholas^'^), bap. October ii, 1758, in 
New York City. Resided in Stillwater, Saratoga County, N. Y. ; 
m. Betsey English, and had : 

300 JOHN. 

301 BETSEY. 

302 GEORGE. 

303+SOLOMON, b. Nov. 17, 1778; m. 1st, Elizabeth Wiley; 2d., Hester 

Ann Smith. 
304 RUPUS. 
305+JACOB, married. 

150. JOHANNES DE PEYSTER (Margaret Roosevelt«»), 
bap. May 2, 1731, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York; 
m., September 14, 1769, in Reformed Dutch Church of New York, 
Elizabeth Herring. 

Their children were baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church 
of New York. 

310 WILLIAM DE PEYSTER, bap. July 22, 1770. 
311-HELIZABETH DE PEYSTER, bap. Feb. 23, 1772; m. W. O. Champ- 

312 MAIRGRITA DE PEYSTER, bap. March 13, 1774; m. Gerard De 

Peyster, No. 346. 

151. HEYLTJE DE PEYSTER (Margaret Roosevelt '"») , 
bap. January 17, 1733, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New 
York; m., April 12, 1754, Beekman Van Beuren, b. November 5, 
1732. Physician in New York City until the Revolution. He 
was the son of Dr. Jan or Johannes Van Beuren of Amsterdam, 
and Maryken Meyer. 

They had : 

313 MARGARITA VAN BEUREN, bap. Sept. 12, 1755. (N. Y. Gene. 

and Biog. Rec. Vol. IX, p. 10. 

He m., second, Dec. 25, 1755, Elizabeth Gilbert, daughter of 
WilHam and Maria (Van Zandt) Gilbert. Dr. Van Beuren died 
about 1800. He m., third, Miss Verlandt, and had : 

314 JOHANNES VAN BEUREN, bap. Oct. 16, 1757. 

315 WILLIAM VAN BEUREN, bap. Nov. 22, 1758; died young. 

316 MARIA VAN BEUREN, bap. Jan. 27, 1760; died young. 

317 MARIA VAN BEUREN, bap. April 29, 1764. 


318 BEEKMAN VAN BEUREN, bap. Feb. 9, 1766. 

319 WILLIAM VAN BEUREN, bap. Nov. 15, 1767. 

320 HENDRIKUS VAN BEUREN, bap. July 30, 1769. 

321 CATHRINA VAN BEUREN, bap. Aug. 4, 1771; died young. 

322 CATHRINA VAN BEUREN, bap. April 14, 1773. 

152. WILLIAM DE PEYSTER (Margaret Roosevelt«»), bap. 
February 16, 1735, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York; 
m., April 12, 1754, Elizabeth Brasier. He m., second, March 26, 
1773, Christina Dally. 

Their children were baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church, 
New York. 

323 WILLIAM I>E PEYSTER, bap. Sept. 14, 1755. 

324 ABRAHAM DE PEYSTER, bap. June 14, 1758. 

325 ELIZABETH DE PEYSTER, bap. Nov. 8, 1761. 

326 ABRAHAM DE PEYSTER, bap. Aug. 10, 1763. 


328 ELIZABETH (Twins) DE PEYSTER, bap. July 17, 1765. 

329 MARGARETA DE PEYSTER, bap. May 3, 1767. 

330 GERHARDUS DE PEYSTER, bap. Sept. 17, 1769. 


332 PHILIP, (twins) DE PEYSTER, bap. Feb. 23, 1772. 

153. GERARD DE PEYSTER (Margaret Roosevelt««), 
bap. November 2, 1737, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New 
York; m. March 3, 1762, in New York, Elizabeth Rutgers. See 
No. 122. 

Their son : 

333 WILLIAM DE PEYSTER, bap. June 14, 1764. 

154. NICHOLAS DE PEYSTER (Margaret Roosevelt«^), 
bap. March 16,1740, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New 
York; m., December 23, 1762, Jane Johnson. 

Their children were: 

334 JORIS DE PEYSTER, bap. May 6, 1764. 

335 WILLIAM DE PEYSTER, bap. Sept. 22, 1765; died young. 

336 SARAH DE PEYSTER, bap. Feb. 14, 1768. 

337 MARGARITHA DE PEYSTER, bap. Oct. 8, 1769. 

Nicholas De Peyster m,, second, Frances De Key, daughter of 
Thomas and Christian (Duncan) De Key, and had: 

338 WILLIAM DE PEYSTER, bap. Aug. 8, 1773. 

339 NICHOLAS DE PEYSTER, bap. Oct. 15, 1775. 

340 JANE DE PEYSTER, b. Sept. 3; bap. Oct. 3, 1784. 

340« WILLIAM DE PEYSTER, b. Nov. 7, 1790, bap. Jan. 19, 1791. 


Roosevelt^^), bap. February 27, 1745, in the Reformed Dutch 
Church of New York ; m. Ann De Peyster. 

Their child was : 

346 GERARD DE PEYSTER, bap. March 13, 1774; m. Margaret De 
Peyster. (See No. 312.) 

164. CORNELIUS (Oliver"), bap. March 24. 1749, in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York ; m. Miss Wilton. 

It is said that Cornelius Roosevelt m. again, but no further 
records are found. 
Their child was : 

347+THOMAS WILTON, b. April 26, 1781, in New York City; m. Betsey 

165. MARGRITA ROOSEVELT (Oliver"), bap. Septem- 
ber 18, 1751, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York City; 
m. on the 14th of July, 1773, John Cozine, counselor-at-law in 
New York City, in 1776. 

Their children were: 



168. OLIVER (Oliver"), bap. in the Reformed Dutch 
Church of New York, August 15, 1759; m. in New York City, 
May the 6th, 1780, Rebecca Taylor. (M. L. N. Y. C, XXTX, 

P- 45-) 

Their child was : 

350 ELIZABETH, b. 1782. 

171. JOHANNES (Jacobus^O- bap. January 16,1751, in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York ; m. Mary Schuyler. 

Their children were baptized at the Reformed Dutch Church 
of New York, as follows : 

355 JOHN J., died unmarried. 

856 JAMES, b. April 26; bap. May 15, 1785; lost at sea. 

357 ANN, b. Dec. 22- bap. Dec. 27, 1787. 

358 MARY, b. Sept. 28; bap. Oct. 14, 1789; m. William De Peyster. 

176. JACOBUS, JAMES J. (Jacobus^'), bap. Octo- 
ber 25, 1759, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New 
York. Mr. Roosevelt started in the hardware business 
as early as 1797, in Maiden Lane, No. 102. The busi- 
ness continued under the firm name of James Roosevelt & Son 


until 1824. Mr. James J. Roosevelt lived at 99 Maiden Lane, and 
afterwards 45 Broadway. He "gave his services without reward 
as Commissary to the Continental Army during the entire War 
of Independence." (Empire State S. A. R. Register, 1899, p. 
528: Nat. Cyclopedia of Am. Biography: Old Merchants of 
N. Y.) Mr. Roosevelt m., 1793, Maria Van Schaack, b. Decem- 
ber 23, 1773, daughter of Cornelius and Angeltie (Yates) Van 

Mrs. Roosevelt d. February 3, 1845, i" New York City. 
Mr. Roosevelt d. August 13, 1840, in New York City. 
Their children were baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church 
of New York, as follows : 

SBG+OORNELIUS VAN SCHAACK, b. Jan. 30; bap. April 1, 1794; m. 
Margaret Barnhill. 

360+ JAMES JOHN, b. Dec. 14, 1795; bap. April 6, 1786; m. Cornelia 
"Van Ness. 

361 NICHOLAS, b. July 1, 1798; bap. Dec. 24, 1798; d. in 1828, un- 

362+CATHARINE ANGELICA, b. Jan. 3, 1803; m. Michael Burke. 

36S+WILLIAM HENRY, b. Dec. 11. 1806; m. 

364 ALFRED, b. June 16, 1811; d. August 13, 1823. 


Maria Van Schaack, b. December 23, 1773, daughter of 

Cornelius Van Schaack of Kinderhook, N. Y., bap. 13 Septem- 
be, 1734, d. March 18, 1797, and his second wife, m. December 
I, 1772, Angelica Yates (M. L. N. Y. C, Vol. XIX, p. 138). 

Cornelius Van Schaack of Kinderhook, N. Y., b. October 11, 
1705, d. October 31, 1776., m., October 6, 1725, Lydia Van 
Dyck. She d. May, 1786. 

Emanuel Van Schaack of Kinderhook, N. Y., member of 
Dutch Reformed Church, Albany, N. Y., January 8, 1699; m. 
Margarita Wyngart. 

Goosen Gerritsen, Commissary of Albany, m. Annetje Lievens, 
July 30, 1857. (N. Y. Calendar of Wills, p. 443.) 

177. HELENA ROOSEVELT (Jacobus") , bap. August 19, 
1761, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York; m., Decem- 
ber 24, 1786, in the First Presbyterian Church of New York, John 
Ray, Esq. In Colonel Malcolm's regiment of Continentals, mus- 
tered in 1777. Mr. Ray was also trustee of the Presbyterian 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray had three children. After Mr. Ray's death 
Mrs. Ray married, second, Mr. Mowers. 

The children by first marriage were : 

365 JOHN RAY, who died unmarried. 

366 IBLSIE RAY, m. John Lott. 

367 JAMES RAY, d. unmarried. 


178. MARIA ROOSEVELT (Jacobus"), bap. June lo, 
1763,111 the Reformed Dutch Church of New York; m. James 
Alexander Provoost, b. (No. 138), son of John and Eve (Rut- 
gers) Provoost, No. 54. 

Their children were : 

368+MARY PROVOOST, m. Alexander Robertson or Robinson. 

180. NICHOLAS (Jacobus"), bap. December 27, 1767, in 
New York City. "Was carefully educated. His connection with 
the invention of the Vertical steamboat paddle wheels is best de- 
scribed by John H. B. Latrobe, in his 'Lost Chapter on the His- 
tory of the Steamboat' (Batlimore, 1871). Mr. Latrobe's investi- 
gations show that, soon after the evacuation of New York by the 
British, Roosevelt returned to New York from Esopus, where he 
then resided, and where he had made a small wooden boat, across 
which was an axle projecting over the sides with paddles at the 
ends, made to revolve by a tight cord wound around its middle by 
the reaction of hickory and whalebone springs. In New York he 
engaged in manufacturing and inventing ; subsequently he became 
interested in the Schuyler copper mines in New Jersey, on the 
Passaic river, and from a model of Josiah Hornblower's 
atmospheric machine completed a similar one, built engines 
for various purposes, and constructed those for the water works 
of Philadelphia. He was also at the same time under contract 
to erect rolling works and supply the government with copper 
drawn and rolled for six 74-gun ships. In 1797, with Robert 
Livingston and John Stevens, he agreed to build a boat on joint 
account, for which the engines were to be constructed by Roose- 
velt, and the propelling agency was to be planned by Livingston. 
This experiment failed, the speed attained being only equivalent 
to about three miles an hour in still water. On September 6, 1798, 
Roosevelt had fully described to Livingston a vertical wheel, 
which he earnestly recommended. This is the first practical sug- 
gestion of the combination that made steam navigation a com- 
mercial success, although four years later Robert Fulton believed 
that chains and floats were alone to be relied on. Livingston, 
however, had replied to Roosevelt's proposition on October 28, 
1798, that 'vertical wheels are out of the question.' But in the 
Spring of 1802, Livingston having communicated Roosevelt's plans 
to Fulton, they adopted the former's view, and in January of- the 
next year launched a boat that was propelled by Roosevelt's ver- 
tical wheels. Roosevelt in the meantime became greatly embar- 
rassed financially, the government failed to fulfill its contract with 


him, and he was unable to put his plans in operation. In 1809 
he associated himself with Fulton in the introduction of steam- 
boats on the western waters, and in 181 1 he built and navigated 
the "New Orleans," the pioneer boat that descended the Ohio and 
Mississippi rivers, from Pittsburg to New Orleans in fourteen 
days, he having previously descended both rivers in a flat boat to 
obtain information. In July, 181 5, he applied to the Legislature 
of the United States for protection as the inventor of vertical 
wheels, for which he had obtained letters-patent from the United 
States in December, 1814. The Legislature, after discussion, de 
cided that 'it was inexpedient to make any special provision in 
connection with the matter in controversy before the body,' and 
there the matter rested. Roosevelt's papers came into the posses- 
sion of Richard S. Cox, his executor, from whom they were ob- 
tained, in 1828, and from these, with others from the papers of 
Chancellor Livingston, a case was prepared and submitted to 
Roger B. Taney, which had been already submitted to William 
Wirt, and, both opinions being favorable, a suit was about to be 
begun, when the consideration of the great expense involved in its 
prosecution caused the whole matter to be abandoned. ^ 

"Roosevelt had by this time retired from active life, residing 
with his family in Skaneateles, Cayuga County, N. Y. 

"In the case submitted for Mr. Wirt's opinion it is said that 
Fulton never made oath to the application for a patent for vertical 
wheels over the sides ; and that the application itself was signed by 
another person — a statement that would seem to be corroborated 
to a great extent by Fulton's own account of his invention in an 
interview with B. H. Latrobe on February 7, 1809, when the latter 
was endeavoring to bring about what subsequently took place — 
a connection between Fulton and Roosevelt in regard to the intro- 
duction of steamboats on the western waters. T have no preten- 
sions,' said Fulton, 'to be the first inventor of the steamboat. 
Hundreds of others have tried it and failed. Neither do I pretend 
to the right to navigate steamboats, except in New York. . . . 
That to which I claim an exclusive right is the so proportioning 
the boat to the power of the engine and the velocity with which 
the wheels of the boat, or both, move with the maximum velocity 
attainable by the power, and the construction of the whole ma- 
chine.' In the same conversation Mr. Fulton said : 'As to Mr. 
Roosevelt, I regard him as a noble-minded, intelligent man, and 
would do anything to serve him that I could.' " (Appleton's 
Cyclopedia of American Biography. Vol. V., pp. 317-318.) 

Mr. Roosevelt m., November iq, 1808, Miss Lvdia Latrobe. 
the only daughter of John Henry Latrobe, the noted engineer- 
architect of the Capitol at Washington, D. C. Descendant of 


Henry Boneval de la Trobe, a Huguenot refugee ni the service of 
William, Prince of Orange, who was wounded at the battle of 

Mr. Roosevelt d. in Skaneateles, N. Y., July 30, 1854. 

Their children were : 

370 HENRY LATROBE, b. 1812; removed to Charleston, S. C, and d. 

3714-SAMUEL, b. Dec. 9, 1813; m. Mary Jane Horton. 
372+ROSETTA MARK, m. Russel Fitch. 
373 MARY liOUISE, deceased. 
374+LYDlA ELIZA, m. Montgomery Schuyler. 

375 JULIA ADELINE, deceased. 

376 ELLEN ANN MARIA, deceased. 

377 LOUIS SELLEW, deceased. 

378 JAMES NICHOLAS, deceased. 

182. JOHANNES or JOHN (Cornelius"), bap. August 22. 
1753, in New York City; m. Ann Beardsley. 

Their children were : 

Ti^ JOHN, m. Mary Willis. 

380 ANNA, m. Bogardus. 

381 MARIA, m. June 22, 1797, Dr. Robert Merrite at the Reformed 

Dutch Church of N. Y. 

382 MARGARET, m. Stephen N. Hunt. 

383 JOHN R. 

384 ADELINE L., m. James Wilson. 

385 LAVINIA ANN, m. James Wilkins. 
386+CORNELIUS J., bap. July 30, 1775; m. Anna Lockwood. 

183. CORNELIUS C. (Cornelius'^), bap. October 29, 1755. 
in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York ; grocer, merchant. 
New York City; Assistant Alderman, 1785-6-7; Alderman, 1795 
until 1801 ; member of Assembly in 1803. "Mr. Roosevelt was 
Director of the Westchester Turnpike Road in 1800 and a mem- 
ber of the Corporation to establish a turnpike Corporation for 
improving the road from East Chester to Brvam, passed 7 Apl. 
1800." Chapter CXXI. (Baird's Hist. Rye,' N. Y., p. 143.) 

Mr. Roosevelt m., first, Alida Fargie, daughter of Winter 
Fargie, captain in the British Army, who m., May 25, 1757' Eve 
Holland, bap. June 27, 1736, daughter of Hon. Edw. Holland, 
bap., Albany, N. Y., September 7, 1702. Mcht. Alderman, 1728, 
Mayor Albany 1733-1741, Mayor of New York 1747-56-57, mem- 
ber Colonial Council, 1754-6, m. Magdalena Bayeux, b. July 22, 
1706, d. March 29, 1737. He d. 1756. Son of Captain Henry 
Holland, b. 1665, lieutenant 1699, captain August 5, 1704, of an 
independent company of Fusileers, stationed at Albany, N. Y. ; m. 
Jenny Sehly. He d. in 1732. 


Mr. Roosevelt m., second, Tryntje or Catharine Van Alstyne, 
bap. 24 June, 1752, in New York City, daughter of Matthews and 
Sarah Theresia (Lynch) Van Alstyne of New York. 
Mr. Roosevelt d. February, 1814, aged 58. 
The children by first marriage, baptized in the Reformed Dutch 
Church of New York were : 

387 HENRY BOLAND, b. June 9; bap. June 27, 1784. 
388+ELIZA, b. Jan. 9; bap. March 26, 1786; m. Walter Evertsen, 
James W. Stephens. 

389 CORNELIUS, b. May 22; bap. June 18, 1787. 

The children by 2d marriage were baptized in Reformed Dutch 
Church, N. Y. 

390 SARAH, b. March 30, 1790; bap. April 21, 1790; m. Alexander Pyke; 

left one daughter unmarried. 
390a CORNELIUS MASON, b. May 25, 1791; bap. June 26, 1791; mid- 
shipman, Nov. 15, 1809; resigned March 5, 1810. (Army and 
Navy Register, Hamersley, 1888.) 

391 WILLIAM, b. Feb. 19; bap. April 3, 1792. 
391a ELIZA, b. Feb. 6; bap. April 7, 1793. 

392 HELEN THERESIA, b. Nov. 10; bap. Dec. 27, 1795; d. Sept. 7, 


186. MARIA ROOSEVELT (Cornelius^«), bap. July 2, 
1760, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York; m. John 
Duffie, b. December 14, 1763, son of Duncan and Maria (Thom- 
son) Duffie. Mr. John Duffie was in the grocery business with 
his brother-in-law, Cornelius C. Roosevelt. 

Mr. Duffie d. July 8, 1808. Mrs. Duffie d. May 17, 1821. 

Their children were : 

393 MARIA CAROLINE DUFFIE, m. Dec. 20, 1787, Col. W. W. Todd 

and had a numerous family. (See Todd Gen. by R. H. Greene, 

394 MARGARET DUFFIE, died unmarried. 

395+iCORNELIUS iROOSEVELT DUFFIE, b. March 31, 1789; m. He- 
lena Bleecker. 

396-l-MATILDA DUFFIE, m. Gerard De Peyster. 

397 CORNELIA DUFFIE, died unmarried. 

398 JANE ANTOINETTE DUFFIE, m. 1st, Niles R. Burke; 2d. Isaac 

Gibson. They died without issue. 

399 JOHN HENRY DUFFIE, died young. 

190. ELBERT (Cornelius^'-'), b. October 9, bap. October 28, 
1767, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York. 

Mr. Roosevelt removed to Pelham. Westchester County, N. Y. 
Married, December 29, 1794, in the Reformed Dutch Church of 


New York, Jane Curteniiis, b. December 22, 1770, daughter of 
Peter Theobaldus Curtenius, Commissary General with the rank 
of Colonel, under the Provincial Congress, who fought throughout 
the Revolutionary War. He m. Miss Goelet. He d. in 1798, of 
yellow fever. He was buried in the Middle Dutch Church of 
New York, where the post-office now stands. His remains were 
removed in 181 7 to Beechwood Cemetery in New Rochelle, N. Y. 
(Old Mchts. of N. Y.) 

Mrs. Roosevelt d. January 31, 1846. Mr. Roosevelt d. in 1857. 

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt were: 

400 PETEiR CURTENIUS, b. Sept. 30, 1795; d. unmarried, Dec. 29, 


401 ELBERT JONES, b. Sept. 12, 1797; d. unmarried, June 7, 1SS5. 

402 HENRY, b. Aug. 18, 1800; m. July 29, 1828, Eliza Louisa Champlin. 

No. 622. No issue; daughter of W. O. and Elizabeth S. (De 
Peyster) Champlin. No. 311; d. Nov. 6, 1848. 
403+WASHINGTON, b. Nov. 14, 1802; m. 1st, Mary A. Swift; 2d, Jane 
M. Young. 

404 CLINTON, b. Nov. 3, 1804; d. unmarried, Aug. 1, 1898. 

405 JANE ELIZA, b. Oct. 13, 1807; d. unmarried, Dec. 4, 1892. 

406 MARY, b. July 10, 1810; d. June 13, 1822. 

407 ISAAC, b. Nov. 27, 1812; d. Sept. 30, 1856. 

191. CATHERINE ROOSEVELT (Johannes^^), m. Septem- 
ber 26, 1766, in New York City (M. L., Vol. X, p. 107), Abra- 
ham Van Ranst. 

Their children were : 

408 CATHARINE VAN RANST, bap. Jan. 10, 1768, at the Reformed 

Dutch Church of N. Y.; m. Mr. Van Alst and had John Van 

409 JOHN ROOSEVELT VAN 'RANST, m. twice, and left issue by 


410 ABRAHAM VAN RANST, m. and left issue. 

192. NICHOLAS (Nicholas^-), bap. October i, 1740, in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York. Assistant Alderman in 
New York City, 1748 to 1762; Alderman, 1763 to 1767; m. De- 
cember 15, 1 761, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York 
(M. L., Vol. v., p. 281). Sarah Van Ranst, probably daughter 
of Cornelius and Catharine (Canon) Van Ranst of New York 

Their child was : 

411 JACOBUS or JAMES NICHOLAS, bap. July 4, 1764, in the Re- 

formed Dutch Church of N. Y. ; wit. Cornelius Van Ranst, 
Cath. Canon; m. Oct. 21, 1787 at Reformed Dutch Church of 
N. Y.; Sarah Van Ranst, bap. June 13, 1771, at Reformed 
Dutch Church of N. Y. ; daughter of Cornelius Van Ranst 
who m. April 26, 1769 at Reformed Dutch Church of N. Y., 
Cathrina Duryea; wit. to Sarah Van Ranst bap. were: Jakob 
Durije, Sara Noordstrand, Cathrina de Lanoy. They died with- 
out issue. 


193. CATHARINE BARCLAY (Helena Roosevelt^^^ ^ 
Marriage bond dated 8th November, 1763, New York, to Augus- 
tus Van Cortlandt of Yonkers (p. 71, Vol. V, N. Y. G. B. Rec). 

Their children were : 

412 HELENA VAN CORTLANiDT, b. 1768; m. James Morris; d. 1812. 
413+ANNE VAN COlRTaL.ANDT, b. 1766; m. Henry White. 

195. SARAH ANN BARCLAY (Helena Roosevelt*^), m. 
December 10, 1764, Anthony Lispenard, bap. December 8, 1742, in 
New York City Reformed Dutch Church. Son of Leonard and 
Alice (Rutgers) Lispenard. 

"Mr. Anthony Lispenard was proprietor of extensive breweries 
and mills on the Greenwich road, near the foot of the street now 
called Canal street. It is said he was captain of the Militia at the 
commencement of the Revolutionary War, and sided with the 
colonies against the British." (Vol. XXIV, p. 113, N. Y. G. 
& B. Rec.) 

Lispenard street. New York, was named after Mr. Anthony 
Lispenard. His father, Leonard, was b. December 14, 1715; m., 

1741, Alice Rutgers, daughter of Anthony and Cornelia ( ) 

Rutgers. She inherited one-third of Rutgers farm, which 
was a portion of a landed estate and extensive grant of which 
Anthony Rutgers had received from King George II. Leonard 
Lispenard was a Deputy to the Revolutionary Congress, March 
22 to July 8, 1775. Regent University of Kings. Enlisted at the 
time of Lexington alarm and marched to Boston. He entertained 
"General George Washington, June 15, 1775. He was son of 
Anthony and Elizabeth (De Klyne) Lispenard, 

Anthony Lispenard, b. October 31, 1683, m., November 7, 
1705, Elizabeth Hujgens de Klyne, daughter of Leonard and 
granddaughter of Barrensten Huygens de Klyne of New York. 
She was bap. March 29, 1688. Anthony Lispenard d. August 16, 
1755, and was the son of Antone L'Espenard and his wife Abeltie, 
who left France for America in 1669. (By Chas. W. Darling, 
Am. Cores. Sec'y Oneida Hist. Soc, Utica, N. Y., 1893.) 

Their children were : 

415 THOMAS LISPENARD, died unmarried. 

416 ANTHONY LISPENARD, died in 1806; unmarried. 

417 ALICE LISPENARD, died unmarried in 1886. 
418+LEONARD LISPENARD, m. Anna Dorothy Bache, No. 431, 
419+HELENA ROOSEVELT LISPENARD, m, Paul Richard Bache, 

No. 432, 
420+SARAH LISPENARD, m. Alexander L. Stewart. 

b. 1760, m. June 16, 1778, for his second wife. Dr. Richard 
Bayley, b. at Fairfield, Ct., about 1744, son of Wm. Bayley of 


Hoddeston, Hertfordshire, Eng., and Susanna, daughter of Wm. 
Le Compte and Anne Besley (Baird's Hist, of the Huguenot Emi- 
gration to Am., Vol. H., p. 75). 

Dr. Richard Bayley m., first, in 1767, Catharine, daughter of 
the Rev. Richard and Mary (Bayrux) Charlton, and left two 
daughters. He was the first professor of anatomy of Columbia 
College, and was the originator of the New York system of quar- 
antine laws. Bayley arms : Argent, three torteaux, two and one, 
a chief gules. Crest: Out of a coronet flory Or. a nag's head, 
argent maned of the first. (Visitation of Hertfordshire, 1572.) 

She died September i, 1805. He died August 17, 1801. 

The children of Charlotte Amelia and Dr. Richard Bayley 
were : 

42O0 CHARLOTTE AMELIA BAYLEY, b. 1779; m. 1798, WiUiam 

Craig; d. July 22, 1805. 
421+RICHARD BAYLEY, b. Aug. 7, 1781; m. Cathrine White, No. 824. 

422 ANDREW BARCLAY BAYLEY, died unmarried. 

423 WILLIAM BAYLEY, married and had son William, who died in 

Mobile, Ala., in 1836, age 20. 

424 MARY FITCH BAYLEY, m. Sir Robert Bunch of the Bahamas; 

she died Nov. 8, 1830. 
420+GUY CARLETON BAYLEY, b. 1786; m. Grace Roosevelt, No. 443. 
426 HELEN BAYLEY, b. June 10, 1790; m. Samuel Craig. 

197. ANNA DOROTHEA BARCLAY (Helena Roose- 
velt^^), m. Theophylact Bcahe. 
Their children were : 

431 ANNA DOROTHY BACHE, m. Leonard Lispenard, No. 418. 

432 PAUL RICHARD BACHE, m. Helena Roosevelt Lispenard, No. 


202. JAMES BARCLAY (Helena Roosevelt^^), graduate 
1766, King's College. He enlisted as a New Jersey Volunteer 
in the cause of the King, was taken prisoner on Staten Island, in 
1777, and sent to Trenton by the Americans. Married Mary Van 

Their daughter. 

439-1-CATHARINE ELIZA BARCLAY, bap. April 22, 1783; m. James 
Roosevelt, No. 208. (For children see No. 208.) 

208. JAKOBUS or JAMES (Isaac8«), b. January lo, bap. 
January 23, 1760, in New York City. Merchant, New York City. 


He started in business at 333 Pearl street, near Peck Slip, before 
1800, and for years later business was still being conducted at the 
same place, under the firm of C. J. & H. Roosevelt. He was 
Alderman m 1809. Assemblyman, 1796-7. 

He m., first November 15, 1786, in New York, Maria Eliza 
Walton, b. March 15, 1769, daughter of Admiral Gerard 
Walton, who d. in 182 1. (Old Merchants of N. Y., Walter 
Barrett, 1863.) She d. Friday, 23d March, 1810, aged 41 years. 
"In her death her husband and children have sustained irreparable 
loss. They have cause long — very long to mourn the most affec- 
tionate and best of wives and most tender of mothers." He m., 
second, July 31, 1813, in New York, Catherine Eliza Barclay, 
No. 439, bap. April 22, 1783. She d. February 25, 1816. He 
married, third, January 29, 1821, in New York, Harriet Howland, 
b. September 18, 1784, daughter of Joseph Howland, b. September 
30, 1749, Boston. He d. March 3, 1836, m.. May 26, 1772, Lydia, 
b. July 7, 1753, daughter of Ephriam Bill, Norwich Ct. ; Nathaniel 
Howland, b. June 9, 1705, Plymouth, m. Abigail Bent. Nathaniel 
Howland, b. 1671, Plymouth, m. Martha Cole. Joseph Howland, 
b. Plymouth, m. Elizabeth Southworth. John Howland, 13th 
signer of the Mayflower compact, and Elizabeth Tilly. (How- 
land Gene., F. Howland, 1885.) 

Mr. Roosevelt d. February 6, 1847. 

Their children were : 

440 "Our first son was born and died January 12, 1788. 

441 GRACE, b. Jan. 12, 1789; bap. March 17. She died Sunday, March 

22, 1789. 

442+ISAAC, b. April 21, 1790; bap. May 16; m. April 26, 1827, Mary Re- 
becca Aspinwall. 

443-f-GRACE, b. Feb. 10, 1792; bap. March 14; godfather, A. Walton; 
godmother, Maria Varick; m. Nov. 4, 1813, Dr. Guy Carleton 
Bayley, No. 425. 

444 JAMES, b. June 16, 1794; bap. July 17; d. at Harlaem, Sept. 29, 


445 WALTON, b. Sept. 23, 1796; bap. Dec. 21; d. Nov. 11, 1836. 

446 EDWARD, b. Jan. 22, 1799; bap. March 17, in North Church; d. at 

447+RICHARD VARICK, b. Sept. 6, 1801 at Harlaem, bap; m. April 

23, 1823 Anna Maria Lyle. 

448 ALEXANDER HAMILTON, b. June 21, 1804; bap. Sun. July 15, 

North Church; d. the September following. 

449 HAMILTON, b Oct. 16, 1805, at Harlaem; bap.; godfather, Edward 

Lyde; godmother, Grace Lyde. He died at sea. May 28, 1827, 
on a voyage from Mexico. 


430 HENRY WALTON, b. Feb. 13, 1809; bap. Harlaem, Aug. 3. He d. 
Dec. 9, 1827. 
The children by the second marxiage were: 

451 SUSAN BARCLAY, b. July 31; bap. Aug. 27, 1813; d. April 6, 1867, 

without issue. 

452 JAMES BARCLAY, b. July 7, bap. Aug. 25, 1815; d. without issue. 

211. CORNELIA ROOSEVELT (Isaac««), b. 27th April, 
bap. May 13, 1767, at the Reformed Dutch Church, New York; 
m., January 10, 1786, Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y., Benja- 
min Kissam, b. 1759, graduated Cohimbia College, 1775, A. B. 
Professor of Medicine in the Institute of Medicine, 1785-92; 
trustee of Columbia College, 1787- 1803. 

He died in 1803. 

Their children were : 

455 CORNELIA CATHARINE KISSAM, m. Dr. Caspar W. Eddy; no 



457 MARIA ANN KISSAM, bap. Jan 18, 1789, Reformed Dutch Church 

of N. Y. 

458 HELEN KISSAM, b. July 31, bap. Aug. 25, 1790, Reformed Dutch 

Church of N. Y.; m. John L. Lefferts. They had one child 
which died young. 

459 RICHARD VARICK KISSAM, b. Sept. 1; bap. Oct. 18, 1795. 
460-f'EMMA CHARLOTTE KISSAM, m. Francis A. Livingston. 
461-l-CATHARINE ROOSEVELT KISSAM, m. Francis A. Livingston, 

462 AMELIA CHARLOTTOE KISSAM, b. May 5; bap. June 16, 1799. 

215. JAMES CROMMELIN (Sarah Roosevelt««), bap. 
April II, 1753. Inherited property on Peck's Slip, New York, 
from Jacobus Roosevelt He m. Julia 

Their children were: 

465 JAMES CROMMIELIN, m. Jane Dunham. 

466 DANIEL CROMMELIN. d. without issue. 





(Todd Gene.) 

220. JAMES CHRISTOPHER (Christopher^^-), bap. No- 
vember II, 1770, in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York. 
Married, November 5, 1792, New York Reformed Dutch Church, 


Catharine Byvaiick, bap. September 19, 1773, daughter of Everl. 
Byvank, bap. April 11, 1744, m. September 21, 1772, Mary Van 
Rantz, bap. October 25, 1749, daughter of Cornelius Van Ranst. 
m., November 19, 1744, Cornelia Canon. Son of 

Evert Byvank, bap. November 9, 1718, m. April 6, 1728, Maria 
Canon. Son of 

Anthony Byvank of Albany, m., 20th January, 1705, Teuntje 
Laning. Son of 

Johannes Byvanck (or Byvang) of Oldenzell, Holland, b., 
1634, in Albany 1665, m., first, Bolitje Everlse Duyching, in New- 
York, October 24, 1666; m., second, Sara Frans, widow in New 
York, November 3, 1692. 

Their children were : 

490+MARIA, b. July 12; bap. July 26, 1793; m. Hackleia Brown. 

491. JAMES HENRY, Philanthropist, b. in New York City, 10th 
November, 1800. d. 30th November, 1863, was graduated from Columbia 
in 1819, and studied law, but was prevented by delicate health from 
practising. He never married, and the fortune that he inherited was not 
large, but by investments in real estate and a simple, unostenta- 
tious manner of living, he accumulated the sum that he intended from 
his early manhood to leave for some charitable object:. By the terms 
of his will he left the principal part of his estate to found a noble hos- 
pital in New York City, which bears his name, and was formally opened 
2d November, 1871. The property left by him was valued at about one 
million but in the interval of eight years between his death and the open- 
ing of the hospital the estate had been so administered by his trustees 
that the principal aggregated at least one million, exclusive of the 
ground upon which the buildings were erected in West 59th street. The 
buildings themselves represented an expenditure of $950,000. The prop- 
erty in 1888 was worth $2,000,000. On the tablet that is placed to his 
memory in Roosevelt Hospital is inscribed: " To the memory of James 
Henry Roosevelt, a true son of New York, the generous founder of this 
hospital, a man upright in his aims, simple in his life and sublime in his 
benefaction." (Appleton's Cyc. Am. Biog.) 

492 CATHARINE LOUISA, b. March 9; bap. July 28, 1796; died in 
April, 1830, unmarried. 

Reimer^*-), 1)ap. July ,7, 1768; m., January 17, 1790, Hester 
Anthony, daughter of Nicholas N. and Susannah (Roome) 

Their children were : 

510 PETER DE IREIMER, b. April 20, 1791; bap. Sept. 11, 1791; m. 
Charlotte Pettigill; he d. 1822. 


511 SUSANNAH ANTHONY DE REIMER, b. April 3, 1793; m. John 

Hathorn; d. 1869. 
512+EiLSIE BABBINGTON DE REIMER, b. Jan. 13, 1795; m. Samuel 

D. Morford. 

513 NICHOLAS DE REIMER, b. Aug. 3, 1797; m. F. Pattingill; d. 


514 JANE MARIA DE REIMER, b. Jan. 11, 1800, m. Oct. 18, 1820, Ja- 

cob Brouwer; b. April, 1796; d. May 30, 1868; she d. Oct. 31, 1880. 

515 CORNELIUS BROUWER DE REIMER, b. June 14, 1804; m. H. 

Briggs; d. 1872. 

516 JACOB ROOME DE REIMER, b. 1805; m. M. M. Dederer; d. 1862. 
517-f HESTER ANTHONY DE 'REIMER, b. 18—; m. William M. Ver- 

milyea; d. 1894. 

303. SOLOMON (Nicholas^*-'), b. at Fishouse (now a part 
of Saratoga), N. Y., November 17, 1778; m.. first, Elizabeth 
Willy, or Wiley, November 29, 1798, in Stillwater, N. Y. She 
was a resident of Clinton County, N. Y., daughter of Stephen 
Wiley, and was b. May 16, 1780, and died February 27, 1820, 
m., second, Hester Ann Smith, b. Chazy, Clinton County, N. Y., 
September 6, 1796, daughter of Sylvanus Smith of Clinton Coun- 
ty, N. Y. ; d. Syracuse, N. Y., April 19, 1893, aged 97. He d. 
March 15, 1832. 

The children by first marriage were: 

555+STEPHEN, b. Sept. 5, 1799; m. Mary Knapp. 

556 BETSEY, b. Feb. 18, 1801; d. in Clinton Co.. March 5, 1806. 

5574-LYDIA b. Feb. 26. 1803; m. Mr. Caulkins; m. 2d, Dennis Tracy. 

558+ JACOB, b. May 16, 1805; m. Eliza Jennings. 

559+SOLOMON JR., b. April 27, 1807; m. Elizabeth Morris; m. 2d. Mary 

560+DELIA, b. July 10, 1809; m. Harry Clark. 

561+LOUISA, b. May 3, 1812; m. 1st, B. Aldridge; 2d, Stillman Buck- 

562 CAROLINE, b. April 12, 1814; m. John McCreedy, and had one 
child, who died in infancy. She d. aged about 20 years. 

563+JOHN H., b. Feb. 24, 1817; m. 1st, Eliza Tracy; 2d, Mary Cornell. 

Children by second marriage : 

564 SARAH, b. Dec. 4, 1824, Chazy, Clinton Co. N. Y.; m. George Gif- 
ford; they had two children, who died unmarried; Mrs. Gif- 
ford died May 7, 1898, at Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

565+GEORGE W., b. July 20, 1824; m. 1st, Mary Young; 2d, Sally Hub- 

566+WARREN, b. Oct. 10, 1831; Chazy, Clinton Co., N. Y.; m. Mary 
Jane Follansbee. 


305. JACOB (Nicholas^*«), resided in Missouri. He died 
April 17, 1855. 

He had several children, who died young, and 

575 RUTH ANN, m. Dr. P. Palmer of Grand Haven, Mich. 

576 ADONZO, b. Jan. 20, 1819, m. Catharine Wells. 

311. ELIZABETH DE PEYSTER (Johannes De Pey- 
ster^^°), bap. February 23, 1772; m. W. O. Champlin. 
Their daughter: 

622 ELIZABETH LOUISA CHAMPLIN, m. July 19, 1828, Henry 
Roosevelt, b. Aug. 18, 1800. No. 402; son of Elbert, No. 190, and 
Jane Curtenlus. They died without issue. 

347. THOMAS WILTON (Cornelius^^*), b. April 26, 1781, 
in New York City, where he was educated. He became a civil 
engineer and surveyor; removed to Junius, N. Y., and lived on 
a farm. He m. Betsey Cook, b. September 30, 1785. 

Mr. Roosevelt was appointed lieutenant of a company in a 
regiment of infantry in Seneca County, by Daniel D. Tompkins, 
Governor of New York State, February 4, 181 2. Lieutenant 
Roosevelt was killed at Fort Erie, September 5, 1814, and was 
buried in the Old Cemetery at Buffalo, N. Y. 

Their children were : 

631+NELSON, b. 1801; m. Sarah Armltage. 
632+SHENZADA, b. Oct. 28, 1803; m. Thomas Van Alstyne. 

633 JANE, m. Beattle. 

634+OORNELIUS, Oct. 31, 1813; m. Elvira Hamilton. 

635 ELIZABETH, m. Palmer. 

636 ANQBLINE, died unmarried. 

cobus^''®), b. January 30, 1794, in New York City, bap. April i, 
1799; merchant. New York City. He inherited a large fortune 
from his father. He studied at Columbia College, New York, 
but did not graduate, and, engaging in business, was a successful 
merchant for forty-seven years. During the latter portion of his 
life he devoted a portion of his large income to charity. He was 
one of the founders and a director of the Chemical National Bank 
of New York, whose single principle is honesty, and that institu- 
tion has never failed to pay its obligations in gold, and during 


the Civil War redeemed its notes at one time at 280 in greenbacks. 

He m. Margaret Barnhill, b. December 13, 1799, daughter of 
Robert and Elizabeth (Potts) Barnhill of Philadelphia. 

Mr. Roosevelt d. July 17, 1871, at Oyster Bay, L. I. Mrs. 
Roosevelt died January 23, 1861. (Appleton's Cyclopedia Am. 
Biog., v., 318: Nat. Cyclop. Am. Biog.) 

Their children were : 

640+SIL,AS WIER, b. Oct. 18, 1823, New York; m. Mary West. 

641+JAMES ALFRED, b. June 13, 1825, New York; m. Elizabeth N. 

642 CORNELIUS VAN SCHAAK, b. July 23, 1827, New York; m. 
Laura H. Porter; he d. 1887, Maplewood, So. Orange, N. J. She 
died March 20, 1900; he left a large fortune. 

643+ROBERT BARNHILL, b. Aug. 7, 1829, New York; m. 1st Eliza- 
beth Ellis; 2d, Marion T. Fortescue. 

644+THEOI)ORE, b. Sept. 22, 1831, New York; m. Martha Bulloch. , 

645 WILLIAM WIER. b. Sept. 20, 1834. New York; d. Dec. 18, 1836. 


Margaret Barnhill, b. December 13, 1799, d. January 23, 1861. 

Robert Barnhill, b. January 31, 1754. m. September 22, 1778, 
d. August 12, 1814; m. 

Elizabeth Potts, b. January 27, 1750, d. August 20, 1807, 
daughter of 

Thomas Potts. Elizabeth Lukens. He was son of 

John Potts, b. August 8, 1696. m. 1726, d. 1766, Elizabeth 
McVaugh. He was son of 

David Potts, b. 1670, Montgomeryshire, Wales ; farmer, Bris- 
tol Township, Philadelphia County, m., January 22, 1694, at Mid- 
dletown meeting (Middletown monthly meeting of Friends, N. 
J.), d. November 16, 1730, Monday. Will registered Phila. Will, 
bk. E., p. 142. Member Provincial Assembly, Philadelphia Coun- 
ty, 1728-29-30, m. Alice Croasdale, b. August 3, 1673, daughter of 
Thomas and Agnes (Hawthornwaite) Croasdale. (Our Family 
Ancestors, T. M. Potts, 1895.) 

John Barnhill, who d. February 27, 1797, m. Sarah Craig, a 
descendant of Col. John Barnwell of South Carolina, who fought 
and captured the Tuscorora Indians, November 16, 171 1. He 
was a descendant of Nicholas de Barnwall, who settled in Ireland 
temp. Henry IT. and Wolfram de Branwall, Lord of Drom- 
naugh County, Dublin, 14th, Edward I. 


360. JAMES JOHN (Jacobus J.'""), b. 14th December, 1795, 
in New York City, bap 6th April, 1796, at the Dutch Reformed 
Church, New York. (Church Record.) Jurist, hardware mer- 
chant, lived at No. 99 Maiden Lane, and afterwards 45 Broadway, 
New York. He was graduated at Columbia College in 1815, ad- 
mitted to the bar in 18 18, and became the partner of Peter Jay. 
He early identified himself with the Democratic party, and was 
active in the canvass of General Jackson for the Presidency in 
1828. He retired temporarily from his professional life in 1830, 
went to Europe, and was in Paris during the disturbances that 
followed the revolution. He resumed his practice in 183 1, was 
a member of the Legislature in 1835, 1839 and 1840, and in 1841-3 
sat in Congress, but declined renomination in 1844. He went 
abroad again and studied foreign law in the courts of England, 
Holland and France. He became a justice of the State Supreme 
Court in 1851, and during one term was ex-officio judge of the 
State Court of Appeals. He resigned in 1859 to become the 
United States District Attorney for Southern New York, and re- 
tired in i860. 

He m.. May 30, 183 1, at the house of Mrs. Rives, in Paris, 
France, in the presence of many distinguished friends, among 
them General LaFayette, who gave away the bride. Miss Cornelia 
Van Ness, daughter of the Hon. Cornelius P. Van Ness, ex- 
Governor of Vermont, United States Senator, Minister to Spain 
and Chief Justice, who was celebrated as a belle and noted for her 
fascinating social qualities, her exquisite beauty, grace, sprightli- 
ness and elegance of style. 

Mr. James J. Roosevelt d. April 5, 1875, in New York City. 
Mrs. Roosevelt d. February 14, 1876, Paris, France. (Appleton's 
Cyclop. Am. Biog., V., p. 319: National Cyclopedia of Am. Biog., 
VHL, p. 316: The Queens of Am. Soc, Mrs. E. Fries Lumis: 
N. Y. Ref. D. Ch. Records : Old Merchants of N. Y., W. Barrett, 
1863: Annual Cyclop., 1876, Vol. L) 

Their children were : 

646 MAiRT. b. March 16, 1832; d. Oct. 31, 1841. 

647 CORNELIA, b. Dec. 17, 1833; d. Jan. 26, 1838. 

648 JAMES NICHOLAS, b. March 22, 1836; d. Sept. 24, 1856. 


649 JOHN VAN NESS, b. June 17, 1838; d. Oct. 24, 1841. 

650 WILLIAM OUSLEY, b. Nov, 9, 1839; d. Nov. 8, 1841. 

651 AUGUSTUS JAY, b. Oct. 17, 1841; d. Sept. 11, 1842. 

652 VAN NESS, b. June 15, 1843; d. Nov. 1872. 
653+'CHARLES YATES, b. Jan. 24, 1846; m. Carrie Louise Talbot. 
654+MARCIA O., b. Oct. 24, 1847; m. Feb. 5, 1877, Edward Brooks 

.655 FREDERICK, b. Feb. 27, 1850; m. Mary Loucy. Residence, Skane- 

ateles, N. Y. 
656 MATILDA, b. Aug. 6, 1851; d. Feb. 10, 1854. 


Cornelia Van Ness was daughter of 

Cornelius Peter Van Ness, b. January 26, 1782, Kinderhook, 
N. Y. ; m., first, March 5, 1804, Rhoda Savage of Chatham, N. 
Y., who died in Madrid, Spain, July 18, 1834. Studied law with 
Martin Van Buren. Removed to St. Albans, Vt., 1806. Bur- 
lington, Vt., 1809. Appointed United States District Attorney for 
Vermont, 1810. Appointed Collector of Customs, 1813, at Bur 
ington. Was appointed representative in the State legislature. 
Republican, 1818 to 1820. Chief Justice of Supreme Court, 
1821-22. Elected Governor of Vermont, 1823-24-25. Minister 
to Spain. Returned to Vermont in 1840. Was Collector of Port 
of New York, 1844-5. Son of 

John Peter Van Ness, b. Ghent, N. Y., in 1770. Graduated 
Columbia College. Democrat ; Member of Congress ; Mayor of 
Washington, D. C. ; president National Bank ; m. Marcia, daugh- 
ter of David Burns, a very wealthy man of Washington, D. C. 
He died March 7, 1847. She died in 1832. Mrs. Van Ness 
founded the Protestant Orphan Asylum of Washington, D. C. 
(Nat. Cyclop. Am. Biog. : Hist. Mag., 3 series. Vol. H., p. 224.) 

bus or James J.^^^), b. January 3, 1803, in New York City; m., in 
1832, Michael Bourke. 

Mrs. Bourke d. February 12, 1844. Mr. Bourke d. February 
22, 1870. 

Their children were : 

657-l-MARGARET JONES BOURKE.b. May 29, 1836; m. Thomas Ed- 
ward Kenny. 

658+MARY ROOSEVELT BOURKE, b. Aug. 22, 1834; m. Henry I, 


363. WILLIAM HENRY ROOSEVELT (Jacobus or James 
J.*^*), b. December 11, 1806, in New York City. Married. 
Their children were : 


660 MRS. LAURENCE FOOL.E, of San Fraxicisco, Cal. 

368. MARY PROOVOST (Maria Roosevelt"^), m. Alex- 
ander Robertson. 

Their children were : 



371. SAMUEL (Nicholas^^"), b. December 9, 1813, in New 
York City. He was a prominent business man of large interests 
in the South previous to the War, and was identified with various 
financial institutions in New York and other cities. He relieved, 
at his own expense, over eight hundred destitute prisoners in the 
time of the War of the Rebellion. November 25, 1845, he m. 
Mary Jane Horton, the only daughter of Stephen Horton of 
Skaneateles, N. Y. 

Mr. Roosevelt d. at New Brighton, N. Y., September 3, 1878. 

Their children were : 

680+NICHOLAS L.ATROBE, b. June 11, 1847; m. Eleanor Dean. 


682 ELLEN LTDIA, m. Augustus A. Outerbridge. 

683 MARY LEONTINE, m. Charles Y. Leaycraft. 

684 SAMUEL MONTGOMERY, b. Feb. 20, 1858, in New York City; 

was educated in New York City and Paris; studied painting 
under Benjamin Constant and Jean Paul Laurant. He is an 
accomplished artist, his work having been frequently exhibited 
at the Metropolitan Art Students League; also a merchant in 
New York City. May 5, 1885, he m. Augusta B. Boylston of 


686 FRANK. 



372. ROSETTA MARK ROOSEVELT (Nicholas""), m. 
Russell Fitch. 

Their children were : 

690 LAURA ROSETTA FITCH; residing in Slceneateles. N. Y. 

691 JAMES ROOSEVELT FITCH, m. Miss Emily Henry. He d. In 

October, 1878, at Memphis, Tenn, 

374. LYDIA ELIZA ROOSEVELT ( Nicholas""') , b. in New 
York City; residence, New York City; m., October lo, 1843, 
Montgomery Schuyler, b. January 9, 1814; merchant. New York 
City. He was the son of Anthony Dey Schuyler, b. October 18, 
1785, m. October 25, 1810, Susan Ridge. Son of 
Aaron Schuyler, m. Esther Dey. Son of 

Arent Schuyler, m. Jennette . Son of 

Casparus Schuyler, b. May 5, 1695, m. Jane . Son of 

Arent Schuyler, b. June 25, 1662, m. November 26, 1684, Jen- 
neke Tiller; he d. November, 1730. (Colonial N. Y., by Schuy 

Mrs. Lydia E. Schuyler died October 10, 1852. 
Their children are : 

692 MONTGOMERY ROOSEVELT SCHUYLER, b. Feb. 18, 1845; m. 

Leila Roosevelt, No. 1070. 

693 FRANK HAMILTON SCHUYLER, b. Sept. 16, 1849; d. March 4, 


694 LOUIS SANFORD SCHUYLER, b. March 2, 1852; d. Sept. 17, 1878. 

386. CORNELIUS J. (Johannes or John "^), bap. July 30, 
1775, at the Reformed Dutch Church of New York. Married 
Anna Lockwood. 

Their children were: 

751 JAMES WALTER, b. 1803 in N. Y. City; d. unmarried in his 84th 


752 GEORGE THEODORE, d. in early manhood. 
753+CAROLINE MATILDA, b. 1808, in N. Y. City; m. James Mac- 


754+EURETTA. b. July 14, 1808, in N. Y. City; m. Dr. Jeremiah Town- 
send iDenison. 

755+CORNELIA ANN, b. Jan. 23, 1809, in N. Y. City; m. Alonzo D. 

756 ANTOINETTE, m. Cornelius Van Voorst. 

757 EDGAR, b. in N. Y. City, lost at sea. 

758 HENRY HOLLARD, b. in N. Y. City; died In Infancy. 


759 AiiFRED BUSH, b. in N. Y. City; died in infancy. 

760+MARGARET ELIZABETH, b. Oct. 22, 1817, in N. Y. City; m. Ed- 
ward Gilbert. 

761+WILLIAM KELLY, b. April 9, 1818, in N. Y. City; m. Mercelena 

762+CORNELIUS J., b. Dec. 4, 1820, in N. Y. City; m. Margaret Pruyn. 

388. ELIZA ROOSEVELT (Cornelius^^^), b. January 9, 
bap. March 26, 1786, in New York City; m., first, October 22, 
1807, Walter Evertsen. He d. June 26, 181 1. Married, second, 
December 21, 1819, James W. Stevens. . ^ 

She died ^lay 8, 1826. 

Their children were : 

775 HENRY HOLLARD EVERTSEN, b. Jan. 14, 1S09; d. unmarried. 
776+MARIA ELIZABETH EVERTSEN, b. Feb. 5, 1811; m. Rev. John 
C. Brigham. 

By second marriage : 





velt^^®), b. March 31, 1789, in New York City. Graduated at 
Columbia College, 1809. Was captain in the New York militia 
during the War of 1812. In 1823 he entered the ministry of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church, and was founder and first rector 
of St. Thomas Church, New York. He m., April 16, 1816, 
Helena, daughter of James Bleecker. 

He d. August 20, 1827. She d. August 17. 182 1. 

Their children were : 

800 CHARLES WILLIAM DUFFIE, b. Jan. 17, 1817; d. June 24, 1824. 

801 HELENA BLEECKER DUFFIE, d. unmarried, Sept. 18, 1886. 

802 MARIA ROOSEVELT DUFFIE, d. unmarried, March 6, 1876. 
803-fCORNELIUS ROOSEVELT DUFFIE, b. Aug. 6, 1821; m. 1st, 

Sarah Clark; 2d, Lillian Pelton. 

396. MATILDA DUFFIE (Maria Roosevelt^s^), m. Gerard 
De Peyster, Alderman in New York City in 1806, 1820-21-22. 
Mrs. De Peyster d. in 188 1. 
Their child was: 

804 MARGARET DE PEYSTER, m. July 26, 1836, Rev. Philip Milledo- 
ler Brett, D.D., b. July, 1817; president of Rutgers College; 
son of Martin W. and Susan Ann (Milledoler) Brett. She d. 
Feb. 1, 1837. 


403. WASHINGTON (Elbert"«), b. November 14, 1802. 
Graduate of Middlebury College. Minister of the Gospel in the 
Reformed Dutch Church at Bronxville, N. Y. He m., on May 
31, 1830, Mary Ann Swift of Addison, Vt. She d. August 31, 
1830. He m., on the 23d of January, 1832, Jane Maria Young 
of Whitesboro, N. Y. 

Mr. Roosevelt d. February 11, 1884. Mrs. Roosevelt d. Jan- 
uary 28, 1885. 

Their children vi^ere: 

810+CHARLES HENRY, b. Nov. 4, 1832; m. Annie Jane Jackson. 

811 GEORGE YOUNG, b. March 17, 1836; d. Feb. 22, 1837. • 

812 WILLIAM ELBERT, b. March 17. 1836; d. May 28, 1837. 

813 EDWARD ALLEN, b. Jan. 7, 1839; d. April 25, 1841. 

814 MARY ELIZA, b. Aug-. 16. 1842; d. Aug. 13, 1851. 

413. ANNE VAN CORTLANDT (Catharine Barclay^^^'), 
b. in 1766., m. Henry White of New York City. Son of Colonel 
White of the English Army, and Eve, his wife, daughter of 
Frederick, son of Jacobus Van Cortlandt. 

She died in 1814. 

Their children were: 

824+CATHERINE WHITE, b. Nov. 30, 1786; m. Richard 

Bayley, No. 421. 

825 AUGUSTUS VAN CORTLANDT WHITE, of Yonkers, N. Y.; d. 

without issue. 

826 HENRY VAN CORTLANDT WHITE, of Yonkers. N. Y.; d. with- 

out issue. 

827 AUGUSTA VAN CORTLANDT WHITE, m. Dr. Edward N. Bibby 

of New York, and had Augusta Van Cortlandt Bibby of Yon- 
828-1-HELEN WHITE, m. Abraham Schermerhorn. 

418. LEONARD LISPENARD (Sarah Ann Barclay""), 
m., 1790, Ann Dorothy Bache, No. 431, daughter of Theophylis 
Bache, No. 197. (Bache, now called Beach street, was named 
after this family.) 

Their children were : 





833 THEOPHYLACT, who was the last member of this family bear- 

ing the name Lispenard; m. in Quebec, 1825 Mary Ann Reeves; 
he died leaving three daughters, Helen, Julia and Esther. 


Barclay"^), m., 1792, Paul Richard Bache or Beach, No. 419, 
son of Theophylis Bache or Beach, No. 197. 

Their daughter: 

834 SARAH BARiCLAT BACHE, m. Richard Montgomery, of Liv- 
ingston, N. Y. 

420 SARAH LISPENARD (Sarah Ann Barclay""^), m., 
January 27, 1803, Alexander Stewart of New York. 
Their children were : 

835+HELEN LISPENARD STEWART, b. Feb. 28, 1805; m. James 

Watson Webb. 
836+MARY JORDAN STEWART, m. Stephen Hogeboon Webb. 
837+SARAH ANN STEWART, m. 1st John Skillman; 2d, Rev. Charles 

Samuel Stewart. 

421. RICHARD BAYLEY (Charlotte A. Barclay""), b. 
August 7, 1781, m. (No. 824) Catharine White, b. November 30, 

He d. May 29. She d. September 29, 1878. 

Their children were : 

838 HENRY WHITE BAYLEY, b. Jan. 26, 1813; d. May 27. 1816. 

839 ANNA MARGARET BAYLEY, b. Sept. 22, 1815; m, July 8, 1840, 

Henry Munro; she d. Aug. 27, 1879. 

442. ISAAC (James-'^^), b. April 21, bap. May 16, 1790, in 
New York City. Resided at Hyde Park, Dutchess County, N. 
Y. Married, on the 26th of April, 1827, Mary Rebecca Aspin- 
wall, b. December 20, 1809, in New York City, daughter of John 
Aspinwall, b. 1779, d. 6th October, 1847, m. 27th November, 1803, 
Susan Howland, b. 20th May, 1779, d. 23d December, 1852, 
daughter of Joseph Howland, b. 30th October, 1749, m. 26th 
May, 1772. Lydia Bill, b. 7th July, 1753, d. ist March, 1838, 
daughter of Ephriam Bill of Norwich, Conn. 

Son of Captain John Aspinwall, sea captain. He commanded 
vessels out of the port of New York long before the Revolution- 
ary War. Member of the Society, April 13, 1772. Vestryman 
of Trinity Church, 1756 to 1762. He d. about 1779. 

Son of Joseph Aspinwall, b. Muddy River, Mass.,9thOctober, 
1673. Went to sea before he was of age. He had a vessel of 


his own. He was lieutenant of "The Queen of Spain" in the West 
Indies. He married a niece of Lord Bellamont. She died. He 
returned to Massachusetts and married, second, the widow of 
Samuel Smith. On the 13th of July, 1700, he was granted a 
New York license to marry Hannah Dean. 

Son of Peter Aspinwall, came from Toxteth Park, now a part 
of Liverpool, Eng., to New England, about 1630. Lived in Dor- 
chester, Mass., in 1645, and married Alice Sharp. The following 
is copy of an entry in the Parish Register of the First Church of 
Boston : "Also or sister Alice Sharp no ye wife of Peter Aspin- 
wall of Dorchester had tres of recomend granted unto her to ye 
church of Dorchester 8d 4th moenth 1645. He married, second, 
I2th February, 1661, by John Endicott, Governor, Miss Remem- 
ber Palfrey of Redding, daughter of Peter and Edith Palfrey 
of Salem. She was bap. i6th September, 1638. His will was 
dated 29th November, 1687. His estate inventoried, 9th Decem- 
ber, 1687. (Aspinwall Family of Muddy River, now Brookline, 
Mass., by Ewd. A. Bowen of Woodstock, Conn., N. E. G. & 
Hist. Rec, Vol. XLVH., p. 342-6.) 

Isaac Roosevelt d. October 23, 1863, at Hyde Park, N. Y. 
Mrs. Roosevelt d. February 24, 1886, in New York City. 

Their children were : 

850-f- JAMES, b. July 16, 1828, at Hyde Park, N. T.; m. Rebecca B. 

851-fJOHN ASPINWALL, b. July 27, 1840, at Hyde Park, N. T.; m. 

Ellen M. Crosby. 

443. GRACE ROOSEVELT (James-^^), b. February lo, 
bap. March 14, 1792; m., November 4, 1813, Dr. Guy Carleton 
Bayley, No. 425, b. 1786. Son of Dr. Richard and Charlotte 
Amelia (Barclay) Bayley. See No. 196. 

She d. March 27, 1828. He d. November 7, 1859. 

Their children were : 

852 JAMES ROOSEVELT BAYLEY, b. Aug. 23, 1814, New York; ed- 
ucated at Mt. Pleasant school near Amherst, Mass., and Trin- 
ity College, Hartford. In 1842 he was received into the Church 
of Rome; ordained, March 2, 1844; was appointed the first 
Bishop of Newark, N. J., in 1853; Nov. 1, 1872 was transferred 
to the Archepiscopal See of Baltimore. He died in Newark, 
N. J., Oct. 3, 1877. (Clarke's Hist, of Deceased Bishops, Vol III. 

853-)-RICHARD BAYLEY, b. Oct. 25, 1816; m. Mary Dietz. 


854+CARLETON BAYLEY, b. Nov. 26, 1818; m. 1st Lilias Graham; 2d, 
Catharine Murray. 

8B5+WILLIAM AUGUSTUS BAYLEY, b. May 16, 1821; m. Julia Neil- 

866+MARIA ELIZA BAYLEY, b. March 1, 1823; m. Jacob Boereem 

447. RICHARD VARICK (James-°«), b. September 6, 1801, 
and bap. at Harlaem. Resided in New York City. Married, 
April 23, 1823, Ann Maria Lyle of Red Hook, N. Y. 

He d. October 23, 1835, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Their children were : 

857 HARRIET, d. unmarried. 

858 GRACE, d. unmarried. 

460. EMMA CHARLOTTE KISSAM (Cornelia Roose- 
velt^^^), m. Francis A. Livingston. She died. 

Roosevelt^^^), m. Francis A. Livingston. • 

The children by first marriage were : 

870 LIVINGSTON, m. Mr. McCracken. 

871 LIVINGSTON, m. Mr. O'Conner. 

By second marriage : 




490. MARIA ROOSEVELT (James C."°), b. July 12, bap. 

July 26, 1793 ; m. Hackleia Brown. 

Their son was : 

De Reimer^^-), b. June 13, 1795, m. June 25, 1818, Samuel Den- 
ton Morford of Newton, Sussex County, N. J. 

She d. September i, 1851. 

Their children were: 

900 CHARLES AUGUSTUS MORFORD, b. Jime 26, 1819; m. Eliza 

901+ ANTHONY DENTON MORFORD, b. Feb. 21, 1822; m. Margaret 

A. Ryerson. 


902+MARY ANTHONY MORFORD, b. Oct. 4, 1824; m. Peter C. Adams. 
903 WILLIAM EDWIN MORFORD, b. Oct. 23, 1827; m. Jane Cockran 
904+ROBEIRT HALSTEAD MORFORD, b. Dec. 6. 1829; m. Sarah C. 

905 JOHN HENRY LIVINGSTON MORFORD, b. Sept. 29, 1832. 
906+THEODORiE MORFORD, b. June 28, 1835; m. Mary Morris. 
907 HENRIETTA EVELINA MORFORD, b. May 2, 1837; unmarried. 

Reimer282)^ m. April 4, 1827, in New York, William Montgomery 

Their children were: 

987 WILLIAM EDWARD VERMILYE, b. Jan. 6, 1828; m. Jan. 14, 

1858, Julia Elizabeth Murdock, and had Frederick Montgomery 

988 THOMAS EDWARD VERMILYE, b. Jan. 6, 1828; d. in infancy. 

989 MARY ANTHONY VERMILYE, m. Charles A. Davison, June 6, 

1850, and had Alice Mason Davison, and Louis Vermilye Davi- 
son; m. Sophy D. Griffin. 

990 LOUISA MARIA VERMILYE, m. March 24, 1853, John E. Bur- 

rill, and had Emily Vermilye Burrill, m. Geo. W. Forsyth; 
Charles Drayton Burrill, m. Alice Stone; Middleton S. Burrill, 
m. Emily Neilson; William Vermilye Burrill, m. Helena Bai- 
ley; Edward Livingston Burrill, m. Hortenus Bartlett. 

991 ROBERT MONTGOMERY VERMILYE, b. Feb. 27, 1835; d. 1878; 

m. 1st, July 22, 1862, A. Conover, and had William M. Vermilye 
b. Sept. 17, 1872; d. Dec, 1872; m. 2nd, June Jl, 1872, Anna Hun- 
ter, and had Robert M. Vermilye, b. May 23, 1879. 

992 LOUIS FORM AN VERMILYE, b. July 14, 1838; d. 1857. 

993 EMILY AUGUSTA VERMILYE, b. Dec. 3, 1S40; d. 1845. 

994 ELIZABETH PERKINS VERMILYE, b. Oct. 27, 1844; d. 1845. 

995 CHARLES AUGUSTUS VERMILYE, b. April 5, 1848; residence, 

Englewood, N. J. 

555. STEPHEN (Solomon^''^), b. September 5, 1799, in 
Grand Isle County, Vt. ; m., April 3, 1822, Mary Knapp, b. May 
10, 1803, daughter of Cyrus and Honor (Thompson) Knapp of 
Grand Isle Vt. She d. December 10, 1876. He d. at Ashley, 
Ohio, July, 1890. 

Their children were : 

996 George, b. April 17, 1823; m. had five children, three died in In- 

fancy, and Delia m. Lyman Welch. 

997 ELIZABETH, b. May 8, 1825; m. about 1846, John F. Randolph, 

and had Charles F., Harriet and Matilda. 

998 HARRIET, b, Oct. 9, 1828; m. Mr. McEvers of Ashley, Ohio. 

999 JOHN. b. Jan. 23, 1873, m. 


557. LYDIA (Solomon^"^), b. February 26, 1803; m., first, 
June 1822, Mr. Calkins. He died in 1824. She m., second, in 
March, 183 1, Dennis Tracy. 

He d. February 11, 1854. She d. in New Jersey, Decem- 
ber 3, 1890. 

Their children were: 

1000 GEORGE TRACY, b. Feb. 8, 1832; d. unmarried, May 2, 1885. 

1001 THOMAS R., b. Oct. 14, 1833; m. Oct. 14, 1879, Harriet L.. Paxton, 

and resides in Englishtown, N. J. 

1002 CARRIE, b. Feb. 8, 1836. Residence, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1003 WILLIAM H., b. Feb. 27, 1838; m. June 22, 1871, Sarah Frances 

Hankenson. He d. Jan. 25, 1873, in New York. 

558. JACOB (Solomon"«3), b. May i6, 1805; m. Elizabeth 

He died. 

Their children were : 

1004 ELIZABETH, m. 2d, John Calvin Lay. 

1005+MARCUS BIRUTUS, b. June 13, 1833; m. Juliette Sherwood. 

559. SOLOMON (Solomon3«3), b. in Alburg, Vt, April 2.7, 
1807, shipbuilder, was brought up on a farm in Clinton County, 
New York. When he was 18 years old he entered upon an ap- 
prenticeship with Webb, Allen and Eckford, shipbuilders. He 
afterwards went to Reyport, New Jersey, and engaged in that bus- 
iness for himself. He took the contract with Brown and Bell, ship- 
builders of New York, and built the "Baltic" and "Pacific," which 
were the first steamers that crossed the Atlantic, and many others, 
under the firm of Roosevelt and Joyce. In 1865 he removed to 
Delaware County, Ohio, and built the first building in Ashley, 

He married, in New York, December 7, 1829, Miss Elizabeth 
Morris, b. December 25, 181 1, in New York. She d. March 6, 1859. 
He m., second, Mary Stratton. 

Mr. Roosevelt d. February 18, 1900, in Ashley, Ohio. 

The children by the first marriage were: 


1007 MARIA. 

1008+GBORGE "WASHINGTON, b. Sept. 15, 1844, in New York; m. Mary 
E. Perry. 


1009 CHARLIE, d. in infancy. 

1010 WILLIAM H., of Columbus, Ohio. 

1011 CHARLES E., b. April 22, 1852, of Ashley, Ohio. 

560. DELIA ROOSEVELT (Solomon^''^), b. July lo, 1809, 
m. Henry Clark. 

Their children were : 

1012 GEORGE CSLARK, residence Chazy Clinton Co., N. T. 


563. JOHN HENRY ( Solomon^''^' ) , b. February 24, 1817; 
m., first, Elizabeth Ann Tracy, daughter of Dennie and Mary 
(Lambert) Tracey of New York. He m., second, Mary Cornell. 

The children by first marriage were : 

1020 MARY ELIZA, b. Feb. 17, 1840 in Albany, N. Y., July 7, 1863, Sal- 

mon Barber Pardy,- farmer, Beekmantown, N. Y. 

1021 HENRY J., resided in Little Silver, N. J. 

1022 CAROLINE A., b. May 6, 1842; m. 1st, John T. Hayes; 2d, Wayne 

Smothers; resides in Eureka, Mich. 

By second marriage ; 

1024 EIDWARD, resided in Ashley, Ohio. 

1025 EDITH L., b. Oct. 7, 1852; m. March 23, 1873, Isaac Cravens; r^l- 

dence, Paulding, Ohio. 

1026 GRANT, resided in Ashley, Ohio. 

1027 CHARLES, resided in Ashley, Ohio. 

1028 DELIA, resided in Ashley, Ohio. 

1029 FRANK, resided in Ashley Ohio. 

1030 LYDIA, b. Feb. 22, 1857; m. May 7, 1877, John Jaycox of Paulding 


1031 ELIZA GRANT, resided in Ohio. 

565. GEORGE W. (Solomon''03), b. in Plattsburg, N. Y., 
July 20, 1824 ; d. in Stamford, Conn., November 7, '94. Quarter- 
master 71st Regiment of New York during the Civil War. Mar- 
ried, first, March 7, 1843, Mary C, daughter of William Young 
of New York. Married, second, January, 1893, Sallie Hubbard 
of Stamford, Conn. Residence, Stamford, Conn. 

Child by second marriage: 

1032 EMILY HUBBARD, b. Aug., 1895. 

566. WARREN (Solomon^o^), b. in Chazy, Clinton County, 
N. Y., October lo, 183 1. Living at Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Married, 
March 7, 1854, Mary Jane Follansbee. 


Their children were: 

1033 MARY ARABELLA, b. March 20, 1855; m. G. P. B. Hoyt. Mr. 

Hoyt died. Mrs. Hoyt died Aug. 7, 1880, without issue. 
1034+LAURA H., b. March 4, 1858; m. Sept. 20, 1874, W. R. Relyea. 
1035+ WARREN G., b. March 16, 1869; m. Sept. 5, 1888. 

631. NELSON (Thomas Wilton^^^. b. November 12. 1801, 
near Seneca Falls, N. Y. Married, first, in 182 1, Elizabeth Du 
Men; second, July 5, 1825, Sarah Armitage, b. August i, 1801. 
She d. January 11, 1864. 

He d. November i, 1880. 

Their children by first mariage were : 

1038 THOMAS, m. but left no issue. 

1039 A DAUGHTER, m. Harris. 

By second marriage : 

1040+WILLIAM ALBERT, b. Sept. 7. 1833; m. 1st, Phoebe Anne Gillitt; 

2d, Alice M. Curtis. 
1041 FERDINAND CORNELIUS, b. Aug. 17, 1842; m. Mattie Ring; 

residence, Armington, Mont. 
1043 JAMES NELSON, b. May 10, 1845; d. at Andersonville Prison 

during the war of 1865-69. 
1044+ELIZABETH LETITIA, b. Dec. 25, 1830; m. Hon. Wm. Henry 

1045+MARIE ANTOINETTE, b. Jan. 22, 1838; m. Geo. H. Campbell. 

1046 FANNIE ANNA CORDELIA, b. April 17, 1832; nn. Dec. 25. 1867, 

Ezra B. Sherwin; he died Aug. 19, 1900. They had Fannie 
Genevra Sherwin, b. March 22, 1869, who died Nov. 20, 1876. 

632. SHENZADA ROOSEVELT (Thomas Wilton Roose- 
velt^®*), b. October 28, 1803; m. February 28, 1826, Thomas Van 
Alstyne, b. July 11, 1797, d. June 10, 1847. Son of 

Lambert Van Alstyne, b. 1772, d. February 8, 1849, '"^"'- April 
4, 1793, Elizabeth Lee, b. July 4. 1773, d. May 6, 1842. Son of 
Lambert Van Alstyne and Aletta Osterhout. 
Mrs. Shenzada Van Alstyne d. April 25, 1898. 
Their children were : 

1047 JANE MARIA VAN ALSTYNE, b. June 8, 1828; m. Thomas Gil- 


1048+EGBBRT BENSON VAN ALSTYNE, b. Sept. 11, 1830; m. Eliza- 
beth Campbell. 

1049+ELIZABETH VAN ALSTYNE, b. Feb. 11, 1833; m. Silas A. Phil- 

1050 HELEN E. VAN ALSTYNE, b. June 26, 1836; m. Charles Rakes. 


1051 GEORGE VAN ALSTYNE, b. June 26, 1836; m. Catharine Grey. 


1053 THOMAS WILTON VAN ALSTYNE, b. Feb. 25, 1843; m. Julia M. 


1054 ALBERT S. VAN ALSTYNE, b. Jan. 15, 1845; m. Mary Van 


1055 liAMBEiRT E. VAN ALSTYNE, b, Jan. 15, 1845; d. Aug. 20, 1845. 

634. CORNELIUS (Thomas W. Roosevelt3*0, b. October 
31, 1813; m. Elvira Hamilton, b. June 2, 1820, daughter of John 
and Olive (Pringle) Hamilton of Flint, Mich. 

Mr. Roosevelt d. July 27, 1878. 

Mrs. Roosevelt is living in East Saginaw, Mich. 

Their children were: 

1056 ELVIRA L., b. May 12, 1840; residence, Saginaw, Mich. 
10o7+EMMA OLIVE, b. Feb. 22, 1843; m. Wilson Hoag Tousey. 
1058 PRANCES L., b. Oct. 19, 1844; m. Thompson. 
1059+WILTON CORNELIUS, b. Sept. 4, 1846; m. Phebe Bishop. 
1060+SIDNEY H., b. April 18, 1848; m. Mary Moross. 
1061+MARION ELIZABETH, b. Jan. 21, 1850; m. Eugene E. Barnard. 
1062 ELLA v., b. March 26, 1853; m. Graham. 

\ V 

640. SILAS WIER (Cornelius V. S.^°«), b. October i8, 
Vf \ 1723, in New York ; m., October 23, 1845, Mary West. 

^ Mr. Roosevelt d. March 24, 1870. Mrs. Roosevelt d. June 19, 


Their children were: 

1065+iCORNELIUS, b. Oct. 27, 1847, N. Y. City; m. In Paris. 
1066+HILBORNE LEWIS, b. Dec. 21, 1849, in N. Y. City; m. Kate Ship- 
1067+ JAMES WEST, b. July 2, 1858; m. Laura Henriette d'Oremleulx. 
1068 FRANK, b. June 29, 1862; d. unmarried, Feb. 2, 1895. 

641. JAMES ALFRED (Cornelius V. S.^^«), b. June 13, 
1825, in New York City. When he was 20 years old he became 
a member of his father's mercantile firm, and eventually suc- 
ceeded him as its head. In 1878 he established the banking house 
of Roosevelt & Son. He was also connected with many financial 
institutions, being a vice-president of the Chemical National 
Bank, president of the Broadway Improvement Company, vice- 
president of the Bank of Savings, member of the board of man- 
agers of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, director of 
the New York Life Insurance Trust Company, the Eagle Fire 


Company, the Greenwich Insurance Company, the Central and 
South American Telegraph Company, etc., etc. He was a member 
of the Metropolitan, Knickerbocker, Century Riding, Coaching 
Country, New York Yacht, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht and 
Hudson River Ice Yacht Clubs ; also Somerset Club, Boston 
and Downtown Association of the St. Nicholas Society. 

Mr. Roosevelt served as a member of the Board of Park Com- 
missioners, president to Roosevelt Hospital, and trustee for the 
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. 

He married, December 22, 1847, Elizabeth Norris Emlen, b. 
January 26, 1825, daughter of William Fishborne and Mary Park- 
er (Norris) Emlen of Philadelphia, Penn. 

Mr. James Alfred Roosevelt d. July 15, 1898. 

Their children were : 

1069 MART EMLEN, b. Sept. 27, 1848, in New York City; d. unmarried, 

Dec. 19, 1885. 

1070 LEILA, b. Feb. 5, 1850, in New York City (changed her name to 
CORNELIA, m. 1st, Feb. 21, 1870, Montgomery Roosevelt Schuy- 
ler (No. 692); b. Feb. 18, 1845; m. 2d, April 26, 1890, Edward 
Reeve Merritt; no children. 

1072+ ALFRED, b. April 2, 1856, in N. Y. City; m. Katharine Lowell. 
1073+WILLIAM EMLEN, b. April 30, 1857, in TST. Y. City; m. Christine 
G. Kean. 


Elizabeth Norris Emlen, b. January 26, 1825, daughter of 
William Fishbourne Emlen, b. 1787, d. 1866; m., in 1812. 
Mary Parker Norris*. Son of 

George Emlen, b. Februarv 25, 1742; m. Sarah Fishburn.** 

George Emlen, b. June 21, 1718; m., 1740, Anna Reckless. 

George Emlen, b. May 7, 1695 ; m., 1716, Mary Heath, b. April 
I, 1692, d. June I, 1777, daughter of Robert and Susanna Heath. 

George Emlen came to America with William Penn in 1682, 
m. Hannah Garrett. 

*Mary Parker Norris, b. June, 1791, daughter of 

Joseph Parker Norris, b. May 5, 1763, d. June 22, 1841, m. 
May 20, 1790, Elizabeth Fox, b. October 14, 1771, d. January 23, 
1861, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Mickle) Fox. He was 
Speaker of Colonial Assembly. 


Charles Norris, b. May 9, 1712, d. January i, 1766, m. June 21, 
1759, Mary Parker, b. May 30, 1731, d. December 4, 1799, daugh- 
ter of Joseph and Mary (Ladd) Parker. 

Isaac Norris, b. July 26, 1671, d. June 4, 1735, m. March 7, 
1694, Mary Lloyd.*** 

Thomas Norris emigrated from London to Jamaica, 1678. 
Killed in earthquake at Port Royal, June 7, 1602 ; m. Mary Moore, 
d. 1685. 

**Sarah Fishbourne was daughter of 

William Fishbourne, mayor of Philadelphia, 1719-22, m. Jan- 
uary 8, 1702, Hannah Carpenter, daughter of Samuel and Han- 
nah (Hardman) Carpenter. 

Ralph Fishbourne m., 1673, Sarah Lewis. 

***Mary Lloyd was daughter of 

Thomas Lloyd, First Deputy Governor and President of Pro- 
vincial Council at Philadelphia, by his first wife. Son of 

Charles Lloyd of Dolobran (of royal descent), XXH. Son of 
John Lloyd, who m. Katharine Lloyd of Dolobran, daughter of 
Humphrey Lloyd of Dyffryn. Son of 

John Lloyd of Dyffryn, and Margaret Kynaston, daughter of 
Humphrey Kynaston. Son of 

Sir Roger Kynaston Knt, and Lady Elizabeth Gray, daughter 
of " ' 

Sir Henry de Gray, Second Earl of Tankerville. Son of 

Sir John De Gray, K. G., First Earl of Tankerville, who mar- 
ried Lady Cherleton (also of royal descent, XXH). Son of 

Sir Thomas de Gray of Berwyke, Northumberland, m. Lady 
Jane Mowbry, daughter of 

John, Third Baron Mowbray of Axholme, m. Lady Joan Plan- 
tagenet, daughter of 

Henry Plantagenet, Earl of Leicester, Lancester, and Chester, 
Lord High Steward, and his second wife Blanche, Queen Dowager 
of Navarre. Son of 

Henry HL, King of England, and Lady Eleanor, daughter of 
Raymond de Berenger, Count of Provence (XC, Am. of Royal 


643. ROBERT BARNWELL (Cornelius V. S.^-^"), b. Au- 
gust 7, 1829, in New York City, bap. Robert Barnhill, was admit- 
ted to the bar in 1850. While in practice he also contributed to 
the magazines. Was an enthusiastic sportsman, and organized 
several clubs to restrain the indiscriminate slaughter of game. 
During the Civil War he was an active Democrat, and a founder 
of the Allotment Commission and the Loyal National League. 
He founded the New York State Fishery Commission in 1867, 
and was appointed one of the three Fish Commissioners, on which 
he has served without a salary. The reports of the body were pre- 
pared chiefly by him, and have led to the appointment of similar 
commissions in other States. His first experience in politics was 
in the organization of the citizens' association at the time of the 
"Tweed Ring" administration in New York City. He was a 
founder of the committee of seventy and was first vice-president 
of the "Reform Club." With Charles G. Halpine, he edited the 
"Citizen," the organ of that association, and after Mr. Halpine's 
death succeeded to the sole charge of the paper. He served in 
Congress from 1873 to 1875. Although the pressure of anti- 
Tammany Democratic organizations forced Tammany Hall to ap- 
prove his nomination, he denounced the measures of the corrupt 
clique. In May, 1880, he was appointed United States Minister 
to the Netherlands, whereupon he resigned the office of Fish Com- 
missioner, giving in his letter to the Governor a review of what 
had been accomplished during his twenty years of service. He 
was instrumental in the establishing paid fire and health depart- 
ments of New York City, and was commissioner of the "Brooklyn 
Bridge," and for many years served as president of the "Fish Cul- 
ture Association," of that for the protection of game, of the New 
York Sportsman's Club, of the International Association for the 
Protection of Game, of the Holland Trust Company, a founder 
of the Lotus and Arcadian Clubs, and a member of the American 
Association for the advancement of science. Was vice-president 
of the Sons of American Revolution, first president of the Hol- 
land Society. He has published "The Game Fish of North Amer- 
ica" (New York, i860) ; "The Game Birds of the North" (1866) ; 
"Superior Fishing" (1866) ; "Florida and the Game Water Birds" 
(1868) ; "Five Acres too Much," a satire on amateur farming that 


was provoked by Edmund Morris's "Ten Acres Enough" (1869) ; 
"Progressive Petticoats," a humorous illustration of modern med- 
ical habits (1871), and edited the "Political Works of Charles G. 
Halpine," with a memoir (1869). 

Mr. Roosevelt m., in 1850, Elizabeth, daughter of Hon. John 
Stonacre Ellis of New York. Mrs. Elizabeth Roosevelt died. 

He m., August 18, 1888, Marion T. O'Shea, daughter of Hon. 
John O'Shea of Nenagh, Ireland, widow of R. Francis Fortescue. 

Mrs. Marion Roosevelt died April 10, 1902. 

The children by first marriage were : 

1074 MARGARET BARNHILL, b. Sept. 5. 1851; m. A. V. H. Kimberly. 
1075-l-JOHN EDLIS, b. Feb. 25, 1853; m. Nannie Vance. 

The children by second marriage were : 

1076 HELEN L., b. March 20, 1864; d. in infancy. 

1077+ROBERT BARNHILL, Jr., b. August 20, 1866; m. Grace Wood- 

644. THEODORE (Cornelius V. S.^^"), b. September 22, 
1831, in New York City; merchant. "Glass importer in Maiden 
Lane, having joined his father's house of Roosevelt & Co. con- 
tinued in that business until 1876 when he established a banking 
house. During the war of the Rebellion, he helped raise and 
equip regiments that went out; he joined in organizing the Union 
League Club, worked with the Loyal Publication Society, assisted 
in the organization of the sanitary commission and saw to the 
comfort of the soldiers in the field and of those left at home. He 
drafted the bill to establish 'allotment commissions,' which was 
passed, and was appointed by President Lincoln one of the com- 
missioners from New York. He assisted in the organizing of 
the Protective War Claims Association, which collected the dues 
of crippled veterans and of the families of the dead without 
charge. It was at Mr. Roosevelt's house that the Soldiers' Em- 
ployment Bureau was organized. He became the Vice President 
of the State Charities Aid Association, member of the Board of 
United Charities and President of the State Board of Charities. 
He was a founder of the Orthopaedic Hospital in New York City 
for the treatment of spine and hip diseases. Trustee of the Chil- 
dren's Aid Society. President Hayes appointed him collector of 
the Port of New York. He devoted much of his fortune to char- 
ity contributing large sums to the Newsboys' lodging house and 


the Young Men's Christian Association. Was one of the founders 
and a Director of the MetropoHtan Museum of Art and of the 
Museum of Natural History. 'A man of untiring energy, of pro- 
digious industry, the most vahant fighter of his day for the right 
and the winner of his fights.' He drove a four-in-hand in the 
Park, sailed a boat, loved the woods, shared in every athletic sport 
and was the life and soul of every company." (Appleton's Cyclop, 
of Am. Biog., Vol. V., p. 318: Outlook, 6 Oct., 1900.) 

December 22, 1853, he m., at Roswell, Ga., Miss Martha Bul- 
loch, b. July 8, 1834, at Hartford, Conn., daughter of Major James 
Stephens and Martha (Stewart) Bulloch of Roswell, Ga. 

Theodore Roosevelt d., greatly lamented, on the 9th of Febru- 
ary, 1878, in New York City. Mrs. Roosevelt d. February 12, 
1884, in New York. 

Their children were : 

1078-l-ANNA, b. Jan. 7, 1855, New York; m. William Sheffield Cowles. 
1079-f THEODORE, b. Oct. 27, 1858, New York; m. 1st, Alice Hathaway 

liee; 2d, Edith Kermit Carow. 
1080-HEL.LIOTT, b. Feb. 28, 1860, New York; m. Anna Hall. 
1081-1-CORINNE, b. Sept. 27, 1861, New York; m. Douglas Robinson. 


Miss Martha Bulloch, b. July 8, 1834, in Hartford, Conn., d. 
February 12, 1884, in New York. Was daughter of 

James Stephens Bulloch, Major Chatham's Battalion. Married 
for his second wife, on the 2d of May, 1832, Miss Martha Stew.- 
art daughter of General Daniel Stewart, "who joined the Revolu- 
tionary Army when a boy, and was captured by the British, but 
escaped from a prison ship, and afterwards served as captain 
under Sumter and Marion." (Diet. Am. Biog.) And his wife 
Susannah Oswald. 

General Daniel Stewart was the son of John Stewart and 
grandson of John Stewart of Scotland. 

Major James Stephens Bulloch m., first, December 31, 1817, 
Hester Amarintha, daughter of Senator John Elliott and Esther, 
daughter of Dr. James Dunwody, descendant of John Dunwody 
of Londonderry, Ire. Major Bulloch was son of 

James Bulloch, b. 1765, d. February 9, 1806. Captain 


in the Georgia and Virginia State garrison troops, in the Revolu- 
tionary War, 1778-81 ; member of the Society "Cincinnati." 
(Am. Biog. Diet.) Clerk in the Superior Court of Georgia. 

He married, April 13, 1786, Anne Irvine, b. January 14, 1770, 
daughter of Dr. John Irvine, who m., September 5, 1765, at Sun- 
bury, Liberty County, Ga., Ann Elizabeth Baillie, daughter ©f 
Colonel Kenneth Baillie. (Records following.) 

Dr. John Irvine was the son of Charles Irvine, Laird of Cults, 
and his wife Euphemia, daughter of John Douglass, Laird of 
Tilquhillie and Inchmaro, and Agnes, daughter of James Horn 
of West Hall, Vicar of Elgin, and his wife Isobel, daughter of 
Captain John Leslie of Pitcapel and Agnes Ramsay of Balmain. 

Ann Elizabeth Baillie, daughter of Colonel Kenneth Baillie, 
who came to Georgia with his kinsmen, the Mclntoshes. At 
their abode in Province, we find Kenneth Baillie, ensign, Darien, 
Georgia, Company Rangers, 1735. He took part in the military 
expedition in 1740, with General Oglethrope, against the Span- 
iards, was captured and sent to Spain, escaped to England, re- 
turned to Georgia, and was successively made lieutenant, captain, 
major and colonel of the Second Southern Colonial Regiment, 
and one of the trustees of Sunbury, then the rival of Savannah. 
He was the son of 

Kenneth Baillie, who m., in 1702, Isobel Chisholm, daughter of 
Chisholm of Comar (The Chisholm of Royal Blood). Kenneth 
Baillie was son of 

Alexander Baillie IX. of Dunain, and Jane, the seventh daugh- 
ter of Sir Kenneth McKenzie of Coul, Baronet, who descended 
from the McKenzie Barons of Kintail. Sir Kenneth McKenzie 
m. Jane Chisholm, of the Chisholm family, twice descendant from 
Royalty through the de la Ards, from the Earls of Stratherne, 
and Oakney, and Kings of Norway. Alexander was son of 

William Baillie, who m. Elizabeth Forbe;^, daughter of Duncan 
Forbes, provost of Inverness, who m. Janet, daughter of James 
Forbes, Lord of Corsindae. William Baillie was son of 

Alexander Baillie and Catherine Munro of the old family of 
Milltown, Scotland. He was the son of 

Hon. William Baillie, 4th Baron of Dunain, Lord Provost of 
Inverness and member of the Scotch Parliament, and his wife 


Catherine, daughter of the ancient family of Munro of FouHs. 
He was the son of 

David Bailhe, who m. the fourth daughter of the ancient and 
noble house of Rose, Barons of Kilravock. Son of 

Alexander Baillie. Son of 

Alexander Baillie, First Baron Dunain. He was rewarded by 
his cousin, Earl of Huntley, for his bravery in the battle of 
Brechin, 1452, with the Barony of Dunajn and other castle lands 
near Iverness. He m. Catherine Grant, daughter of Sir Duncan 
Grant. Alexander Baillie was son of 

Sir William Bailiu of Hoprig and Lamington, and his wife 
Isobel Seton, daughter of Sir William Seton and Catherine Sin- 
clair, daughter of William Sinclair, Lord of Herdsmanstone. Sir 
William Seton was the son of Sir Alexander Seton and his wife, a 
daughter of Cheyne of Straloch, and Sir Alexander Seton was son 
of Sir Chirstopher Seton, who m. Christian Bruce, sister of Robert 
Bruce, King of Scotland, and was executed in London, 1396, 
along with Nigel Bruce, daughter of Robert Bruce, Earl of Car- 
rick of the Royal House of Scotland. Sir William Bailiu was 
son of 

Sir William Bailiu of Hoprig, who was son of 

Sir William Bailiu and Marion Wallace, daughter of Sir Wil- 
liam Wallace, Champion of Scotland, who m. Marion Braidfoot, 
a ward of the crown. Sir William Wallace was son of Sir Mal- 
com Wallace of Eldersley. Sir William Bailiu was son of John 
de Baliol, founder Baliol College, 1292, Grand Chamberlain of 
Scotland. Son of 

Alexander Baliol, son of 

Barnard de Baliol, who took part in the Battle of the Standard, 
1 138. Son of 

Guy de Bailiol, 1087, grant from the Crown of the Barony 
of Briveld, County of Nuthumberland. (History and Genealogy 
of Bailie of Dunain, J. G. Bulloch, M. D., 1898.) 

Captain James Bulloch, b. 1765, son of 

Archibald Bulloch, b. 1731, and d. February, 1777, in Savan- 
nah. The first Revolutionary Governor of Georgia. He was 
the President and Commander-in-Chief of Georgia from 1776 to 
1778; delegate to the Continental Congress, 1775 ; elected to same 


of 1776 and signed the first Constitution of the State of Georgia 
as President. 

He married, on Argyle Island, Tuesday, October 9, 1764, 
Mary De Veaux, daughter of Hon. James Deveaux, Senior 
Judge of King's Court in Georgia (who was the son of Andre 
De Veaux, the Huguenot of Chateau De Veaux, who fled from 
France after the revocation of the edict of Nantes). He m. Anne 
Fairchild, daughter of Richard Fairchild and Anne, daughter of 
Edmund BelHnger of the Colonial nobility of South Carolina, one 
of the first land graves of Carolina. Archibald Bulloch was son of 

James Bulloch, b. 1701, in Glasgow, Scotland. Was a planter 
in Carolina. Justice of the Peace for Colleton County, 1735, under 
His Majesty's government. November 14, 1754, was a member 
of the South Carolina Colonial Assembly or Legislature. Justice 
for Christ Church Parish, Ga., October, 1767. Member of Pro- 
vincial Congress, 1775. He m., in South Carolina, in 1729, Jean, 
daughter of the Rev. Archibald Stobo of Scotland, who came to 
Carolina in 1700, with the Darien Colonists. James Bulloch d. 
in George, October 25, 1780, aged 78 years 7 months. 

(Am. Biog. Diet. : Hist, and Gene, of Families Bellinger Dc 
Veaux of Savannah, Ga., by Joseph Gaston Bulloch, M. D.) 

653. CHARLES YATES (James John^^^), b. January 24, 
1846. m. Carrie Louise Talbot. 

Their daughter is : 

1090 COiRNELIA, m. Baron Von Ledlitz, of Austria, who was drowned 

in a collision with the Gennan Emperor's yacht, Oct. 17, 1901, 
leaving one daughter Olga. 

654. MARCIA O. (James Joseph'''"'), b. Octol)cr 24, 1847, 
m., February 5, 1877, Edward Brooks Scovel. 

Their child is : 


657. MARGARET JONES BOURKE ( Catharine A. Roose- 
velt^"-), b. May 29, 1836, m., October 2, 1856, Thomas Edward 
Kenny, eldest son of Sir Edward Kenny Knt. 

Their children were: 

1092 THOMAS EDWARD BOURKE KENNY, b. April 4, 1858; d. Sept. 

28, 1858. 


1093+EDWARD GEORGE KENNY, b. April 17, 1859; m. Elizabeth 

1094+MARY CECILIA KENNY, b. Nov. 27, 1860; m. Capt. George An- 
son Primrose. 

1095+MAiRGARET LOUISE KENNY, b. April 17, 1863; m. Maj. George 

1096 LAURA EMILY KENNY, b. June 18, 1865 

1097 KATHERINE MARY KENNY, b. Oct. 20, 1866; m. April 29, 1895, 

Commander Joseph Ridgeway Bridson, R. N., son of Joseph 
Ridgeway of Beyerswood Windbreese Westmoreland. 

1098 JANE JOSEPHINE KENNY, b. Jan. 15, 1868; d. April 22, 1874. 

1099 JOAN MARY KENNY, b. Jan. 30, 1869; d. Aug. 2, 1869. 

1100 GEORGE WILLIAM KENNY, b. Feb. 6, 1870; Capt. of Royal In- 

neskllling Fusileers. 

1101 JOSEPH BOURKE KENNY, b. Jan. 5, 1872. 

1102 LOUIS FRANCIS KENNY, b. Jan. 9, 1873. 

1103 PATRICK WILLIAM KENNY, b. March 16, 1882. 

Roosevelt^®^), b. August 22, 1834, m., 1854, Henry I. Butterfield 
of Cliffe Castle Krigdley-Yorks villa Mariona, Citurz, Nice. 

She d. August 3, 1870. 

Their son: 

Ridgeway, and has one daughter, Mary Louise. 

680. NICHOLAS LATROBE (SamueP"), b. June ii, 
1847, in New York City. Resided in New York and Skanea- 
teles, N. Y. Was educated at the University of New York. 
Midshipman United States Navy, 1864. Graduated United 
States Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1868. Ensign, 1869. 
Master,i87o. l^ieutenant, 1873. Was on Admiral Roger's staff 
at the opening of Corean Expedition, and was mentioned in dis- 
patches for bravery, being in command of the gunboats in the 
river attack on the Corean forts. Served on the Atlantic coast, 
European water; Pacific and Asiatic stations. Resigned, 1874, 
and engaged in business in New York City, where, on the 14th 
of April, 1874, he m. Eleanor Dean, daughter of Joseph Abbott 
and Louisa Gibbins (Lathrop) Dean of New York. 

Mr. Roosevelt d. in 1892. 


Their children: 

1105 HENRY LATROBE, graduated at Annapolis; served as cadet in 

Spanish- American war; was present at bombardment of San- 
tiago; afterwards transferred to U. S. Marine Corps; m. Jan. 
15, 1902, Miss Eleanor Morrow, daughter of Hon. W. W. Mor- 
row, U. S. Circuit, Judge of California, residing at San Rafael 

1106 LOUISA DEAN, b. Dec. 26, 1875; m. Sept. 14, 1897, Lieut. Arthur 

Bainbridge Hoff, U. S. Navy; b. Dec. 12, 1869; son of Capt. 
Wm. Bainbridge Hoff, and Julia Adele Potts. 

753. CAROLINE MATILDA (CorneHiis J.^'^^), b. in New 
York City, i8o8, m. James MacEnally, professor of music, New 
York City. 

Mrs. Caroline M. MacEnally d. in Canandaigua, 1873. 

Their children were : 

1107 ANNA ROOSEVELT MAC ENALLY, b. Nov. 8, 1842, in New York 

City; m. in 1862 at Freemont, Ohio, George Lewis Whitney, son 
of George L. and Lucinda Whitney of New Haven. They had 
one son, James Roosevelt Whitney; d. in infancy. Mr. Whit- 
ney d. in 1867. 
She m. 2d, in Nov., 1872, in New York City, Robert E. Alexander, 
quartermaster in Civil War. They had one son, Roosevelt C. 
Alexander w'ho d. in infancy. Mr. Alexander d. in 1884. She 
m. 3d. at Grace Church, New York, Edward Brainerd Morgan, 
M.D. ; residence, 107 Straight street, Paterson, N. J. 

1108 ANTOINETTE ROOSEVELT MAC ENALLY, b. 1845, Greenwich, 

N. Y.; m. in 1870, Samuel Parsons Butler, b. 1836, Boston, 
Mass.; son of Milford C. and Susan (Wilkinson) Butler of Bos- 
ton; served throughout Civil War, civil engineer. He d. in 1888. 
Mrs. Butler resides in Paterson, N. J. 

754. EURETTA ROOSEVELT (Cornelius J.^''"), b. July 
14. 1808. in New York City, m., September 7. 1830. Dr. Jere- 
miah Townsend Denison, b. February 7, 1806, in New Haven, 

Mrs. Denison d. in Fairfield, February 7, 1841. 

Their children were : 

1109+ JULIA ANNA DENISON, b. June 6, 1831; m. Dr. Myron N. Cham- 

1110 JONATHAN KNIGHT DENISON, b. April 9, 1833; d. without 




Dr. Jeremiah Townsend Denison m., second, Esther Judson 
Goodsell, b. July 12, 1801, Fairfield, Conn., m. March 5, 1842, 
Fairfield, Ct., d. March 13, 1863. M., third, May 4, 1869, Bridge- 
port, Conn., Mrs. Maria Meeker; she d. August 18, 1869, Fairfield. 

755. CORNELIA ANN ROOSEVELT (Cornelius J.3««), 
b. January 23, 1809, in New York City, m., April 15, 1828, in New 
York City, Alonzo Decalvis Thompson, b. January 30, 1804, at 
Sturbridge, Mass. 

He died at Pittsfield, Mass., August 21, 1866. She d. Janu- 
ary 22, 1895, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Their children : 

1111+ALONZO ROOSEVELT THOMPSON ,b. Jan. 29, 1829; m. Mrs. 

Elizabeth S. Harris. 
1112+MER!RITT LOCKWOOD THOMPSON, b. Dec. 21, 1830; m. Harriet 

O. Nash. 
1113 EIDWARD GILBERT THOMPSON, b. May 14, 1835, at Pittsfield, 

1114+ JAMES WALTER THOMPSON, b. Oct. 28, 1847; m. Margaret R. 


1115 SARAH ELIZABETH THOMPSON, b. July 25, 1852, in Pittsfield, 

Mass.; m. James M. Davidson and they have one daughter, 

1116 WILLIAM ROOSEVELT THOMPSON, b. Nov. 3, 1854, at Pitts- 

field, Mass. 

1117 EDWARD RAMSEY THOMPSON, b. Oct. 24, 1856, at Jersey City, 

N. J., d. in 1886. 
1118+ELLA ROOSEVELT THOMPSON, b. Aug. 23, 1862; m. Charles H. 

ius J.^®^), b. October 22, 1817, m., November 4, 1834, Edward 
Gilbert, son of John and Ann (Sketchley) Gilbert. 

Mrs. M. E. Gilbert d. March 13, 1882. Mr. Edward Gilbert 
d. May 2, 1898. 

Their children : 

1119 SARAH VAN VOORST GILBERT, d. in infancy. 

1120 JOHN GILBERT, b. April 2, 1837; d. in 1887. 

1121 CORNELIA ANN GILBERT, d. in infancy. 

1122 EURETTA DENISON GILBERT, b. Oct. 25, 1840. 

1123 JOSHUA THOMAS GILBERT, b. Aug. 31, 1842; killed in the Civil 

War, May 24, 1864. 


1124 EDWARD ROOSEVELT GILBERT, d. in infancy. 

1125 ICORNELIA GILBERT, d. in infancy. 

1127+MARGARET ELIZABETH GILBERT, b. March 1, 1850; m. 

Charles C. Galusha. 
1128 JAMES BANKS GILBERT, d. in infancy. 
1129+ JAMES BANKS GILBERT, b. Dec. 21, 1853; m. 1st, Carrie E. Lowe 

2d, Lucie Land. 

761. WILLIAM KELLY (Cornelius J.^^"), b. April 9, 1818, 
m., December 24, 1845, Marcelena Tasheira, b. October 8, 1828, 
daughter of James Lewis and Marian Pugh (Fowler) Tasheira. 

Their children : 

1130+VAN VORST ROOSEVELT, b. Nov. 28, 1847; m. Belle Eveline 

1131+THEODORE TASHEIRA ROOSEVELT, b. May 8, 1856; m. Amelia 

1132 CLINTON EVERETT ROOSEVELT, b. March 6, 1865, in New 

York City; m. Nov. 7, 1894, Elizabeth Stine; b. Dec. 27, 1869;. 

daughter of William and Mary Elizabeth Stine. Mr. and Mrs. 

Roosevelt reside in Pendleton, Oregon. 
1133+LILLIAN CAROLINE ROOSEVELT, b. Aug, 6, 1867; m. Thomas 

F. Rourke. 

762. CORNELIUS J. (Cornelius J^^"), b. December 4, 1820, 
in New York City. Physician, m., September 18, 1850, Mar- 
garet Pruyn, b. August 4, 1824, in Albany, N. Y., daughter of 
Samuel and Helen (Vandervort) Pruyn of Albany, N. Y. Mr. 
Roosevelt graduated in. 1847 ^t the University of the City of 
New York, Medical College. He was a Homeopathic Physi- 
cian at Columbus, and Macon, Ga., where he d. December 17, 

Their children were : 

11C4 JAMES PRUYN, b. Dec. 29, 1853, at Macon, Ga., cotton buyer, 

Atlanta, Ga. 
1135 WILLIAM PRUYN, b. June 29, 1857, at Macon, Ga.; d Aug. 9, 1857. 
1136+HELEN PRUYN, b. Jan. 4. 1859, at Macon, Ga.; m. Lenair M. 

1137 FRANCIS PRUYN, b. Aug. 22, 1860; d. March 9, 1861. 
1138+CLARA PRUYN, b. April 7, 1864; m. John M. Walker. 

1139 CORNELIUS PRUYN, b. May 18, 1866; d. Aug. 15, 1874. 

1140 FREDERICK PRUYN, b. Jan. 15, 1868; d. April 4, 1868. 

velt^*®), b. February 5, 181 1, m. Rev. John C. Brigham, b. 1794, 


Secretary of the Bible Society of New York for 36 years. Grad- 
uate Williams College; Andover Theological Seminary, 

She d. 1864, in Brooklyn. He d. in 1862. 

Their children were: 

1150 ELIZA ROOSEVELT BRIGHAM, b. Dec. 27, 1842; d. unmarried, 

Oct. 13, 1890. 
1151+WAL,TER EVERTSEN BRIGHAM, b. March 14, 1845; m. Fannie 

B. Armstead. 
1152+MARY DOUGLASS BRIGHAM, b. Sept. 18, 1847; m. John H. 

1153+WARD AMARI BRIGHAM, b. Oct. 14, 1850; m. Emma Wilde. 
1154 JOHN KNOX BRIGHAM, b. Jan. 29, 1854. 
1155+ANTOINETTE GIBSON BRIGHAM, b. April 29, 1856; m. J. B. 


Duffie^^^), b. August 6, 1821. Graduate Columbia College, 1841, 
and the General Theological Seminary, 1845. Was the founder 
and first rector of the Church of St. John the Baptist, New York 
City, which parish was in 1895 consolidated with the Church of 
the Epiphany. Was first chaplain of Columbia College, 1857, in 
1894 made chaplain emeritus. Degree of D. D. from the Univer- 
sity of the City of New York, 1865. He m., June 23, 1863, Sarah, 
daughter of Joel and Mary (Brush) Clark. She d. March 4, 
1880, and on May 5, 1891, he m., second, Lillian, daughter of 
John Pelton of New York. 

The children were by first marriage : 

1156 CORNELIA ROOSEVELT DUFFIE, b. April 26, 1864; d. Sept. 25, 

1157+CORNELIUS ROOSEVELT (DUFFIE, b. Nov. 18, 1866; m. Edith 
N. Langdon. 

1158-1- JANE ANTOINETTE DUFFIE, b. Dec. 12, 1868; m. Edward H. 

1159-1- ARCHIBALD BLEECKER DUFFIE, b. April 16, 1871; m. An- 
toinette L. Roe. 

810. CHARLES HENRY (Washington"^), b. November 
4, 1832. Lawyer. Residence, Pelham Manor, N. Y., m., July 
14, 1859, Annie Jane Jackson, daughter of Joseph H. Jackson of 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Their children : 

1160 HENRY EVERITT, b. April 12, 1860; d. unmarried, April 29, 1890. 
1161-1-ELBERT CURTENIUS, b. July 10, 1864; m. Mabel Guion Lawton. 


828. HELEN WHITE (Anne Van Cortlandt*^^), m. Abra- 
ham Schermerhorn, son of Peter and Elizabeth (Bussing) Scher- 
merhorn of New York City. 

Their children were : 



daughter of Hon. James A. Bayard, of Wilmington, Del. 

1165-l-ELIZABETH SCHERMERHORN, m. James I. Jones. 
1166+ANNA WHITE SCHERMERHORN, m. Charles Suydam. 
1167+HELEN SCHERMERHORN, m. John Treat Irving. 
1168+KATHlERINE SCHERMERHORN, m. Benjamin S. Welles. 

ard*-''), b. February 28, 1805, m., July i, 1823, General James 
Watson Webb. 

Mrs. Webb d. July i, 1848. 

Their children were : 

1175+ROBERT STEWART WEBB, b. Aug. 12, 1S24; m. April 1, 1849, 
Mary Van Horn Clarkson. 

1176 LISPENARD STEWART WEBB, b. Sept. 25, 1825; d. Sept. 26, 1828. 

IITT+HELEN MATILDA WEBB, b. Nov. 30, 1827; m. N. Denison Mor- 

1178 AMELIA BARCLAY WEBB, b. Aug. 2, 1829; d. Oct. 10, 1830. 

1179+CATHERINE LOUISA WEBB, b. Dec. 14, 1830; m. James G. 

1180 JAMES WATSON WEBB, b. Feb. 29, 1832; d. Sept. 30, 1832. 

1181-l-WATSON WEBB, b. Nov. 10, 1833; m. Mary Parsons. 

11S2+ALEXANDER STEWART WEBB, b. Feb. 15, 1835; m. Anna 

Gen. James Watson Webb m., 2d, Nov. 9, 1849, Laura Vir- 
inia Cram, daughter of Jacob Cram. 
Their children were : 

1183+WILLIAM SEWARD WEBB, b. Jan. 31, 1851; m. Eliza Osgood 

1184 HF]NRY WALTER WEBB, b. May 6, 1852; d. 1900. 

1185 GEORGE CREIGHTON WEBB, b. Dec. 4, 1853. 

1186 JACOB LOUIS WEBB, b. April 24, 1856. 

1187 FRANCES EDGERTON WEBB, b. Aug. 4, 1858. 

General James Watson Webb d. July 7, 1884. 


836. MARY JORDAN STEWART (Sarah Lispenard*'"), 
m. February 14, 1826, Stephen Hogeboon Webb. He d. March 
14, 1873, in Jacksonville, Fla. 

Their children were : 





1193 VIRGINIA GARLAND WEBB, b. Aug. 9, 1839; m. Robert Allen 

Forsythe, and had Robert Allen Forsythe, Jr., and Louisa Tre- 
vor Forsythe. 

837. SARAH ANN STEWART (Sarah Lispenard*-"), m., 
first, January 17, 1825, John Skillman. He d. June 16. 1854. 
Married, second, September 24, 1855, her second cousin, Rev. 
Charles Samuel Stewart, late chaplain United States Navy. 

The child by first marriage : 

1194+LISPENARD STEWART SKILLMAN, b. Nov. 20, 1825, in New 
York; m. Nov. 16, 1859, Mary Horton, and had Sarah Amelia 
Skillman, b. May 11, 1862, and Robert Lispenard Stewart 
Skillman, b. Feb. 7, 1866. 

850. JAMES (Isaac*^-), b. July i6, 1828, at Hyde Park, N. 
Y. He was graduated from Union College, and he afterward 
took a course at Harvard, graduating five years later. He went 
into business and was very successful. He was president of the 
Champlain Transportation Company, an incorporator of the City 
Trust Company, a trustee of the Farmers' Loan and Trust Com- 
pany, vice-president of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, 
an officer of a large steel concern at West Superior, Wis., and in- 
terested in many railroad companies. He was also a member of 
the Holland Society, the University, Seawanaka-Corinthian, Delta 
Phi, Century, Metropolitan and Manhattan Clubs and the Metro- 
politan Club of Washington. He was the alternate commissioner 
from this State to the World's Fair at Chicago and was at one 
time manager of the State Hospital for the Insane at Pough- 

He m., 1853, Rebecca Brien Howland, b. January 15, 1831. 
daughter of Gardiner Greene and Louisa (Meredith) Howland. 
(Louisa Meredith, b. November 9, 1810, was daughter of Jona- 
than Meredith of Baltimore, Md.) 


Mrs. Rebecca Roosevelt d. August 21, 1876. 

Mr. Roosevelt m., second, October 7, 1880, Sarah Delano, b. 
September 21, 1854, daughter of Warren and Catharine Robbins 
(Lyman) Delano. 

Mr. Roosevelt d. December 8, 1900, in New York. 

The child by first marriage was : 

1195+ JAMES ROOSEVELT, b. March 27, 1854; m. Helen Astor, daugh- 
ter of No. 1169, No. 1516. 

By second marriage : 

1196 FRANKLIN DELANO, b. Jan. 30, 1882. 

851. JOHN ASPINWALL (Isaac^^-),, b. July 2-], 1840, at 

Hyde Park, N. Y. Married, June 6, 1866, Ellen Murray Crosby, 

b. October 13, 1837, daughter of William Henry Crosby, b. June 

, 28, 1808, and Josepha Matilda, daughter of Dr. John Neilson of 

New York. William H. Crosby, son of 

William Bedlow Crosby and Harriet Ashton Clarkson, daugh- 
ter of William Clarkson and Catharine, daughter of General Wily 
Ham Floyd, b. 1734. d. 1821, signer of the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence. Son of 

Dr. Ebenezer Crosby and Catharine, daughter of William 

Bedlow. Son of 

Major Joseph Crosby and Ann Belcher. Son oj. 

Joseph Crosby, b. February, 1639, Cambridge, and Sarah, 
daughter of Captain Richard Brackett. Son of 

Senion Crosby, who came to America on the "Susan and 
Ellen" in 1635, and his wife Ann. (N. Y. G. Biog. Rec. Vol. 
XXX. and XXIV. 

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt are : 

1197+GiRACE WALTON, b. June 3, 1867, at Hyde Park, N. T.; m. Ap- 
pleton L. Clark. 

1198 ELLEN CROSBY, b. at Hyde Park, N. T. 

853. RICHARD BAYLEY (Grace Roosevelt"^), b. October 
25, 1816, m., October 8, 1845, Mary Dietz. 
He d. January 7, 1852. 
Their children were : 

1199 RICHARD WALTON BAYLEY, b. July 7, 1848; d. Jan. 26, 1897, no 



1200 GUY CARLETON BATLEY, b. Oct. 16, 1850. Graduate Columbia 

College, 1872, M.D.; surgeon in charge Vassar Brothers Hos- 
pital, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; m. 1st, May 23, 1875; Angelica Cros- 
by Wycoff; she d. Aug. 23, 1876. He m. 2d, April 22, 1885, Ellen 
Lorraine Bulkeley; no issue. 

854. CARLETON BAYLEY (Grace Roosevelt"^), b. No- 
vember 26, 1818, m., in 1846, Lillian Graham. He m., second, in 
July, 1857, Catharine Murray. He d. August 7, 1872, 

The children by first marriage were : 

1201 GRACE WALTON BAYLEY, b. May, 1848; m. Bernard Shanley; 

she d. Jan. 15, 1881. 

By second marriage : 


d. May 10, 1876. 

1203 MARY CATHARINE SETON BAYLEY, b. July 17, 1836; m. April 

27, 1886, James Fox. 

velt"^), b. May i6, 1821, m.. May, 1844, Julia Neilson. 

He d. August 8, 1870. 
Their child was : 

1204 JAMES ROOSEVELT BAYLEY, b. Feb. 3, 1846; d. Sept. 16, 1874. 

856. MARIA ELIZA BAYLEY (Grace Roosevelt"^), b. 
March i, 1823, m. Jacob Boereem Jewett. 

Their children: 

1205 LOUISA BROWN JEWETT, b. Oct. 17, 1848. 

1206 HARRIET ROOSEVELT JEW^ETT, b. Jan. 5, 1850. 

1207 AUGUSTUS WILLIAMSON JEWETT, b. Sept. 7, 1851. 
1208+GRACE BAYLEY JEWETT, b. July 17, 1853; m. Alfred Chester 


1209 MARY WILLIAMSON JEWETT, b. June 20. 1856; m. October 17 

1883, James Reynolds. 

1210 EDWARD WOOLSEY JEWETT, b. Oct. 27, 1858. 

Reimer^^'), b. February 21, 1822., m., September i, 1846, Mar- 
garet Anderson Ryerson. 

Their children were : 

1250 ANDREW RYERSON MORFORD, b. June 18, 1847; d. Aug. 31, 


1251 CHARLES AUGUSTUS MORFORD, b. June 4, 1848; d, Jan. 20, 


1252 ANNA ELIZABETH MORFORD, b. June 4, 1850; d. May 6, 1861. 
1253+MARY LINN MORPORD, b. Feb. 6, 1851; m. David D. Smith. 
1254+ELSIE DE iREIMER MORFORD, b. Nov. 28, 1854; m. Edward H. 

Maynard, M.D. 

1255 EVELINA WEAKLEY MORFORD, b. July 29, 1857. 

1256 SUSAN MORFORD, b. Dec. 18, 1860. 

1257 MARGARET BLAUVELT MORFORD, b. Feb. 9, 1864; m. June 

20, 1894, Frederick Voorhis Green. 

1258 DAVID RYERSON MORFORD, b. Aug 6, 1867. 

Reimer^^-), b. October 4, 1824. m., September 19, 1843, Peter 
Charles Adams, b. November 22, 1822, d. January 26, 1897. 

Their children were : 

1259 CHARLES DEDEREiR ADAMS, b. Oct. 22, 1844; m. Agnes C. 

MoCormack, and have Egbert Adams, b. Oct. 10, 1879; Carl 
Dederer Adams, b. Oct. 1, 1881; Julian Adams, b. Feb. 28, 1883. 

1260 ADELINE REED ADAMS, b. Oct. 13, 1846. 

1261 ALICE DE REIMER ADAMS, b. Oct. 8, 1848; m. Edward L. Suf- 

fern, and had Robert Adams SufTern, b. Sept. 14, 1873; Elsie De 
iReimer Suffern, b. Sept. 2, 1876; Philip Spencer Suffern, b. May 
18, 1878; Ernest Salisbury Suffern, b. Jan. 10, 1880; Edward 
Cary Suffern, b. Sept. 3, 1883. 

1262 HERMAN CUYLER ADAMS, b. Dec. 14, 1850; m. Mary G. Ship- 

man; he d. Feb. 16, 1890, and had Mabel G. Adams, b. Dec. 3, 

1263 ROBERT MORFORD ADAMS, b. July 25, 1856. 

1264 MARY EVELINA ADAMS, b. Aug. 12, 1858. 

Reimer^^-), b. December 6, 1829, m., in 1852, Sarah Christiana 
Adams of Coxsacsie, N. Y. 

Their children are: 

1275 MARY ADAMS MORFORD, of Deerwood, Red Wing Co., Minn. 


906. THEODORE MORFORD (Elsie B. De Reimer^^-), 
b. June 28, 1835, m., December 23, 1856, Mary Elizabeth 

Their children : 

1277 LEWIS MORRIS MORFORD, b. Dec. 10, 1857; m. June 8, 1882, 

Lizzie Davis Adams, and had Mary Morris Morford, b. June 
20, 1883. 


1278 EVIE DE REIMElR MORFORD, b. Dec. 3, 1860; m. April 20, 1887, 

Henry B. Douglass and had Isadore Douglass, b. Feb. 2, 1888; 
Morris Duncan Douglass, b. Sept. 20, 1891. 

1279 SAMUEL DENTON MORFORD, b. Jan. 3, 1863; d. March 3, 1882. 

1280 THEODORE MORFORD, b. Jan. 30, 1868; m. Feb. 26, 1891, Martha 

M. Welles, and had Dorothy Welles Morford, b. May 5, 1894; 
Theodore Morford, b. June 6, 1898. 

1281 MARY MORRIS MORFORD, b. May 29, 1870. 

1282 HENRY COOPER KELSEY MORFORD, b. March 26, 1874; m. 

Jan. 10, 1899, Cora Cline Vail. 

1283 VIRGINIA TREADWELL MORFORD, b. Aug. 26, 1876. 

1005. MARCUS BRUTUS (Jacob^^«), b. June 13, 1833, m., 
June 13, 1854, Juliette Sherwood, b. March 3, 1837. 
He d. August 19, 1870.. She d. September 20, 1890. 
Their son : 

1300 SHERWOOD ROOSEVELT, b. April 19, 1855, at Southport, Conn.; 

graduated Gambia Ohio Berley Theological Seminary, Clergy- 
man, BrooklyTi, N. Y.; m. July 21, 1879, at Brooklyn ,N. Y.. 
Mary Frances Clark, daughter of Joseph Edwin and Frances 
(Perry) Clark, M. D., of Lenox, Mass. Their children are: 
Marcus Sherwood Roosevelt, b. July 4, 1880, Omaha, Neb. 
John Talbot Roosevelt, b. Jan. 10, 1883, Bristol, Ind. 
Calvin Lay Roosevelt, b. Aug. 2, 1886, Goshen, Ind. 

1300a CAROLINE LAY ROOSEVELT, b. Nov. 10, 1856, Brooklyn; d. 
Aug. 29, 1858. 

13006 JACOB LAY ROOSEVELT, b. July 6, 1859, Brooklyn; m. Olga 
Anna Schmidt, Oct. 8, 1885, and had Eliza Whillamina R., b. 
Jan. 11, 1887; Margauriette ladonia, b. Feb. 19, 1889. 

1300c GRACE ROOSEVELT, b. Sept. 26, 1861, Brooklyn; unmarried. 

1008. GEORGE WASHINGTON (Solomon^='»), b. Sep- 
tember 15, 1844, in New York City. Notary PubHc and United 
States storekeeper and ganger. Sergeant 22d N. Y. in the 
Civil War. Married, 25 July. 1865, in New York, Mary Eliza- 
beth Perry, b. November 26, 1848, in New York, daughter of 
Edward and Hannah (Leed) Perry. She d. 16 August, 1897, in 
Ashley, Ohio. 

Their children were : 

1301 HANNAH ELIZABETH, b. Dec. 6, 1866, at New York; d. July 17, 


1302 GEORGE ALBERT, b. Aug. 22, 1870. at New York; d. Sept. 11, 



1034. LAURA H. ROOSEVELT (Warren^««), b. March 
4, 1858, m., September 20, 1874, W. R. Relyea. 

Their children are: 

1310 GEORGE W. RELTEA, b. July 30, 1877. 

1311 LAURA BELLE RELYEA, b. Nov. 22, 1886. 

1035. WARREN G. (Warren^^^), b. March 16, 1869, m., Sep- 
tember 5, 1888. 

Their children are: 



1040. WILLIAM ALBERT (Nelson^^^i), b. September 7, 
1833, in Michigan, m., in 1856, first, Pheobe Anne Gillitt, who d. 
August 18, 1858. He m., second, in 1870, Alice M. Curtis. 

Mr. Roosevelt d. October 12, 1894. 

The children by first marriage were: 

1320 AGNES, b. June 17, 1857; m. Sept. 17, 1879, James McCord, and had 

James Roosevelt McCord, b. Feb. 5, 1881; d. Dec. 19, 1886; Agnes 
Armitage McCord, b. Aug. 14, 1883; Pauline Averill McCord, b. 
May 16, 1885; d. Dec. 26, 1886. 

1321 ALBERT KENT, b. Aug., 1858; d. in infancy. 

b. December 25, 1830, m., April 22, 185 1, at Sandusky, Erie Coun- 
ty, Ohio. William Henry Tucker, b. April 23, 1825, in Southamp- 
ton County, Va., son of Joseph and Mary (Myrick) Tucker of Vir- 
ginia and Ohio. Lawyer. State Senator in Wisconsin Senate, 
1856, 1858, i860. Graduate Union College, 1847. Captain 19th 
Wisconsin Volunteers. 

He d. February 3, 1866, at Chicago, 111. She d. April 10, 1891, 
in New York. 

Their children were: 

1322 (EDWARD EUGENE TUCKER, b. Feb. 10, 1852, at Sandusky, 

Ohio; m. Feb. 10, 1880, at Stockton, Cal., Josephine Lee; their 

residence, Denver, Col. 
1322a BLANCHE ISABELLA PAULINE TUCKER, b. Oct. 2, 1854, at 

Sandusky, Ohio; m. April 17, 1877, In London, Eng., Augrusta 

MacChetta (Marquis d'Allegri); residence, Verona Italy; she d. 

Sept. 10, 1898, in London. 
13226 MINNIE CECILIA FRANCESCA TUCKER, b. Nov. 9, 1856, at 

LaCrosse, Wis. ; m. Aug. 16, 1876, in Washington, D. C, Charles 

Gurly Love; residence, Denver, Col. 


1322c ELIZABETH ROOSEVELT TUCKER, b. Nov. 9, 1858, at La- 

Crosse, Wis., d. Sept. 30, 1860, at LaCrosse. 
1322d FANNIE ANTOINETTE TUCKER, b. Dec. 20, 1860, at LaCrosse, 

Wis.; m. Dec. 21, 1882 at Philadelphia, Pa., Edwin Hollis Low; 

residence. New York. 

1045. MARIE ANTOINETTE (Nelson«^0> b. January 22, 
1838, m. George H. Campbell, b. December 25, 1834. Residence, 
Chicago, 111. 

Mr. Campbell d. December 15, 1894. 

Their children are: 

lS23a ANNIE ROOSEVELT CAMPBELL, b. Oct. 19, 1869; d. Oct, 19, 

13236 LOUISE ROOSEVELT CAMPBELL, b. Jan. 28, 1871; m. April 

17, 1894, Charles Darwin Hulbert, M.D., b. Aug. 3, 1870, and had 

Marie B., b. May 18, 1897. 
1323c GiEORGtE KENNE ROOSEVELT CAMPBELL, b. June 29, 1876; 

residence, Chicago, 111. 

Roosevelt^^-), b. September ii, 1830, m., December 31, 1851, 
Elizabeth Campbell. 

Their children are: 




1049. ELIZABETH VAN ALSTYNE (Shenzada Roose- 
velt""), b. February 11, 1833, m., October 7, 1856, Silas A. 

Their children: 

1328 FRANKLIN PHILLIPS, b. July 7, 1857; d. Sept. 21, 1858. 

1329 ZADA ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, b. May 10, 1859. 

1330 ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, m. July 15, 1881, Alonzo Urial Woodruff, 

and had Fred Phillips Woodruff, b. July 15, 1883; Robert Alon- 
zo Woodruff, b. June 28, 1885; Ruth Elizabeth Woodruff, b. 
Aug. 30, 1890; Edith Isabella Woodruff, b. July 19, 1892. 

1057. EMMA OLIVE (Cornelius''^-'), b. February 22, 1843, 
in Birmingham, Mich., m., July 18, 1866, in Flint, Mich., Wilson 
Hoag Tousey, b. January 31, 1838, in Perry, Wyoming County, 
New York, son of Hiram and Sarah (Metcher) of Perry, N. Y, 

He d. February 26, 1897, in Flint, Mich. 


Mrs. Tousey resides in Toledo, Ohio. 
Their children are : 

1331 MORRIS ROOSEVELT TOUSEY, b. June 20, 1868, in Flint, Mich., 

m. April 21, 1890, in Bay City, Mich., Dolores Louise Newkirk; 
residence. Bay City, Mich. 

1332 WALTER CORNELIUS TOUSEY, b. Jan. 11, 1871, in Flint, Mich., 

m. Feb. 22, 1899, in Cleveland, Ohio, Grace Norris; residence, 
Toledo, Ohio. 

1333 MARIAN TOUSEY, b. July 23, 1875, in Bay City, Mich. 

1059. WILTON CORNELIUS (Cornelius^^*), b. Septem- 
ber 4, 1846, in Flint, Mich. Residence, Chicago, 111. Married, 
September 7, 1869, in Flint, Mich., Phebe Bishop, b. August i, 
1846, in Flint, Mich., daughter of Giles and Bessie (Tupper) 
Bishop of Flint, Mich. 

Their children are : 

1340 CHARLES BISHOP, b. July 2, 1870, In Flint, Mich,; d. July 11 

1888, Chicago. 

1341 JESSIE ELOISE, b. July 4, 1872, In Flint, Mich. 

1342 GILES FRANCIS, b. July 15, 1874. 

ius«^*)> t>. April 18, 1848, at Flint, Mich., m., January 17, 1877, at 
Saginaw, Mich., Mary Theresa Loyola Moross, b. August 4, 1854, 
at Windsor, Ontario, Canada, daughter of Columbus Victor and 
Catherine Mary (O'Connor) Moross. 

Mr. Roosevelt was proprietor of a hotel and d. August 28, 
1892, at Saginaw. 
Their son : 

1343 RALPH MOOROSS ROOSEVELT, b. Feb. 22, 1881, at Grand Rapids. 

1061. MARION ELIZABETH (Cornelius^^*), b. January 
21, 1850, Flint, Mich., m., December 23, 1874, Flint, Mich., 
Eugene Elliott Barnard, b. July 25, 1847, in McLean, Tompkins 
County, N. Y., son of Moses Rogers Barnard. 

Mr. Barnard was private in the 56th Regiment, N. G., S. N. Y., 
1864. He is in the fire insurance business in Evanston, 111. 
Their children are : 

1344 CORNELIUS ROOSEVELT BARNARD, b. July 24, 1877, In- 

dianapolis, Ind. 


1345 FKEI> BARNARD, b. Jan. 5, 1883, at Indianapolis, Ind.; d. May 18, 


1346 ESTHER BARNARD, b. Sept. 5, 1885, Chicago. 

1062. ELLA VIRGINIA (Cornelius®^'*), b. March 26, 1853, 
Flint, Mich. Residence, New York. Married, June 20, 1882, in 
Bay City, Mich., James Duncan Graham, b. May 9, 1841, in Wash- 
ington, D. C., son of James Duncan Graham, Colonel United 
States Army, and Charlotte Meade of Washington, D. C. Naval 
officer. Graduate Annapolis, 1861. Died July 6, 1900, at the 
Naval Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Their daughter: 

1847 MARIAN MEAIDE GRAHAM, b. Oct. 15, 1884, Washington, D. C. 

1065. CORNELIUS (Silas Wier«"), b. October 27, 1847, in 
New York City. Resided in Paris, France, where he m., on the 
3rd of October, 1877. He was a member of Calumet Club, New 
York, also the St. Nicholas Society and the Seawanhaka-Corinth- 
ian Yacht Clubs. 

He d. February 15, 1902. 
Their children are : 

1356 ANDRE. 

1357 HILDA. 

1358 EDWARD. 

1066. HILBORNE LEWIS (Silas Wier""), b. December 
^ 21, 1849, ^^ Nsw York City. Organ builder. Entered an organ 

factory in early youth, and subsequently studied his trade in Eu- 
rope from an artistic standpoint, especially in regard to electric 
inventions, as applied to organ manufacturing. On his return 
to New York he engaged in business to a large extent,established 
factories in that city, Philadelphia and Baltimore, and built some 
of the large organs of the United States, including that in Garden 
City Cathedral, L. I., Grace Church, New York, each of which 
contains s ome twenty miles of electric wire ; that in Trinity 
Church, N. Y., and the organ in the main building of the Phila- 
delphia Centennial Exposition. He was widely known among 
electricians, invented several details of the telephone, enjoined a 
royalty for many years in the telephone switch and was largely 
interested in the Bell Telephone Company. (Appleton's Cycle- 


pedia of Am. Biog., Vol. V.) He m., February i, 1883, Kate 

He d. December 30, 1886. 

Their only child : 

1355 DOROTHY QUINCT, b. July 7, 1884. 

1067. JAMES WEST (Silas Wier«-^«), b. July 2, 1858, in 
New York City, m., February 26, 1884, Laura Henrietta 

Mr. Roosevelt d. April 10, 1896. 

Their children were : 

1356 LEWIS WEST, b. Aug. 7, 1885; d. June 12, 1892. 

1357 LAURA D'OREMIEULX, b. Jan. 1, 1887. 

1358 HAROLD WEST, b. June 9, 1888; d. April 9, 1892. 

1359 OLIVER WOLCOTT, b. Nov. 27, 1890. 

1360 NICHOLAS, b. June, 1893. 

1072. ALFRED (James Alfred^"), b. April 2, 1856, in New 
York City. Banker, New York. Married, December 5, 1882, in 
Brookline, Mass., Katharine Lowell, b. in Boston, Mass., Noveifl- 
ber 27, 1858, daughter of Augustus and Katharine (Bigelow) 
Lowell of Medford, Mass. 

Mr. Alfred Roosevelt d. July 3, 1891. 

Their children : 

1370 ELFRIDA, b. Dec. 22, 1883. 

1371 JAMES ALFRED, b. Feb. 13, 1885. 

1372 KATHARINE LOWELL, b. April 18, 1887. 


Katharine Lowell, b. November o.y, 1858, was daughter of 
Augustus Lowell, b. January 15, 1830, Boston; m., second, d., 
Katharine Bigelow, widow of Hon. Abbott Lawrence, daughter 
of Colonel Timothy and Anna (Andrews) Bigelow. (Colonel 
Timothy Bigelow and his father were in the Continental Army 
in the R. L campaign.) 

Hon. John Amory Lowell, LL.D., b. November 11, 1798, Bos- 
ton, d. October 31, 1881, m., first, February 14, 1822, Susan Cabot 
Lowell, daughter of Francis Cabot Lowell, b. April 7, 1775, d. 
August 10, 1817, m., 1798, Hannah Jackson, b. February 3, 1776, 


d. May 10, 181 5, daughter of Hon. Jonathan and Hannah (Tracy) 
Jackson of Newbiiryport, Mass. Francis Cabot Lowell, son of 
Judge John Lowell and Sarah Higgins. 

John Lowell, b. October 6, 1769, of Newburyport, Mass., d. 
March 12, 1840, m., June 8, 1793, Rebecca Amory, b. January 
8, 1771, d. May 12, 1842, daughter of John and Katharine 
(Greene) Amory. 

John Lowell, LL. D., b. June 17, 1743, Newburyport, Mass., 
d. May 6, 1802, Roxbury, Mass. ; m., first, January 3, 1767, Sarah 
Higginson, b. January 3, 1745, d. May 5, 1772, daughter of 
Stephen and Elizabeth (Cabot) Higginson. 

Rev. John Lowell, b. March 14, 1704, d. May 15, 1767, m., 
December 23, 1725, Sarah Champney, d. June 28, 1756, aged 52, 
daughter of Noah and Sarah (Tunnell) Champney. 

John Lowell, b. April 7, 1660, in Scituate, Mass., d. June 7, 
1694, on the ship "Amity" of Boston, m. Esther . 

John Lowell, b. 1629, England, d. January 7, 1694, Boston, m., 
second, January 24, 1658, Elizabeth Sylvester, b. January 23, 1644, 
d. 1666, daughter of Richard and Marion (Tarreyin) Sylvester 
of Scituate. 

John Lowell, b. 1595, England, d. July 10, 1647, Newburyport, 

Mass., m., first, in England, Mary , d. 1639, the same year 

as her arrival in New England. 

Percival (Lowle) Lowell, b. 1571, England, d. January 8, 

1664, Newburyport, Mass., m. Rebecca , d. December 28, 

1645. (Historic Gene, of the Lowells of Am., by Delmar R. 
Lowell, A. B., A. M., D. D.) 

1073. WILLIAM EMLEN (James Alfred^"), b. April 30, 
1857, in New York City. President of the banking firm of 
Roosevelt & Son, Wall Street, New York, and officer in a large 
number of corporations. He is secretary and director of the 
Broadway Improvement Company, trustee of the Union Trust 
Company, the New York Life and Trust Company, and the Insti- 
tution for Savings of Merchants and Clerks; director of the 
Chemical National Bank, the Gallatin National Bank, the Astor 
National Bank, the National Starch Company, the Mix Telegraph 
Company, the Fidelity and Casualty Company of New York. 
Member of the Metropolitan, Century, City, Seawanhaka-Corin- 
thian Yacht and other Clubs, the Downtown Association and the 


Sons of the American Revolution. Trustee and secretary of the 
Roosevelt Hospital ; trustee of New York Eye and Ear Infirmary ; 
trustee and treasurer of New York Dispensary. Was i6 years 
an officer of National Guard, State of New York, resigning in 
January, 1898, his commission as major and quartermaster of 
the First Brigade. 

October 4, 1883, he m. Christine Griffin Kean, daughter of 
John Kean, b. March 27, 1814, d. January 17, 1895, m. Lucy Hal- 
sted, daughter of Caleb O. and Caroline Louisa (Pitney) Halsted. 
Son of 

Peter Philip James Kean m. Sarah Sabina Morris, daughter 
of General Jacob Morris of Otsego County, N. J., (son of Lewis 
Morris, signer of the Declaration of Independence), and Mary 
Cox. Son of 

John Kean of Beaufort, S. C, Representative at the Conti- 
nental Congress, m. Susan, daughter of Peter Van Brugh and 
Mary (Alexander) Livingston. 

The children of William E. and Christine Roosevelt are : 

1373 CHRISTINE EJEAN, b. Aug. 3, 1884. 

1374 GEORGE EMLEN, b. Oct. 13, 1887. 

1375 LUCY MARGARET, b. Nov. 7, 1888. 

1376 JOHN KEAN, b. Sept. 22, 1889. 

1377 PHILIP JAMES, b. May 15, 1892. 

1075. JOHN ELLIS (Robert B.«*^), b. February 25, 1853, 
New York City. Lawyer, New York City. Married, February 
18, 1879, Nannie Vance. 

Their children are : 

1378 ANITA B. (Pansy). 

1379 GLADYS. 

1380 JEAN S. 

1077. ROBERT BARNHILL, JR. (Robert B.«"), b. Au- 
gust 20, 1866, m., first, April 7, 1890, Grace Woodhouse, daugh- 
ter of Colonel L. G. Woodhouse. She d. July, 1894. He m., 
second, October 19, 1898, Lillie Hamersley, daughter of Lewis 
R. Hamersley. 

The children were by first marriage : 

1381 OLGA, b. April 6, 1891. 
By second marriage : 

1383 ilOBERT BARNHILL, 3d., b. June 28, 189». 


1078. ANNA ROOSEVELT (Theodore^''*), b. January 7, 
1855, in New York City. Residence, Washington, D. C, and 
Farmington, Conn. Married, November 25, 189s, in London, 
England, William Sheffield Cowles of Farmington, Conn., son of 
Thomas and Elizabeth (Sheffield) Cowles of Farmington, Conn. 
Graduate Annapolis Naval Academy, 1863. Served in the wars 
of the Rebellion and with Spain. Commander U. S. S. Topeka. 

Their son: 

1384 WILLIAM SHEFFIELD COWLES, JR., b. Oct. 18, 1898, in New 
York City. 

1079. THEODORE ROOSEVELT. (Theodore Roose- 
velf*"), b. October 27, 1858, at No. 28 East 20th Street, New 
York City. As a boy he received his education at the famous 
Cutler private school in New York City. Graduated 
from Harvard College, 1880. During college term he took 
deep interest in athletics, with the determination to better 
develop his physique. After graduation he went to Eu- 
rope, and while there climbed to the peak of the snowclad 
Jungfrau and the rocky Matterhorn, and became a member of the 
Alpine Club of London. After two years of study of the law in 
New York was elected the Republican Representative of the 
Twenty-first District of New York in the Assembly during the 
years 1882-3-4 and 5, during which time he stood for reform and 
honest politics, and was known by the literature of the time as a 
forcible, broad-minded political writer and historian. During this 
period he passed his vacations in the West, hunting big game, 
and in 1884 started his cattle ranch on the "Little Missouri," in 
the Bad Lands, North Dakota. About this time he joined the 
8th Regiment of N. Y. S. N. G. as second lieutenant, and soon 
became captain of one of its companies. 

His first writing for publication was during his college life, 
when editor of the Harvard Advocate. In 1881 his first 
work of note, "The Naval War of 18 12," was published, by G. 
Putnam's Sons. In 1885 he began his book upon his Western 
experiences as a ranch owner and hunter. 1886 was candi- 
date for mayor of New York City. During that year he wrote The 
Life of Thomas H. Benton, in the "American Statesmen" Series. 
1887 wrote "The Life of Gouverneur Morris;" 1888, "Ranch Life 


and the Hunting Trail; 1889 published first two volumes of "The 
Winning of the West"; 1890 wrote the History of New York 
City for Edward A. Freeman's series of "Historic 
Towns ;" 1892 wrote his Essays on Practical Politics, pub- 
lished by Putnams, 1893; 1894, "The Wilderness Hunter;" 
1895, "Hero Tales from American History," by Hon. Henry 
Cabot Lodge and himself, by the Century Company; also his 
fourth volume of "The Winning of the West;" also part 
author and editor of two volumes of the Boone and Crockett 
Club's "Big Game of the United States," 1895. Oliver Cromwell, 

He was appointed by President Cleveland, during the latter's 
first administration, a Republican member of the United States 
Civil Service Commission, and distinguished himself in this posi- 
tion by vigorous efforts in enforcing civil service regulations.. He 
resigned this office May i, 1895, to accept appointment by Mayor 
Strong as Police Commissioner of New York City, and was 
elected president of the Board of Police Commissioners. After- 
wards resigned to accept his appointment by President McKinley, 
April 6, 1897, as Assistant Secretary of the United States Navy, 
which position he held during the preparation for the Spanish- 
American War. May 6, 1898, he resigned to accept the command 
of lieutenant-colonel of the First United States Regiment 
of Volunteer Cavalry, so well known as "The Rough 
Riders." In July, 1898, was made colonel for his gal- 
lant conduct in the charge up San Juan Hill. His service 
terminated September 16, 1898. On the 8th of November, 1898, 
he was elected Governor of the State of New York, which office 
he filled until he was elected Vice-President of the United 
States on the ticket with William McKinley for his second term 
as President, in November, 1900, and after the death of William 
McKinley, September 14, 1901, in Buffalo, N. Y., Hon. Theodore 
Roosevelt became President of the United States. 

October 27, 1880, he m., at Brookline, Mass., Miss Alice 
Hathaway Lee, b. July 29, 1861, at Chestnut Hill, Mass., daugh- 
ter of George Cabot and Caroline (Haskell) Lee of Boston, Mass. 

Mrs. Alice Hathaway Roosevelt d. February 14, 1884, in New 

Mr. Roosevelt m., second, in London, England, on the 2d of 


December, 1886, Miss Edith Kermit Carow, b. August 6, 1861, in 
Norwich, Conn., daughter of Charles and Gertrude Elizabeth 
(Tyler) Carow of New York City. 
The child by first marriage is : 

1385 ALICE LEE ROOSEVELT, b. Feb. 12, 1884, in New York City. 

By second marriage 

1386 THEODORE ROOSEVELT, JR., b. Sept. 13, 1887, in Oyster Bay, 

N. Y. 

1387 KERMIT ROOSEVEiLT, b. Oct. 10, 1889, in Oyster Bay, N. Y. 

1388 ETHEL CAROW ROOSEVELT, b. Aug. 13, 1891, in Oyster Bay, 

N. Y. 

1389 ARCHIBALD BULLOCH ROOSEVELT, b. April 9, 1894, in Wash- 

ington, D. C. 

1390 QUENTIN ROOSEVELT, b. Nov. 19, 1897, in Wasliington, D. C 


Alice Hathaway Lee, b. July 29, 1861, d. February 14, 1884, 
was daughter of 

George Cabot Lee, b. March 21, 1830, m., December 10. 
185 1, Caroline Haskell of Boston. Son of 

John Clarke Lee, b. April 9, 1804, d. November 19, 1877. 
Harvard, 1823. Wholesale dry goods. Married, 1826, Har- 
riet Rose. Son of 

Nathaniel Cabot Lee, b. May 30, 1777, d. January 14, 1806. 
Harvard, 1803. Married Mary Ann Cabot, daughter of Francis 
Cabot, b. 14 June 1757, and Sarah, daughter of John and Sarah 
(Pickering) Clarke of Salem. Son of 

Joseph Cabot, b. July 24, 1720, d. December 8, 1767, and 
Elizabeth Higginson, b. March 30, 1722, d. November, 1781. 
Daughter of 

John Higginson, b. January 10, 1697, Harvard, 1717, d. July 
15, 1744, m., December 4, 1719, Ruth Boardman, d. June 14, 1727. 
Son of 

John Higginson, b. August 20, 1675, d. April 26, 1718. Mer- 
chant, Salem. Married, September 11, 1695, Hannah, daughter 
of Samuel Gardner, Jr., of Salem. She b. April 4, 1676, d. June 
20, 1713. Son of 

John Higginson, b. at Guilford, Conn., 1646, d. March 23, 
1719. Settled at Salem, Mass. Lieutenant-colonel of the Regi- 


ment. Member of the Council. Married, 9th August, 1672, 
Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Symmes) Savage of 
Boston. Son of 

Rev. John Higginson, b. at Claybrook, August 6, 1616. Kept 
the Grammar School at Hartford. Afterwards chaplain of the 
fort at Saybrook. In 1641 went to Guilford, Conn., to assist the 
Rev. Henry Whitfield in the ministry, whose daughter Sarah 
he afterwards married, in 1659. Went to Salem. Ordained in 
1660. Died December 9, 1708. His wife d. July 8, 1675. Son of 

Rev. Francis Higginson, second son of Rev. John Higginson, 
b. in England, 1587. Educated at Emanuel College. Cambridge. 
Settled in Claybrook, in Leicester, and became Non-Conformist. 
Took passage on the "Talbot." Sailed from Gravesend 25 April, 
1629, and from Yarmouth, Monday, May 16. Arrived at 
Naumkeeke, now Salem, Monday, June 29, 1629. He d. August 
16, 1630, and left widow Ann. Joseph Cabot was son of 

John Cabot and Anna Orne. (Higginson Family, by Henry 
Wheatland, 1863, in Essex Inst. Hist. Coll. Vol, V., pp. 33-38-) 
Son of 

Thomas Lee, b. December 17, 1702, d. July 14, 1747. Har- 
vard, 1722. Merchant, Boston. Married, in Boston, Lois Orne. 
Son of 

Thomas Lee, b. 1673, d. Boston, July 16. 1766. m., 1700, 
Debora, daughter Ensign Edward Flint of Salem. She b. 1672, 
d. April 3, 1763. Son of 

Thomas Lee, m. Martha Mellowes, b. February 8, 1653, daugh 
ter of John and Martha Mellowes of Boston. Son of Oliver, who 
was son of Abraham Mellowes of Charlestown, S. C, 1633. 

Edith Kermit Carow, b. August 6, 1861, Norwich, Conn., 
daughter of 

Charles Carow, b. October 4, 1825, d. March 17, 1883., m., 
June 8, 1859, Gertrude Elizabeth Tyler, b. February 16, 1836. 
Daughter of 

Daniel Tyler, b. January 8, 1799, m., May 20. 1832 Elizabeth 
Lee, b. November 17, 181 3, d. March 9, 1864. Daughter of 

Benjamin Lee, b. February 26, 1765, Taunton, Eng., d. 
1828, in New York. Was midshipman in Royal Navy. 
In 1783 he commanded a gun battery in the engage- 
ment between Admiral Rodney and Count de Grasse. 


He was tried by a court-martial and sentenced to be 
shot, for challenging his superior officer for countermanding a 
humane order relative to prisoners on board his ship at Port Royal, 
1783. His life was saved by intercession of Prince William 
Henry, Duke of Clarence, afterwards King William IV. of Eng- 
land, and a fellow midshipman. On leaving the naval service he 
became a captain in the United States service, 1784. In 1797 
commanded the "Fair American," sailing to France. He m., 
May Q.y, 1797, Elizabeth, daughter of John (d. 1784) and Eliza- 
beth (Gorham, b. 1747, d. 1822) Leighton. His wife was b. at 
Lunenburg, Mass., 1776. He lived in Lancaster, Mass., as farm- 
er and sheep raiser; 1805 removed to Cambridge; 1821 
purchased a farm in Skaneateles,- N. Y., where he d. in 1828. 
His wife d. in 1781. Son of 

Thomas Lee, a Cloth Manufacturer of Taunton, Eng., who in., 
second, Mary Pitt, of the same family as that of the Earl of 
Chatham. ("Lee Gene.") 

Daniel Tyler was son of 

Daniel Tyler, Jr., of Brooklyn, Conn., who received a mes- 
sage April 19, 1775, that the British had landed two brigades 
and killed six men. (Caulkins' Hist. Norwich, p. 380.) He was 
a graduate of West Point, and captain with General Israel Put- 
nam at Bunker Hill. He m. Sarah Edwards. He was son of 
Hopestill and Mary Tyler of Preston and Norwich. (Caulkins' 
Hist. Norwich, Conn., p. 252.) Son of 

Isaac Quantin Quereau m. Eliza Mowatt. A prominent mer- 
chant in New York, member of Chamber of Commerce. His pic- 
ture is No. II, Chamber of Commerce Gallery. Warden of St. 
Mark's Church, Governor of N. Y. Hosptal, member of Bible So- 
ciety, presiding officer Chamber of Commerce, 1840-42. Son of 

Isaac Quereau and Ann Cooper. Merchant in the West Indian 
trade. Son of 

Josue Quereau and Judith Quantin, of old Huguenot families, 
who settled in New York about 1655. 

"Huguenot Society of America, N. Y." 

"Salem Hyde." 

"Walworth's Hyde Gene." 

"N. Y. Wills." 

"Chamber of Commerce N. Y. Records." 


1080. ELLIOTT (Theodore®**), b. February 28, i860, in New 
York City, m., in October, 1883, in New York City, Anna Hall. 

Mr. Elliott Roosevelt d. September, 1893, in New York. 
Mrs. Roosevelt d. in New York. 
Their children: 

1391 ELEANOR. 

1392 EIxLIOTT. 

1393 GRACE. 

1081. CORINNE ROOSEVELT (Theodore^"), b. Septem- 
ber 2.7, 1861, in New York City. Residence, New York City. 
Married, April 29, 1882, in New York, Douglas Robinson, b. Jan- 
uary 3, 1855, in Edinburgh, Scotland, son of Douglas and Fanny 
(Monroe) Robinson of New York. Real Estate Broker. Grad- 
uate of Christ Church, Oxford, Eng., 1876. 

Their children: 

1394 THEOOORE DOUGLAS ROBINSON, b. Saturday, April 29, 1883. 

In New York. 


1886, in Orange, N. J. 

1396 MONROE DOUGLAS ROBINSON, b. Monday, Dec. 19, 1887, in 

New York. 

1397 STEWART DOUGLAS ROBINSON, b. Tuesday, March 19, 1889, in 

New York. 

1093. EDWARD GEORGE KENNY (Margaret J. 
Bourke""), b. April 17, 1859., "^^ November 20. 1880. Elizabeth 
Fuller, daughter of H. H. Fuller. 

Their children are : 



1094. MARY CECILIA KENNY (Margaret J. Bourke«"), 
b. November 27, i860, m., April 30, 1889, Captain George Anson 
Primrose, R. A., son of Hon. Bonnie Primrose, C. B. 

Their children : 



Bourke""), b. April 17, 1863, m. Major George Will, R. A., eldest 
son of Dr. G. Will. 


Their children are : 




1109. JULIA ANNA DENISON (Euretta'^0, b. June 6, 
183 1, m., January 15, 1867, Dr. Myron Newton ChamberHn, b. 
September 6, 1836, in New Haven, son of Abel Child and Ange- 
line Atwood (Hosmer) ChamberHn. 

She d. May 3, 1873. He d. January 10, 1899, Cheshire, Conn. 

Their onlv child. 


Ann Roosvelt^^^), b. January 29, 1829, in New York, m., in Hun- 
ter, Greene Co., N. Y., August 7, 185 1, Mrs. Elizabeth S. Har- 
ris. He d. April 20, 1896. 

Their children are : 

1451 SARAH ELIZABETH THOMPSON, b. March 25, 1852, in Pitts- 

field, Mass.; m. 1st, James M. Davidson, and had Maude Dav- 
idson; m. 2d, Carl Brockdorf Le Vinsen; no issue. 

1452 WILLIAM ROOSEVELT THOMPSON, b. Nov. 3, 1854, in Pitts- 

field, Mass; residence, New York City. 

1453 EDWARD RAMSEY THOMPSON, b. Oct. 29, 1856, in Jersey City; 

d. unmarried, Sept. 27, 1886. 

Ann Roosevelf^^^), b. December 21, 1830, at Chatham, Four 
Corners, N. Y., m., at Lebanon Springs, N. Y., August 16, 1856, 
Harriet O. Nash. 

He d. at Cranford, N. J., December i, 1897. 
Their children are : 


1455 EDWARD GILBERT THOMPSON, b. Feb. 4, 1864, at Brooklyn; d. 

Jan. 24, 1865. 

1114. JAMES WALTER THOMPSON (Cornelia Ann 
Roosevelt"^), b. October 28, 1847, in Pittsfield, Mass. Resi- 
dence, New York City. Married in Brooklyn, N. Y., June 10, 
1879, Margaret Riggs Bogle. 

Their son: 

1456 WALTER ROOSEVELT THOMPSON, b. Dec. 22, 1891, in New 

York City. 


Roosevelt'^^^), b. August 23, 1862, at Hancock, Mass., m. Charles 
Henri Oxenham. 

Their children are : 

1457 MERRITT LOCKWOOD OXENHAM, b. Feb. 12, 1886, at Brook- 

lyn, N. T. 

1458 DE ROT OXENHAM, b. Jan. 1, 1888, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1459 MIGNONETTE OXENHAM, b. April 1, 1891, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1460 IRVING ROOSEVELT OXENHAM, b. March 1, 1894, at Brook- 

lyn, N. Y. 

Elizabeth Roosevelt'*"'), b. March i, 1850, m. October 10. 1876, 
Charles Colgate Galusha. 

He d. March i8, 1881. 

Their son: 

1461 ELON GILBERT GALUSHA, b. Aug. 25, 1877. 

1129. JAMES BANKS GILBERT (Margaret Elizabeth 
Roosevelt'^"), b. December 21, 1853, "i- December 16, 1879, Car- 
rie E. Lowe, who d. in 1898. He m., second, October 3, 1900. 
Lucie Laird. 

The children by first mar -iage were : 

1462 ELIZABETH ROOSEVELT GILBERT, b. Dec. 30, 1880. 

1463 EURETTA M. GILBERT, b. May 12, 1883. 

1464 CARRIE LOUISE GILBERT, b. Oct. 17, 1885. 

1465 JAMES BANKS GILBERT, d. in infancy. 

1466 MARGARET GILBERT, b. July 25, 1888; d. in May, 1893. 

1130. VAN VORST ROOSEVELT (William K.'"), b. 
November 28, 1847. Residence. Ackley, la. Proprietor of Roller 
]\Iills. Married, June 11, 1884, Belle Eveline Bloch. b. August i, 
1858, daughter of Sylvain and Minerva Josephine (Gay) Bloch. 

Their children are : 

1467 SYLVAIN GAY, b. April 2. 1885. 

1468 GEORGE ALFRED, b. July 25, 1888. 

1469 ALICE LILLIAN, b. Nov. 23, 1896. 

K.'®^), b. May 8, 1856. Residence, Ackley, Iowa. Proprietor of 
Roller Mills. Married, February 20, 1877, Amelia Ogden, b. 


November 6, 1857, daughter of Isaac Snyder and Rachel Hough- 
ton (McCarter) Ogden. 
Their children are : 

1470 RAT MERCELBNA, b. Dec. 13, 1877. 

1471 WILLIAM KELLY, b. Jan. 8, 1881. 

1472 THEODORE TASHEIRA, JR., b. April 9, 1882. 

K^^^), b. x\ugust 6, 1867. Residence, Portland, Oregon. Mar- 
ried, July 5, 1885, Thomas Francis Rourke, b. December 27, 1857, 
son of Thomas Francis and Mary Lively Rourke. 

Their children are: 

1473 LILLIAN FRANCIS ROURKE, b. April 9, 1886. 

1474 ROOSEVELT ROURKE, b. Oct. 22, 1892; d. Sept. 10, 1893. 

1136. HELEN PRUYN ROOSEVELT (Cornelius J.^«^), 
b. January 4, 1859, Macon, Ga. Residence, Macon, Ga. Mar- 
ried, October 15, 1879, ^^ Macon, Ga., Lenair M. Erwin, b. De- 
cember 24, 1848, in Erwinton, Barnwell County, S. C, son of 
William and Julia Caroline (Robert) Erwin of South Carolina. 
Graduate Mercer University Law School, Macon, Ga., 1876. 
Deputy clerk United States Court and United States Commis- 
sioner, Macon, Ga. 

Their children are : 

1475 META ROOSEVELT ERWIN, b. July 17, 1880, at Macon, Ga. 

1476 HELEN PRUYN ERWIN, b. June 5, 1882, at Macon, Ga. 

1477 LOUISE ERWIN, b. Feb. 14, 1888, at Macon, Ga. 

1138. CLARA PRUYN ROOSEVELT (Cornelius J."=^), b. 
April 7, 1864, at Macon, Ga. Residence, Macon, Ga. Married 
John Moore Walker, b. August 18, 1852, in Sumner Hill, Aiken 
County, S. C, son of Gollothan and Elizabeth Lawrence (Adams) 
Walker of Charleston, S. C. Secretary and treasurer of the 
Southwestern Railroad Company, Macon Ga. 

Their children are: 

1478 ROOSEVELT PRUYN WALKER, b. Nov. 25, 1884, at Macon, Ga. 

1479 JOHN MOORE WALKER, b. Nov. 24, 1888, at Macon, Ga. 

Evertsen'^^®), b. March 14, 1845, New York City. Residence, 


Evanston, 111. Married, in Evansville, Ind., Fannie B. Armstead, 
Their children are: 

1485 ELIZABETH BRIGHAM, b. 1878. 

1486 ELOUISE BRIGHAM, b. 1883. 

1152. MARY DOUGLASS BRIGHAM (Maria E. Evert- 
sen'^^*), b. September i8, 1847, i" New York. Residence, Brook- 
lyn. Married, December 21, 1867, iri Brooklyn, N. Y., John 
Henry Cooke. 

Their children are : 

1487 ADELAIDE COOKE, b. 1870; m. John H. Sayres. 

1488 MAY ROOSEVESLT COOKE, b. 1882. 

1153. WARD AMARIA BRIGHAM (Maria E. Evert- 
sen''^®), b. October 14, 1850, in Brooklyn, N. Y. Residence, East 
Orange, N. J. Married, October 9, 1873, i" Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Emma J. Wilde. 

Their children are: 


1490 FLORENCE BRIGHAM, b. 1880. 

Evertsen^^®), b. April 29, 1856, in Brooklyn, N. Y., m., Septem- 
ber 30, 1886, J. B. Hopper. 

Their daughter : 


R. Duffie^"^), b. November 18, 1866. Residence, Litchfield, Conn. 
Treasurer of the Bantam Manufacturing Company. Married, 
January 9, 1888, Edith Normington Langdon, daughter of Thomas 
B. and Susanna (Springett) Langdon of New York. 

Their children are : 

1492 DOROTHY DUFFIE, b. June 13, 1889. 

1493 ARCHIBALD DUNCAN DUFFIE, b. April 13, 1892. 

1158. JANE ANTOINETTE DUFFIE (Cornelius R. Duf- 
fie«°3), b. December 12, 1868, m., June 14, 1887, Edward Hamilton 
Cahill of New .York. 


Their daughter : 

1494 HELEN ANTOINETTE CAHILL, b. Nov. 4, 1892. 

Duffie^°^), b. April i6, 1871. Residence, Rye, N. Y. Real estate 
broker, New York. Married, June 19, 1894, Antoinette Lerocque 

Their son : 

1495 ROE CLARK DUFFIE, b. March 24, 1898. 

Henry*^"), b. July 10, 1864. Lawyer. Residence, Pelham Man- 
or, N. Y. Married, November 7, 1888, Mabel Guion Lawton, 
daughter of Franklin Lawton of New Rochelle, N. Y. She d. 
December 17, 1896. 

Their only child : 

1496 MABEL EVERETT ROOSEVELT, b. April 2, 1890. 

1165. ELIZABETH SCHERMERHORN (Helen White«-«), 
m. James I. Jones of New York City, and had: 

1497 ELEANOR COLFORD JONES, Who married Augustus Newbold 

Morris, and had Newbold Morris and Eva Van Cortlandt 


1499 CORDELIA JONES, m. John Steward, Jr. 

White*-^), m. Charles Suydam of New York City, and had: 



1502 WALTER LISPENARD SUYDAM, b. May 20, 1854; m. April 29, 

1875, Jane Meisier Suydam, and had Walter Lispenard Suydam 
Jr., b. Aug. 3, 1884. 

1503 HELEN SUYDAM, m. Robert Fulton Cutting, of New York City, 

and had Helen Cutting, Elizabeth Bayard Cutting, Robert 
Fulton Cutting, Jr., Charles Suydam Cutting. 

1167. HELEN SCHERMERHORN (Helen White^^^), m. 
John Treat Irving of New York City, and had : 

1504 JOHN IRVING, who m. Josephine E. Peacock, and had Percival 

Ralph Irving, and Josephine V. C. Irving. 


1505 CORTLAND IRVING, m. Theresa Romeyn Beck. 

HENRY IRVING, m. Ella C. Woodburn. 


1508 EDWARD IRVING, m. Julia J. Atkins. 



White*^*), m. Benjamin S. Welles, and had : 

1511 HELEN SCHERMERHORN WELLES, m. George Lovett Kings- 

land, and had Helen S. Kingsland, George Lovett Kingsland, 
and Ethel W. Kingsland. 

1512 BENJ. SUMNER WELLES, m. Frances Swan, and had Emily 

Francis Welles. 



(Helen White^-*), m. William Astor of New York City, son of 
William B. and Margaret (daughter of General John Armstrong) 
Astor and grandson of the founder of the Astor family in Amer- 
ica, John Jacob Astor and his wife Sarah, daughter of Adam 

Their children were: 

1515 EMILY ASTOR, m. James Van Alen, and had Mary Van Alen, 

James Laurens Van Alen, and Sarah Stewart Van Alen. 

1516 HELEN SCHERMERHORN ASTOR, m. James Roosevelt Roose- 

velt, for children records see No. 1195. 

1517 CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA ASTOR, m. James Coleman Drayton, 

of New York City, and had Caroline Astor Drayton, Henry 
Coleman Drayton, and William Astor Drayton. 


son, of New York, and had Orne Wilson, Thornton Wilson. 

1519 JOHN JACOB ASTOR, m. Feb. 17, 1891, Ava Lowle. 

1175. ROBERT STEWART WEBB (Helen L. Stewart^-^), 
b. August 12, 1824, m. April I, 1849, Mary Van Horn Clarkson, 
and had : 

1525 ROBEtRT STEWART WEBB, d. unmarried in 1870. 

1177. HELEN MATILDA WEBB (Helen L. Stewart^^^), 
b. November 30, 1827, m., in i860, N. Denison Morgan, and had: 



1179. CATHERINE LOUISA WEBB (Helen L. Stew- 
art*^^), b. December 14, 1830, m., August 17, 1859, James G. Ben- 
ton, and had : 

1527 MAiRY LOUISA BENTON, b. June 4, 1860, m. Sept. 4, 1890, Dr. 

Wm. Norwood Suter. 

1528 JAMES WATSON BENTON, b. Jan. 24, 1864; U. S. Army; m. 

Oct. 2, 1890, Sarah "Wharton. 

1181. WATSON WEBB (Helen L. Stewart^^^), b. Novem- 
ber 10, 1833, m., June, 1866, Mary Parsons. 

He d. December 3, 1876. 
Their children were: 




art^^^), b. February 15, 1835, m., November 28, 1855, Anna 
Remsen, and had : 

1532 HELEN LISPENARD WEBB, who m. May 11, 1887, John Alexan- 

der, and had Helen Lispenard Alexander. 



1183. WILLIAM SEWARD WEBB (James W. Webb^^^), 
b. January 31, 185 1. President of St. L. & A. R'y Co. President 
of the Raquette Lake R'y Co. Chairman of the Rutland R. R. 
Co. Married, in 188 1, Eliza Osgood, daughter of William H. 
Vanderbilt of New York City. j 

Their children are: ] 





1195. JAMES ROOSEVELT (James«^°), b. March 27, 1854, 
Hyde Park, New York, m. Miss Helen Astor, No. 1,516, daugh- 
ter of William and Cornelia Webster ( Schermerhorn, No. 1,169) 
Astor of New York City. 7i w- ^ ^» 

Their children are : / 




1197. GRACE WALTON ROOSEVELT (John A.«^0. b. 
June 3, 1867, at Rosedale, Hyde Park, N. Y. Residence, New 
York City, Borough of Richmond. Married, at Christ Church, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., December 4, 1895, Appleton LeSure Clark, 
b. August 28, 1865, at Long Island, N. Y., son of Thomas Russell 
and Mary Elizabeth (LeSure) Clark of New York. Graduate 
Columbia University, 1886. Law department, 1888. Lawyer, 
New York City. 

Their children are : 

1552 ROOSEVELT L.E SURE CLARK, b. April 3, 1897, in New York 


1553 CROSBY RUSSELL CLARK, b. March 23, 1900, in New York City. 

1208. GRACE BAYLEY JEWETT (Maria E. Bayley^^e), 
b. July 17, 1853, m. Alfred Chester Bunce. 
Their children were: 

1575 MARIA ROOSEVELT BUNCE, b. Feb. 21, 1878. 

1576 CARLETON BAYLEY BUNCE, b. Dec. 8, 1879. 

1577 ELIZABETH CHESTER BUNCE, b. Sept. 18, 1881. 

1578 GRACE JEWETT BUNCE, b. March 28, 1884. 

1579 RUSSELL BUNCE, b. May 13, 1886. 

1253. MARY LINN MORFORD (Anthony D. Morford'*"), 
b. February 6, 1851, m., September i, 1874, David Demarest 

She d. April 21, 1887. 
Their children were: 

1596 RALPH ORMSBY SMITH, b. Nov. 2, 1875. 

1597 HAROLD PERRY SMITH, b. Nov. 26, 1877, d. Sept. 12, 1898; Cor- 

poral Light Battery A, Penn. Vol's, in Spanish-American War. 

1598 MARY MORFORD SMITH, b. April 17, 1887; d. Nov. 4, 1887. 

1254. ELSIE DE REIMER MORFORD (Anthony D. Mor- 
ford^*^^), b. November 28, 1854, m. November 28, 1878, Edward 
Harvey Maynard, M. D. 

Their children are: 

1599 LINN DE REIMER MAYNARD, b. Oct. 15, 1880. 

1600 MARGARET RYERSON MAYNARD. b. Feb. 9. 1885. 




"Bay Groesvelt, wife and sucking child," were on the Hst of 
immigrants w^ho came in the ship "Rosetree," in March, 1663. 
(Doc. Hist. N. Y., Vol. HI., p. 33-42.) 

"Bay Roosvelt, Prince Graft or Gracht St." (now the part of 
Beaver Street one block east of Broad with canal or creek in the 
center). (From a Directory for the City of New York in 1665.) 
(Vol. I., p. 339, Mem. Hist, of the City of N. Y.) 

"Bay Rosevelt 1000 florns 400 dollars." (From a tax list 
of New Orange (New York), in 1674, during the occupation of 
the Dutch.) (Mem. Hist. N. Y., Vol. I., p. 362.) 

" Rosenvelt, Annetje Croesvelt, Martin, bap. 12 March, 

1664." Witness, Hendrickje Smits. (Baptismal record from 
Dutch Church of New York.) 

"Bay Croesvelt, Annetie Kaspar, bap. 2.->^ January, 1667. Wit., 
(jeen. Geluygen." (Baptismal record from Dutch Church of New 
York Records.) 

Jacob Roosevelt, b. about 1745, m., first, in Hatfield, Mass., 

. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary Army of 

Burgoyne, and on the march to Boston, after the surrender, took 
an opportunity to desert the British cause. He m., second, in 
Whateley, Mass., December 2, 1798, Martha Crafts, b. Novem- 
ber 2.J, 1748, in Hatfield, Mass., daughter of Thomas C. and 
Sarah (Graves) Crafts of Hatfield, Mass. He was a Wheel- 
wright by trade, and is said to have made the first pair of cart 
wheels ever made in Whateley. A letter written in 1900 by a 
very old resident of Orange, Mass., says: "He was always 
known as a Hessian soldier, who dropped out at or near North- 
ampton. ... In Rufus Wells' old account book he was down 
as a butcher." 

He died between 1805 and 1810. His second wife d. August 
28, 1836, aged 87. 

His children by first marriage were: 




(From Crafts Genealogy. Hist. Hadley, Mass., etc.) 


Nothing further has come to light relative to the above. 
(C. B. W., 1902.) 

ROOSEVELT, BLANCHE (Marquise D'Alligri). Author 
and opera singer, b. Sandusky, Ohio, in 1856, d. in London, Eng- 
land, September 10, 1898. Was the daughter of W .A. Tucker, 
first United States Senator from Wisconsin. (Annual Cyclo- 
pedia, 567, 1898.) 


Referred to by the number under which they appear. 

The + sign before a name indicates that they had children whose records are 
found further on in the book under that number. 

Abraham, 87, 204. 
Adeline L.,384. 
Adolphus, 90, 91. 
Aeltje, 78, 161. 
Agnes, 1320. 
Albert Kent, 1321. 
Alexander Hamilton, 448. 
Alfred, 364, 1072. 
Alfred Bush, 759. 
Alice Lee, 1385. 
Alice Lillian, 1469. 
Alonzo, 576. 
Andre, 1356. 
Ang-eline, 636. 
Anita Barnhill, 1378. 
Ann, 181, 357. 
Anna, 7, 170, 380, 1078. 
Anna Margariet, 4. 
Antoinette, 756. 
Archibald Bulloch, 1389. 
Augustus Jay, 651. 
Belle, 1313. 
Betsey, 301, 556. 
Calvin Lay, 1300. 
Caroline, 562, 1022. 
Caroline Matilda, 753. 
Caroline Lay, 1300a. 
Catharine, 191, 206, 218. 
Catharine Angelica, 362. 
Catharine Louisa, 492. 
Cathrina, 66, 144. 
Charles, 1027. 
Charles Bishop, 1059. 
Charles E., ±011. 
Charles Henry, 810. 
Charles Yates, 653. 
Charlie, 1009. 
Christiaen, 2. 
Christina, 5. 
Christoffel, 85. 
Christopher, 92. 
Christine Kean, 1373. 
Claes Martenszen, 1. 
Clara Pruyn, 1138. 
Clhiton, 404. 
Clinton Everett, 1132. 

Corinne, 1081. 

Cornelia, 187, 208a, 211, 647, 1070, 1090. 

Cornelia Ann, 755. 

Cornelius, 79, 164, 183, 389, 634, 1065, 1139 

Cornelius C, 183. 

Cornelius J., 386, 762. 

Cornelius Mason, 390a. 

Cornelius Van Schaack, 359, 642. 

Delia, 560, 1028, 996. 

Dorothy Quincy, 1355. 

Edgar, 757. 

Edith, 1025. 

Edward, 446, 1024, 1358. 

Edward Allen, 813. 

Elbert, 190. 

Elbert Curtenius, 1161. 

Elbert Jones, 401. 

Eleanor, 1391. 

Elfrida, 1370. 

Eliza, 391a, 388. 

Eliza Grant, 1031. 

ElizaWhillamina, 1300b. 

Elizabeth, 147, 149, 167, 179, 184, 189, 

216, 350, 388, 635, 997, 1004, 1044. 
Elizabeth Letitia, 1044. 
Ella v., 1062. 
Ellen Ann Maria, 376. 
Ellen Crosby, 1198. 
Ellen Lydia, 682. 
Elliott, 1080, 1392. 
Elsje, 3, 29. 
Elvira L., 1056. 
Emily Hubbard, 1032. 
Emma Olive, 1057. 
Ethel Carow, 1388. 
Euretta, 754. 

Fannie Ann Cordelia, 1046. 
Ferdinand Cornelius, 1041. 
Frank, 686, 1029, 1068. 
Franklin Delano, 1196. 
Frances L., 1058. 
Francis Pruyn, 1137. 
Frederick, 655, 1140. 
Florence, 687. 
George, 302, 996. 
George Albert, 1302. 



George Alfred, 1468. 

George Emlen, 1374. 

George Theodore, 752. 

George W., 565. 

George Washington, 1008. 

George Young, 811. 

Gerardus Comfort, 146. 

Giles Francis, 1059. 

Gladys, 1379. 

Grace, 425, 441, 443, 858, 1393, 1300b. 

Grace Walton, 1197. 

Grant, 1026. 

Hamilton, 449. 

Hannah, 170. 

Hannah Elizabeth, 1301. 

Harold West, 1358. 

Harriet, 857, 998. 

Helena, 83, In, 212. 

Helen L,., 1076. 

Helen Pruyn, 1136. 

Helen Rebecca, 1551. 

Helen Theresia, 392. 

Henry, 402. 

Henry Boland, 387. 

Henry Everitt, 1160. 

Henry Holland, 758. 

Henry Latrobe, 1105, 370. 

Henry Tracy, 1021. 

Henry Walton, 450. 

Heyltje. 56, 72, 172. 

Hilborne Lewis, 1066. 

Hi.da, 1357. 

Hilletje, 67, 68, 69. 

Isaac, 30, 34, 86, 407. 442. 

Jacob, 305, 558. 

Jacob Lay, 1300b. 

Jacobus, 28, 30, 74, 72, 77, 86, 84. 143, 

163, 176, 204, 208, 220, 411. 
Jacobus Nicholas, 411. 
Jakobus, 208. 

James, 208, 220, 356, 444, 850, 1195. 
James Alfred, 641, 1371. 
James Aspinwall, 851. 
James Barclay, 452. 
James Christopher, 220. 
James Henry, 491. 
James J., 176. 
James John, 360. 
James Nelson, 1043. 
James Nicholas, 378 411, 648. 
James Pruyn, 1134. 
James Roosevelt, 1195, 1516, 1550. 
James Walter, 751. 
James West, 1067. 
Jan, 56, 163. 
Jane, 633. 
Jane Eliza, 405. 
Jannetie (Jane) 25-76. 
Jean S., 1380. 
Jessie Elouise, 1341. 
Johannes or John. 28, 71, 80, 81, 141, 

160. 163, 171, 182, 379, 999. 
John Ellis, 1075. 

John Henry, 563, 

John J., 355. 

John Kean, 1376. 

John R., 383. 

John Talbot, 1300. 

John Van Ness, 649. 

Judith, 217. 

Julia Adeline, 395. 

Katharine Lowell, 1372. 

Kermit, 1387. 

Laura Gertrude, 681. 

Laura H., 1034. 

Laura d'Oremieulx, 1357. 

Lavinia Ann, 385. 

Leila, 692, 1070. 

Letitia, 1045. 

Lewis West, 1356. 

Lillian Caroline, 1133. 

Louis Sellew, 377. 

Louisa, 561. 

Louisa Dean, 1106. 

Lucy Margaret, 1375. 

Lydia, 557, 1030. 

Lydia Eliza, 374. 

Mabel Everitt, 1496. 

Marcia O., 654. 

Marcus Brutus, 1005. 

Marcus Sherwood, 1300. 

Margaret, 382, 1000. 

Margaretta, C, 26, G9, 173. 

Margrita, 165. 

Margaret Barnhill, 1074. 

Margaret Elizabeth, 760. 

Margaretta ladonia, 1300c. 

Maria. 75, 162, 174, 178, 186, 209, 381, 490, 

Marion Elizabeth, 1061. 
Martin, 210. 
Martinus, 205. 
Mary, 358, 406, 646. 
Marie Antoinette, 1045. 
Mary Arabella, 1033. 
Mary E., 1020. 
Mary Eliza, 814. 
Mary Emlen, 1069. 
Mary Leontine, 683. 
Mary Louise, 373. 
Matilda, 656. 
Nelson, 631. 
Nicholas, 6, 27, 68, 66, 67, 70. 82, 140, 

143, 86, 148, 180, 192, 361, 1360. 
Nicholas Latrobe, 680. 
Olga, 1381. 
Oliver, 73, 168. 
Oliver Wolcott, 1359. 
Olphert, 73, 166. 
Pansy, 1378. 
Peter, 89, 217. 
Petrus, 185, 188. 
Peter Curtenius, 400. 
Philip James. 1377. 
Rachel, 31, 33, 140. 
Quentln, 1390. 



Ralph Morois, 1343. 

Ray Mercelena, 1470. 

Richard Varick, 447. 

Robert Barnhill, 643, 1077, 1383. 

Robert Barnwell, 643. 

Rosetta Mark, 372. 

Rufus, 304. 

Ruth Ann 575. 

Samuel, 371. 

Samuel Montgomery, 684. 

Sarah, 32, 72, 88, 145. 207, 219, 390, 564. 

Sherwood, 1300. 

Shenzada, 632. 

Sidney H., 1060. 

Silas Wier, 640. 

Solomon, 303, 559. 

Stephen, 555. 

Susan Barclay, 451. 

Sylvian Gay, 1467. 

Theodore, 644, 1079, 1386. 

Theodore Tasheira, 1131, 1472. 

Thomas, 175, 1038. 

Thomas Wilton, 347. 

Van Ness, 652. 

Van Vorst, 1130. 

Virginia, 652. 

Walton, 445. 

Warren, 566. 

Warren G., 1035, 1312. 

Washington, 403. 

William, 391, 1135. 

William Albert, 1040. 

William Elbert, 812. 

William Emlen, 1073. 

William H., 1010. 

William Henry, 363. 

William Kelly, 761, 1471. 

William Ousley, 650. 

William Wier, 645. 

Wilton Cornelius, 1059. 


Referred to by the number under which tliey appear. 

The + sign before a name indicates that they had children whose records are 
found further on in the book under their number. 

Abell. Garret, 30. 
Adams, Adeline R., 1260. 

Alice DeR. 1261. 

Carl D., 1259. 

Charles li., 1259. 

Egbert, 1259. 

Elizabeth, 1138. 

Herman C, 1262. 

Julian, 1259. 

Lizzie D., 1277. 

Mabel G., 1262. 

Mary E., 1264. 

Peter C, 902. 

Robert M., 1263. 

Sarah C, 904. 
Aldridge B., 561. 
Alexander Alexander, 1532. 

Helen L., 1532. 

John E., 1107. 

John, 1532. 

Mary, 1073. 

Roosevelt C, 1532. 
Alsop, John, 86. 
Amory, J., 218. 

John, 1072. 

Rebecca, 1072. 
Andriessen, Hillegond, 28. 

Lucas, 28. 
Anthony, Angel, 66. 

Hester, 292. 

Nicholas, 292. 
Armitage, Sarah, 631. 
Armstead, Fannie B., 1151. 
Ashfield, Richard, 142. 
Aspinwall, John, 442. 

Joseph, 442. 

Mary R., 442. 

Peter, 442. 
Astor. Caroline S., 1518. 

Charlotte A., 1517. 

Emily, 1515. 

Helen, 1169. 1195, 1516. 

Helen S., 1516. 

John Jacob, 1169, 1519. 

William, 1169. 

William B., 1169. 
Atkins, Julia J., 1508. 
Babbington, Elsie, 142. 
Bache, Anna D., 418. 431. 

Paul R., 419, 432. 

Sarah B., 834. 

Theophylact, 197. 
Baillie, Anna E., 644. 

Alexander, 644. 

David, 644. 

Kenneth, 644. 

William, 644. 
Baily, Helena. 990. 
Bancker, Adrian, 30, 50, 69. 

Garrit, 50. 69. 
Barber, Christina, 155. 
Barclay, Andrew. 83, 209, 200. 

Anna D., 197. 

Amelia, 203. 

Catharine, 193. 

Catherine E., 208, 439. 

Charlotte A., 196, 443. 421, 824. 

David, 83. 

Helen, 203. 

Helena, 207. 

Henry, 199. 

James. 202, 212. 

John, 83, 201. 

Margaret, 194. 

Sarah A., 195. 

Thomas, 83, 198. 
Barentsen. Jan, 6. 
Barnard, Cornelius R., 1344. 

Esther, 1346. 

Eugene E., 1061. 

Fred, 1345. 

Moses R., 1061. 
Barnhill. John, 359. 

Margaret, 359. 

Nicholas, 359. 

Robert, 359. 

Wolfrom, 359. 
Bartlett Hortenus, 990. 
Bates, Alex., 30. 
Bayard, Ellen, 1163. 



James A., 1164. 
Bayley, Andrew B., 422. 

Anna M., 839. 

Carleton, 854. 

Carleton, J. R., 1202. 
■ Charlotte A., 420a. 

Grace W., 1201. 

Guy C, 425, 443, 1200. 

Helen, 426. 

Henry W., 838. 

James R., 852, 1204. 

Maria E., 856. 

Mary C, 1203. 

Mary P., 424. 

Richard, 196, 421. 443, 824, 853. 

Richard W., 1199. 

William, 423, 196. 

William A., 855. 
Bayrux, Mary, 196. 

Beattle, , 633. 

Beardsley, Ann, 182. 
Beaufort, Lady Jane, 83. 
Beck, Theresa R., 1505. 
Bedlow, Catharine, 851. 

Isaac, 118. 

William, 118. 851. 
Bellinger, Anne, 644. 

Edmund, 644. 
Bellamont, Lord, 442. 
Benson, Elizabeth. 48. 

Robert, 48, 86. 
Bent, Abigail. 208. 
Benton, James G., 1179. 

James W., 1528. 

Mary L., 1527. 
Besley, Anne, 196. 
Bibby, Augusta V. C, 827. 

Edward N., 827. 
Bicker, Aeltje, 1. 
Bigelow. Katharine 1072. 

Timothy, 1072. 
Bill, Ephraim. 208, 442. 

Lydia, 208, 442. 
Bishop, Giles, 1059. 

Phebe, 1059. 
Black Knight of Lome, 83. 
Blanck, Elsje, 70. 
Blanchard. James. 159. 
Blanchan. Elizabeth. 33. ■ 
Bleecker, Helena, 395. 

James, 395. 
Bloch, Belle E., 1130. 

Sylvian, 1130. 
Boardman, Ruth, 1079. 

Bogardus, , 380. 

Bogert. Annatje, 77. 163. 

Claas, 77, 79. 

Cornelius, 30. 

Elizabeth, 79. 

Grietje, 79. 

Jan, 77. 

Jan L., 77, 79. 

Louens, 77. 
Bogle, Margaret R.. 1114. 

Bound, Maria, 42. 
Bosch, Albertus C, 70. 

Albert, 70. 

Maria, 70. 
Bourdet, Susannah, 101. 
Bourke, Margaret J., 657. 

Mary R., 658. 

Michael, 362. 
Bousfield, Maria, 134. 

Thomas, 134. 
Boylston, Augusta E., 684. 
Brackett, Richard, 851. 

Sarah, 851. 
Brasher, Abraham, 86. 

Elizabeth, 152. 
Breested, Andrew, 30. 

Anna, 47. 
Breestede, Annatie, 82. 

Johanna, 82. 
Brett, Martin W.. 804. 

Philip M.. 804. 
Bridson, Joseph R., 1097. 
Brigham, Antoinette G., 1155. 

Eliza R., 1150. 

Elizabeth, 1484. 

Elouise, 1486. 

Florence, 1490. 

John C, 776. 

John K., 1154. 

Louise I., 1489. 

Mary D., 1152. 

Ward A., 1153. 

Walter E., 1151. 
Briggs, H., 515. 
Brinkerhoff, Elizabeth, 89. 

Joris, 89. 
Bruce, Christian, 644. 

Marjory, 83. 

Robert. King of Scotland, 83, 644. 
Brouwer, Jacob, 514. 

Cornelius, 293. 
Brown, Hackleia, 490. 

James C. R., 890. 
Brush, Sarah. 803. 

Mary, 803. 
Bulkley, Ellen L., 1200. 
Bulloch, Archibald B., 614. 

James, 644. 

James S., 644. 

Martha, 644. 
Bunce, Alfred C, 1208. 

Carleton B., 1576. 

Elizabeth C. 1577. 

Grace J., 1578. 

Maria R., 1575. 

Russel. 1579. 
Bunch, Sir Robert, 424. 
Burger, Catharina, 68. 

Burke, Niles R., 398. 
Burns, David, 360. 

Marcia, 360. 
Burrill. Charles D.. 990. 

Edward L., 990. 

Emily V., 990. 

I 12 


John E., 990. 

M. S., 990. 

William V., 990. 
Butler, Milford C, 1108. 

Samuel P., 1108. 
Butterfield, Henry I., 658. 

Wm. F. L., 1104. 
Cabot. Elizabeth, 1072. 

Francis, 1079. 

John. 1079. 

Joseph, 1079. 

Mary A.. 1079. 
Cahill, Edward H., 1158. 

Helen A., 1194. 
Campbell, Annie R., 1323a. 

Elizabeth, 1048. 

George H., 1045. 

George K. R.. 1323c. 

Louie R.. 1323b. 
Canon. Catherine. 192, 220. 

Maria. 220. 
Carpenter, Hannah. 641. 

Samuel, 641. 
Carow, Charles. 1079. 

Edith K.. 1079. 

Isaac. 1079. 

Isaac Q.. 1079. 

Josue, 1079. 

Caulkins, , 557. 

Chamberlin, Abel C, 1109. 

Euretta D., 1450. 

Myron N., 1109. 
Champlin, Eliza L., 622, 402. 

Wm. O.. 311, 402. 
Champney, Noah, 1072. 

Sarah, 1072. 
Charbet, Julian X., 250. 
Charles The First, 86. 
Charlton, Catharine. 196. 

William, 196. 
Cherlton, Lady, 641. 
Chisholm. Isobel. 644. 

of Comar, 644. 
Clark, Appleton L., 1197. 

Charlie, 1013. 

Crosby R., 1553. 

Edwin, 1300. 

George. 1012. 

Harry. 560. 

Henry, 560. 

Joel, 803. 

Roosevelt, L. S., 1552. 

Sarah, 803. 

Thomas R.. 1197. 
Clarke, John, 1079. 

Sarah, 1079. 
Clarkson, Harriet A.. 851. 
Clopper, Cornelius, 102. 

Cornelius J., 28. 

Elizabeth, 236. 

John, 237. 

Margaret, 28. 
Cocran, Jane. 903. 
Coerton, Garret. 1. 

Colden, Cadwallder, 251. 

David, 251. 
Cole, Martha. 208. 
Colevelt, Anna, 3. 10. 
Comfort, Catharine. 68, 143. 

Gerardus, 68, 144. 
Conselyea, Grietje, 79. 

Jan, 79. 
Cook, Betsey. 347. 
Cooke. Adelaide. 1487. 

George W., 297. 

John H., 1152. 

Mary R., 1488. 
Cooper, Ann, 1079. 
Cornell, Mary, 563. 
Cornelius, Jakeyntje, 6. 
Cowles, Thonias, 1078. 

Wm. S., 1078, 1384. 
Cox, Mary, 1073. 
Cozine, John, 165. 
Craig, Samuel. 426. 

Sarah, 359. 

William, 420a. 
Cram, Jacob, 835. 

Laura V., 835. 
Crispwell, Anthony, 3, 22, So. 

Jannetje, 86. 
Croasdale, Alice, 359. 

Thomas, 359. 
Crommelin, Alfred, 471. 

Charles. 88, 214. 469. 

Daniel, 466. 

Edward, 470. 

James, 215, 465. 

Lewis, 468. 

William, 467. 
Crosby. Ebenezer, 851. 

Ellen N., 851. 

Joseph, 851. 

Senion, 851. 
Curtenius, Jane, 190. 

Peter T., 190. 
Curtis. Alice M., 1040. 
Cutting. Charles, 1503. 

Elizabeth B., 1503. 

Helen. 1503. 

Robert F.. 1503. 
Dally, Christina, 152. 
d'Allegri Marquis, 1322a. 
Davidson, James A., 1451. 

James M., 1115. 

Maud. 1115, 1451. 
Davison, Alice M., 989. 

Charles A., 989. 

Louis v.. 989. 
Dean, Eleanor, 680. 

Hannah, 442. 

Joseph A., 680. 
Decker, Elizabeth, 91. 
Dederer, M. M., 516. 
De Hooges, Anthony, 13. 

Catharine. 13. 
De Key, Frances, 154. 
De Klyne, Barrentsen, 195. 



Elizabeth, 195. 

Leonard, 195. 
De la Montague, Jan. 5. 

Jesse, 24. 

Nicalsie, 1, 5. 

Samuel, 23, 56. 
Delano, Sarah, 850. 

Warren, 850. 
Denison, Jeremiah T., 754. 

Jonathan K., 1110. 

Julia A., 1109. 
De Peyster, Abraham, 155, 324, 326. 

Ann, 156, 157. 

Cathrina, 50. 

Elizabeth, 311, 325, 328, 402. 

Gerard, 396. 

Gerardus, 153, 346, 330. 

Heylte, 151. 

Jacobus, 156. 

Jane, 340. 

Johannes. 50, 69, 150, 327. 

Joris, 334. 

Margarita. 91, 159, 312, 329, 337. 

Margertje, 158. 

Margaret, 804. 

Nicholas, 154, 331, 339. 

Philip, 332. 

Sarah, 336. 

William, 69, 152, 310, 323, 333, 335, 

338, 340a, 358. 
De Ray, Elinor, 142. 
De iReimer, Anne, 294. 

Catharine R.. 293. 

Cornelius B.. 515. 

Elsie, 295, 296. 

Elsie B., 512. 

Hester A., 517. 

Isaac, 66, 139. 

Jacob R., 516. 

Jane M., 514. 

Margaret, 139. 

Martha, 298. 

Mary, 291 . 

Nicholas, 513. 

Nicholas R., 141. 

Peter, 510. 

Petrus. 142. 

Peter S., 290. 

Samuel B., 292. 

Sarah, 140, 297. 

Steinwyck, 66, 143. 

Susannah, A., 511. 
De Veaux, Andre, 644. 

James, 644. 

Mary, 644. 
De Vouw, Elsje. 3, 14. 
De Witt, Jan, 219. 
Dey, Esther, 374. 
Dietz, Mary, 853. 
Dircks, Lysbeth, 1. 
Dirks, Rachel. 81. 
d'Oremieulx. Laura H., 1067. 
Douglass, Henry B., 1278. 

Eupbemia, 644. 

Isadore, 1278. 

John, 644. 

Morris D., 1278. 
Dranger, Andrew, 83. 

Anna D., 83. 
Drayton, Caroline A., 1517. 

Henry C, 1517. 

James C, 1517. 

Wm. A., 1517. 
Duane, James, 86. 
Duffle, Archibald B., 1159. 

Archibald D., 1493. 

Charles W., 800. 

Cornelia, 397. 

Cornelia R., 1156. 

Cornelius R., 395, 803, 1157. 

Dorothy, 1492. 

Duncan, 186. 

Helena B., 801. 

Jane A., 398, 1158. 

John, 186. 

John H., 399. 

Maria R., 802. 

Maria C, 393. 

Margaret, 394. 

Matilda, 396. 

Roe C, 1495. 
Dunham, Jane, 465. 
Dunwody, Esther, 644. 

James, 644. 

John, 644. 
Durie, Joost, 75. 
Duryea, Abraham, 75, 103. 

Catharina, 411. 

Heyltje, 169. 

Jacob, 92, 411. 

John, 100. 

Joost, 92. 

Jooslen. 75. 

Mary, 92. 
Eddy, Caspar W.. 455. 
Edwards, Sarah. 1079. 
Elliott, Hester A., 644. 

John, 644. 
Ellis, Elizabeth. 643. 

John S., 643. 
Emlen, Elizabeth N., 641. 

George. 641. 

Wm. F., 641. 
Endicott, John, 442. 
English, Betsey. 148. 
Erwin, Helen P., 1476. 

Lenair M., 1136. 

Louise. 1477. 

Meta R.. 1475. 

William, 1136. 
Everts, Cornelia, 77, 79. 
Evertsen, Henrv H., 775. 

Maria E., 776. 

Walter, 388. 
Fairchild. Anne, 644. 

Richard, 644. 
Falles, Elizabeth, 1093. 
Pane. Otto. 659. 
Fargle. Alida, 183. 

Winter, 183. 



Fishburn, Ralph, 641. 

Sarah, 641. 

William, 641. 
Fitch, James R., 691. 

Laura R., 690. 

Russel, 372. 
Flint, Edward, 1079. 
Fockens, Grietja, M., 33. 
Follausbee, Mary J.,. 566. 
Follemans. Sarah, 6, 66, 27. 
Forbes, Elizabeth, 644. 

James, 644. 
Forsyth, George W., 990. 
Forsythe, Louisa T., 1193. 

Robert A., 1193. 
Fortescue, Francis, 643. 

Marion T., 643. 
Fox, Elizabeth, 641. 

James, 1203. 

Joseph, 641. 
Fowler, Marian P.. 761. 
Frelinghaus, Theodore, 89. 
French, Nellie, 252. 
Fulman, Sarah, 6. 27, 66. 
Fulton, Robert, 180. 
Fytie, Beckje en 1. 
Galusha, Charles C, 1127. 

Elon G., 1467. 
Gardner, Hannah, 1079. 

Samuel, 1079. 
Garrett, Hannah, 641. 
Gay, Minerva I., 1130. 
George of Huntley, 83. 
Gerritz, Cornelius, 6, 26. 
Geritsen. Cornelius, 6, 26. 
Gibson, Helena, 77. 

Isaac. 398. 
Gifford, George, 564. 
Gilbert, Antoinette V. V.. 1126. 

Carrie L., 1464. 

Cornelia, 1125. 

Cornelia A., 1121. 

Edward, 76. 

GEdward R., 1124. 

Elizabeth, 151. 

Elizabeth R., 1462. 

Euretta D.. 1122. 

Euretta M.. 1463. 

James B.. 1465, 1128, \V1'\ 

John. 76. 1120. 

Joshua T., 1123. 

Margaret. 1466. 

Margaret E., 1127. 

Sarah V. V., 1119. 

"William. 151. 
Gilkerson. Thomas. 1047. 
Gillett, Phoebe A.. 1040. 
Goerck, Casina T., 167. 
Goelet, Miss, 190. 
Goodsell, Esther J., 754. 
Gordon, Adam. 83. 

Alexander, 83. 

Lady Catharine, 83. 

George, 83. 
Lady Jean, 83. 

John, 83. 

Louisa, 83. 

Sir Robert, 83. 
Gorham, Elizabeth, 1079, 
Graham, Lilias, 854. 

James D., 1062. 

Marian M., 1347. 
Grant, Catherine, 644. 

Sir Duncan, 644. 
Gray, Lady Elizabeth. 641. 

Sir Henry, 641. 

John. 641. 

Sir Thomas, 641. 
Green, Frederick V., 1257. 
Greene, Katharine, 1072. 
Grevenrats, Christina, 1. 
Hall Anna, 1080. 

Thomas, 1. 
Hallett, Judith, 217. 
Halsted. Caleb O., 1073. 

Lucy, 1073. 
Hamilton, Elvira, 634. 

John, 634. 
Hammel. Jannetje, 1. 

John, 1. 
Hammersley, Lewis R., 1077 

Lillie, 1077. 
Hankenson, Sarah F., 1003. 
Hardenbrook. Adolph, 30. 

Catharine, 30. 

Johannes, 30. 
Hardman, Hannah. 641. 
Harris, Elizabeth S. 1111. 
Haskell, Caroline, 1079. 
Hathorn, John, 511. 
Hawthornwaite, Agnes, 359. 
Heath. Robert, 641. 

Susanna, 641. 
Hedding. Laurence, 3, 10. 
Heering. Elbert, 79. 

Elizabeth, 150. 

Margaret. 79. 

Peter, 79. 
Heermanse, Adries, 170. 
Hendricks, Annetje, 33 

Elsje, 3. 
Hendrickszen, Hendrick, 1. 
Henry, Emily, 391. 
Hennion, Cathrina, 144. 
Higglns^ Sarah. 1072. 
Higginson, Elizabeth. 1079. 

Francis, 1079. 

John, 1079. 

Sarah, 1072. 

Stephen, 1072. 
Hoff. Arthur S.. 1106. 
Hoffman, Anthony, 210. 

Catherine E., 208, 439. 

Cornelia, 86. 

Maria, 209. 

Martinus. 86. 205, 211. 


Nicholas, 86, 207, 212. 

Trintje, 205. 



Holland, Edward, 183. 


Henry, 183. 
Hopper,J. B., 1155. 

Louise R., 1491. 
Horn, Agues, 044. 

James, 644. 
Horton, Mary J., 371. 

Stephen, 371. 
Hosmer, Angeline A., 1109. 
Howland, Gardiner G., 850. 

Harriet, 208. 

Joseph, 208, 442. 

John, 208. 

Nathaniel, 208 

iRebecca B., 850. 

Hoyt, G. P. B., 1033. 
Hubbard, Sally, 565. 
Hugg-ens, Elizabeth, 195. 
Hulbert, Charles D., 1023. 

Marie B., 1023b. 
Hunt, Stephen N., 382. 
Irvine, Anne, 644. 

Charles, 644. 

John, 644. 
Irving', Cortland, 1505. 

Edward, 1508. 

Frances R., 1507. 

Helen C, 1506, 

Henry, 1506. 

John, 1504. 

John T., 1167. 

Josephine V. C, 1504. 

Marion H., 1510. 

Percival R., 1504. 

Walter, 1509. 
Jackson, Ann J., 810. 

Hannah, 1072. 

Jonathan. 1072. 

Joseph H., 810. 
James the Second. King,83. 
Jans, Elsje, 6. 
Janson, Jane, 154. 
Janszen, Hendrick, 3. 
. Philip, 33. 

Tymen, 3. 
Jay, Frederick.194. 

John, 86. 

Peter, 360. 
Jeeds, Maria, 70. 
Jennings, Eliza, 558. 
Jewett, Augustus W., 1207. 

Edward W., 1210. 
Grace B., 1208. 

HarrletR., 1206. 

Jacob B., 856. 

Louisa B., 1205. 
Mary W., 1209. 
Jones, Cordelia, 1499. 
Eleanor C, 1497. 
James I., 1165, 1498. 
Kean, Christine G., 1073. 
John, 1073. 
Peter P., 1073. 

Kenny, Dorothy, 1426. 

Edward G., 1093. 

George W., 1100. 

Jane J., 1098. 

Joan M., 1099. 

Joseph B., 1101. 

Katherine M., 1097. 

Laura E., 1096. 

Louis F., 1102. 

Margaret L., 1095. 

Mary C, 1094. 

Mary L., 1425. 

Patrick W., 1103, 

Thomas E., 657. 

Thomas E. B., 1092. 
Kendricksen, Henry, 25. 
Kiefts, Governor, 3. 
Kimberly,A. V. H., 1074. 
Kingsland, Ethel W., 1511. 

George L., 1511. 

Helen S., 1511. 
Kip or Kype, Cathrine, 227. 

Cornelius, 228. 

Henry, 25, 94, 222. 

Jacobus, 224, 226. 

John, 223. 

Peter, 225. 

Rachel, 221. 

Tryntje, 11, 25. 
Kirby, William, 144. 
Kissam, Benjamin, 211. 

Benjamin R., 456. 

Catharine R., 461. 

Cornelia C, 455. 

Emma C, 460. 

Helena, 458. 

Maria A., 457. 

Richard V., 459. 
Knapp, Mary, 555. 
Knox, J. M., 874. 
Kunst, Barent, 6. 

Jan. 6. 

Heyltje, 1, 6, 

Jantje, 6. 
Kynaston Humphrey, 641, 

Margaret, 641. 

Roger, 641. 
Ladd, Mary, 641. 
Laidlie, Archibald, 30. 
Land, Lucie, 1129. 
Langdon, Edith N., 1157. 

Thomas B., 1157. 
Laning-, Tenntje, 220. 
Lathrop, Louisa G., 680. 
Latrobe, H. B., 180. 

Lydia, 180. 
Lawrence, Abbott, 1072. 
Lawton, Franklyn, 1161. 

Mabel G., 1161. 
Lay, John C, 1004. 
Leaycraft, Charles Y., 683, 
Le Compte, William, 196. 
Lee, Alice Hathaway, 1079. 

Benjamin, 1079. 

Eliza, 900. 



Elizabeth, 632, 1079. 
George C, 1079. 
John C, 1079. 
Josephine, 1322. 
Nathaniel C, 1079. 
Thomas, 1079. 
L,eed, Hannah, 1008. 
LeFebre, Magdalena, 75. 
Lefferts, John L.. 458. 
Leighton, Elizabeth, 1079. 

John, 1079. 
LeRoy Herman, 110. 

Jacob, 109, 110. 
Leslie, John, 644. 
Isobel, 644. 
LeSure, Mary E., 1197. 
LeVinsen, Carl B., 1452. 
Lewes, Francis, 86. 
Lewis, Sarah, 641. 
Lispenard, Alice, 417. 

Anthony, 195, 416. 
Anne B., 831. 
Esther, 833. 
Helen, 830. 833. 
Helena R., 419. 
Julia, 833. 

Leonard, 86. 195, 418, 431, 432, 829. 
Sarah,420, 832. 
Theophylact, 833. 
Thomas, 415. 
Livingston, Alida, 211. 

Francis A., 873, 460, 461. 
Maria A., 874. 
Philip, 86. 
Peter V. B., 1073. 
Robert, 180. 
Robert G., 298. 
Susan, 1073. 
William, 872. 
Lloyd. Charles. 641. 
Humphrey, 641. 
John, 641. 
Katherine, 641. 
Mary, 641. 
Thomas, 641. 
Lockwood, Anna, 386. 
Lott, John, 366. 

Peter, 30. 
Loucy, Mary, 655. 
Loumans, Margriet, 1. 
Lounsbury, Elizabeth, 73. 
Love, Charles G., 1322b. 
Low, Cornelius, 33. 95, 98. 
Edwin H., 1322d. 
Elizabeth, 103. 
Helena, 94. 
Isaac, 86. 
Jannetje, 97, 100. 
Johannes, 101. 
John, 229, 235. 
Judith, 230, 233. 
Margareta, 95. 
Maria, 98. 
Nicholas, 99. 
Peter, 33, 140. 

Petrus, 96, 231. 
Rachel, 102, 232. 
Samuel, 234. 
Sarah, 104, 99. 
Lowe, Carrie E., 1129. 
Lowell, Augustus, 1072. 
Francis C, 1072. 
John, 1072. 
John A., 1072. 
Katharine, 1072. 
Percival, 1072. 
Lowle, Ava, 1519. 
Lukens, Elizabeth. 359. 
Lupton, Elizabeth,480. 

William, 216. 
Luqueer, Anantie, 81. 

Jean, 81. 
Lyde, Edward, 449. 

Grace, 449. 
Lyle, Anna M., 447. 
Lynch, Sarah T., 183. 
Lyman, Catharine R.. 850. 
Macchetta, Augusta, 1322a. 
Marschalk, Andrew, 30. 

Peter, 30. 
Marshall, Anna M., 114. 
Edward, 116. 
Harmanus, 115. 
John, 49, 117. 
Maynard, Edward H., 1254. 
Linn DeR., 1599. 
Margaret R., 1600. 
Meeker, Maria, 754. 
Mellowes, John, 1079. 

Martha, 1079. 
Merideth, Jonathan, 850. 

Louisa, 850. 
Merritt, Edward R., 1070. 
Merrite, Robert, 381. 
Metcher, Sarah, 1057. 
Meyer, or Meyert, Cathrina, 13, 51. 
Elsje, 8, 10. 
Hendrick, 1, 3, 14. 
Jennetje, 9. 
Jillis, 3. 
Johannes, 15. 
Marritie, 11. 
Maryken, 151. 
Peter, 16. 
Rachel, 12. 
Mickle, Elizabeth, 641. 
Milledoler, Susan A., 804. 
Moncriefe, Mr. 203. 
Monroe, Fanny, 1081. 
Montauge, Rachel, 77. 
Montgomery, Richard, 834. 
Morford, Ada DeR., 1276. 
Andrew R., 1250. 
Anthony D., 901. 
Anna E., 1251. 
Charles A., 900, 1251. 
David R., 1258. 
Dorothy W., 1280. 
Elsie DeR., 1254. 
Evelina W., 1255. 



Evie DeR., 1278. 

Henrietta E., 907. 

Henry C. K., 1282. 

Lewis M., 1277. 

John H. L., 905. 

Margaret B., 1257. 

Mary A., 902, 1275. 

Mary L., 1253. 

Mary M., 1281, 1277. 

Robert H., 904. 

Samuel D., 512, 1279. 

Susan, 1256. 

Theodore. 1280, 906. 

Virginia T., 1283. 

William E., 903. 
Morgan, Edward B., 1107. 

N. Dennison, 1177. 

Robert W., 1526. 
Moross, Columbus V., 1060. 

Mary T. L., 1060. 
Morris, Augustus N., 1497. 

Elizabeth, 559. 

Eva. V. C, 1497. 

Jacob, 1073. 

James, 412. 

Joseph, 142. 

Lewis, 1073. 

Mary, 906. 

New bold, 1497. 

Sarah S., 1073. 
Morrow, Eleanor, 1105. 

W. W., 1105. 
Mowatt, Eliza, 1079. 

Mowers, , 177. 

Munro, Henry, 839. 
Murdock, Elizabeth, 987. 
Murray, Catharine, 854. 
Myrick, Mary, 1044. 
McCarter, Rachel H., 1131. 
McCord, Agnes A., 1320. 

James, 1320. 

James R., 1320. 

Pauline A., 1320. 

McCracken, , 870. 

McCreedy, John, 562. 
McDougall, Alexander, 86. 
MoBnally, AnnaR., 1107. 

Antoinette R.. 1108. 

James, 753. 

McEvers, , 998. 

McKenzie, Jane, 644. 

Sir Kenneth, 644. 
Nash, Harriet O., 1112. 
Neilson, Emily, 990. 

John, 851. 

Joseph M., 851. 

Julia, 855. 
Newhouse, Julia M., 1053. 
Newkirk, Dolores L., 1331. 
Noordstrand, Sara. 411. 
Norris, Charles, 641. 

Grace, 1332. 

Isaac, 641. 

John P., 641. 

Maxy P., 641. 

Thomas, 641. 
Norstrandt, Sarah, 92. 

O'Conner, , 871. 

O'Connor, Catherine M., 1060. 
Ogden, Amelia, 1131. 

Isaac, 1131. 

Sarah, 212. 
Olfertson, Siort, 28. 
Onkelbag, Rebecka, 82. 
Oremieulx, Laura H., 1067. 
Orne, Anna, 1079. 

Lois, 1079. 
Osterhout, Alleta, 632. 
Oswald, Susannah, 644. 
O'Shea, John, 643. 

Marion, T., 643. 
Outerbridge, Augustus A., 682. 
Oxenham, Charles H., 1118. 

Irving R., 1460. 

LeRoy, 1458. 

Merritt L., 1457. 

Mignonette, 1459. 
Palfrey, Edith, 442. 

Peter, 442. 

Remember, 442. 

Palmer, , 635. 

Pardy, Salmon B., 1020. 
Parker, Joseph, 641. 

Mary, 641. 
Parsons, Mary, 1180. 
Paxton, Harriet L.. 1001. 
Payeux, Magdalena, 183. 
Peacock, Josephine E., 1504. 
Peckj Hannah, 77. 

John, 77. 
Pelton, John, 803. 

Lillian, 803. 
Penn, William, 641. 
Perry^ Edward, 1008. 

.1. ranees, 1300. 

Mary E., 1008. 
Person, Martje, 24. 
Pettigill, Charlotte, 510. 
Phillips, Elizabeth, 1330. 

Franklin, 1328. 

Silas A., 1049. 

Zada E., 1329. 
Pickering, Sarah, 1079. 
Pieces,Petronelle, 5. 
Pieterszen, Gillis, 3. 

Jillis, 3. 
Pitney, Caroline L., 1073. 
Pitt, Earl of Chatham. 1079. 

Mary, 1079. 
Plantagenet, Henry, 641. 

Henry III., 641. 

Lady Joan, 641. 
Polhemius, Catrina, 92. 

Elizabeth, 75. 

Theodorus, 75. 
Pool, Margaret, 141. 
Poole, Laurence, 660. 
Porter, Laura H., 642. 
Potts, David, 359. 

Elizabeth, 369. 



John, 359. 

Thomas, 359. 
Pringle, Olive, 634. 
Primrose, Aria B. M., 1428. 

George A., 1094. 

Marjorie, F., 1427. 
Proovost, Abraham, 3, 9, 39. 

Benjamin B., 252. 

Catherine, 36, 136, 369. 

David, 9, 137. 


Hendrick, 37. 

Isaac, 41. 

Jacob, 40. 

Jaraes, 178. 

James A., 138, 178. 

Johannes, 9, 36. 

John, 54, 135, 253. 

Maria, 251. 

Mary, 368. 

Samuel, 38, 54, 134. 

Susanna E., 250. 
Pruyn, Margaret, 762. 

Samuel, 762. 
Pyke, Alexander, 390. 
Quantin, Judith, 1079. 
Quereau, Isaac, 1079. 

Isaac Q., 1079. 

Josue, 1079. 
Rakes, Charles, 1050. 
Ramsay, Agnes, 644. 
Randolph, Charles F., 997. 

Harriet, 997. 

John F., 997. 

Matilda, 997. 
Rapalje, George, 250. 
Ray, Elsie, 366. 

James, 366. 

John, 177, 365. 
Reckless, Anna, 641. 
Reeves. Mary A., 833. 
Relyea, George W., 1310. 

Laura B., 1311. 

W. R.. 1034. 
Remsen, Anna, 1182. 
Reynolds, James. 1209. 
Ridge, Susan, 374. 
Ridgeway, Jessie, 1104. 

Joseph, 1097. 
Ring, Mattie, 1041. 
Robert, Julia C, 1136. 
Robertson, Andrew, 676. 

Alexander, 368. 

Catherine, 675. 
Robinson, Alexander, 368. 
Corinne E. D., 1395. 
Douglas, 1081. 
Monroe, D., 1396. 
Stewart D., 1397. 
Theodore D., 1394. 
Roe, Antoinette L., 1159. 
Roelofs, Itie, 28. 
Roll, Mr., 4, 17. 
/Roome, Susannah 292. 
Rods, Cornelia, 48, 86. 

Roosa, Aldert, 1, 14, 17. 

Claas, 18. 

Gysbert, 19, 

Heymans, 1. 4, 6, 17, 25. 

Lea, 22. 

Nettje, 20. 

Rachel, 21. 
Rose, Harriet, 1079. 
Rourke, Lillian F., 1473. 

Roosevelt, 1474. 

Thomas F., 1133. 
Rutgers, Alice, 195. 

Anna, 120. 

Anthony, 53, 108, 195. 

Catharine, 51. 

Cathrina, 110, 118. 

Cornelia, 109, 195. 

Elizabeth, 122, 153. 

Elsie, 49. 

Eva, 54. 

Harman. 13, 121, 123, 126. 

Hendrick, 50, 124. 

Hermanns, 3, 13, 48, 105, 107. 

Jacobsen, 13. 

Johannes, 55, 119. 

John, 113. 

Margarita, 111. 

Maria, 52, 112, 125. 
Samuels, Janetje, 1. 
Sanders, Thomas, 33, 6. 
Santvoort, Aaltje, 6, 33. 

Saunders, , 162. 

Savage, Rhoda, 360. 

Sarah, 1079. 

Thomas, 1079. 
Sayres, John H., 1487. 
Scheerbuch, Geertje, 3. 
Schermerhorn, Abraham, 828. 

Anna W., 1166. 

Archibald B., 1137. 

Augustus V. C, 1136. 

Cornelia W., 1169. 

Elizabeth, 1165. 

Helen, 1167. 

Henry W., 1162. 

Katherine 1168. 

Peter, 828. 
Schut, Phebe, 79. 
Scovel, Cornelia R., 1091. 

Edward B.. 654. 
Schuyler, Aaron, 374. 

Arent, 374. 

Anthony, 374. 

Casparus, 374. 

David, 32. 

Frank H., 693. 

Louis S., 694. 

Mary, 171. 

Montgomery, 374. 

Montgomery R., 692, 1070. 

Peter, 32. 

Philip, 6, 32. 

Sarah, 93. 
Sehly, Jenny, 183. 
Seton, Alexander, 694. 



Isobel, 694. 

William, 694. 
ShanJey, Bernard, 1201. 
Sharp, Alice, 442. 
Slieffield, Elizabeth, 1078. 
Sherwin, Ezra B., 1046. 

Fannie G., 1046. 
Sherwood, Juliette, 1005. 
Ships. "Amity," 1072. 

" Brindle Cow," 79. 

" Faith," 30. 

" Mayflower."208. 

" Susan and Ellen," 851. 

" Statyn," 28. 

"Talbot," 1079. 
Shipmen, Mary G.. 1262. 
Shippen, Kate, 1066. 
Sims, Elizabeth, 89. 
Sinclair, Catharine, 644. 

Lord William, 644. 
Sioerts, Olfert, 28, 69. 
Siort, Jan. 139. 
Sjoerts. Heyltje, 6. 28, 141. 
Skelchley, Ann, 760. 
Skillman, John, 837. 

Lispenard S.. 1194. 

Robert L,., 1194. 

Sarah A., 1194. 
Slecht, Jaconjn, 6, 28. 
Sleight, James, 296. 
Smetman, Herman, 1. 
Smith, Bernardus, 3, 10. 

David D., 1253. 

Harold P., 1597. 

Hester A., 303. 

Mary M., 1598. 

Ralph O., 1596. 

Samuel, 442. 
Snyder, Janszen, 3. 
Solleman, Sarah, 27. 
Spratt, Maria, 54. 
Springett, Susanna, 1157. 
Staets, Sara, 9. 
Stagg, John, 30. 

Thomas, 92. 
Statts, Abram, 9. 
Stephens, James W., 388. 
Stewart, Alan, 83. 

Alexander, 83. 

Alexander L.. 420. 

Charles S.. 837. 

Daniel, 644. 

Helen, 83. 

Helen L.., 835. 

James I., 83. 

Janet. 83. 

John, 83, 644, 1499. 

King John. 83. 

Martha, 644. 

Mary J., 836. 

Robert H., 83. 

Robert IH., 83. 

Sarah A.. 837. 

Walter, 83. 
Stevens, Alexander G.. 780. 

Alida M., 778. 

Eliza A. (R., 779. 

James W., 388. 

Walter E., 777. 
Stine, Elizabeth, 1132. 

William, 1132. 
Stobo, Archibald, 644. 

Jean, 644. 
Stoffelson, Jacob, 3. 
Stone, Alice, 990. 
Stratton, Mary, 559. 
Suffern, Edward C, 1261. 

Edward L., 1261. 

Elsie DeR., 1261. 

Ernest S., 1261. 

Philip, 1261. 

Robert A., 1261. 
Suter, William N., 1527. 
Suydam, Augustus V. C, 1501. 

Charles, 1166, 1500. 

Helen, 1503. 

Jane M., 1502. 

Walter L., 1502. 
Swan, Frances, 1512. 
Swift, Mary A., 403. 
Sylvester, Elizabeth, 1072. 

Richard, 1072. 
Syms, Elizabeth, 210. 
Symmes, Mary, 1079. 
Talbot, Carrie L.., 653. 
Taschemaker, Petar, 6. 
Tasheira, James L., 761. 

Mercelena, 761. 
Taylor. Rebecca, 168. 
Teller, Mnryeret, 66. 
Ten Br«eck, John, 4, 21. 
Thomas, Jennetje, 1. 
Thomson, Maria, 186. 
Thompson, Alonzo D., 755. 

Alonzo R., nil. 

Edward G., 1113, 1455. 

Edward R., 1117, 1453. 

Ella R.. 1118, 1454. 

Elenora, 77. 

Elizabeth, 89. 

Helena, 77. 

James W., 1114. 

Merritt L., 1112. 

Sarah E., 1115, 1451. 

Walter R., 1456. 

William R., 1116, 1452. 
Thurman, Elizabeth, 68. 

John, 68. 
Tiller, Janneke, 374. 
Tilley, Elizabeth, 208. 
Todd, W. W., 393. 
Tousey, Hiram, 1057. 

Marian, 1333. 

Morris R.. 1331. 

Walter C, 1332. 

Wilson H., 1057. 
Tracy, Carrie, 1002. 

Dennis, 557. 

Eliza, 563. 

C eorge, 1000. 



Hannah, 1072. 

Thomas R., 1001. 

William H., 1003. 
Tucker, Blanche, I. P., 1322a. 

Edward E., 1322. 

Elizabeth R., 1322c. 

Fannie A., 1322d. 

Joseph, 1044. 

Minnie C. F.. 1322b. 

William H., 1044, 1045. 
Tunnell, Sarah, 1072. 
Tupper, Bessie. 1059. 
Tyler, Daniel 1079. 

Gertrude E., 1079. 

Hopestill, 1079. 
Vail, Cora C, 1282. 
Varick, Richard. 209. 
Van Alen, James, 1515. 

James L., 1515. 

Mary, 1515. 

Sarah S., 1515. 
Van Alst, John, 408. 
Van Alstyne. Albert T., 1327. 

Albert S., 1054. 

Catharine. 183. 

Charles, 1325. 

Cornelius R., 1052. 

Edward, 1326. 

.Egbert B., 1048. 

Elizabeth, 1049. 

George, 1051. 

Helen E.. 1050. 

Jane M.. 1047. 

Lambert E.. 1055. 

Lambert, 632. 

Matthews. 183. 

Thomas W., 1053. 

Thomas, 632. 

Tryntje. 183. 
Van Beuren, Beekman. 151, 318. 

Cathrina, 321, 322. 

Hendrikus. 320. 

Jan, 150, 314. 

Johannes, 150. 314. 

Margarita, 313. 

Maria, 316, 317. 

William, 315, 319. 
Van Beverhout, Mary, 202. 
Van Borsum. Egbert, 33. 

Margariet, 33. 

Tymon, 33. 
Van Breestede, Tryntje. 13. 

Jansse, 13. 
Van Brugh. Peter. 1073. 

Susan, 1073. 
Vance, Nannie, 1075. 
Van Cortlandt, Anne, 413. 

Augustus, 193. 

Eve, 413. 

Frederick, 413. 

Helena, 412. 

Jacobus, 41 3. 
Van DaMsen de Vries, 1. 
Vanderbllt, Eliza O.. 1183. 

William H., 1183. 

Van der Briel, Abraham, 11. 

Janszen, 11. 
Van der Grow, Jillis, 3. 
Van der Gonda, Jillis, 3. 
Van der Heul, Abraham, 42,60,61. 

Cathrina, 62. 

Elizabeth, 43. 

Hendrick, 3, 11, 44, 47. 

Helena, 65. 

Jannetje 71. 

Johannes, 46, 64, 71. 

John, 25. 

Nicholas, 63. 

Tryntje, 45. 
Van der Spiegel, Laurens, 9. 
Vandervort, Helen, 762. 
Van Duzen, Miss, 95. 
Van Durzen. Mary, 89. 
Van Dyck. Lydia,176. 
Van Epps, Elizabeth, 50, 69. 

Dirkse, 50, 69. 
Van Home, Abraham, 51, 128. 

Cathrina. 127. 

Eva, 133. 

Elizabeth, 130. 

Herman, 132, 

Jacobus, 131. 

John, 51. 

Margaret. 129, 

Mary, 1175. 
Van Imbroch, Gysbert. 77. 
Van Laer, Sara. 30. 

Stoffel, 30. 

Gerritszen, SO. 
Van Ness, Cornelia. 360. 

Cornelius P., 360. 

JohnP., 360. 
Van Ranst, Abraham, 191. 410. 

Catharine, 408. 

Cornelius, 192, 220, 411. 

John R.. 409. 

Mary, 220. 

Sarah, 192, 411. 
Van Rantz. Mary, 220. 
Van Schaick, Van Schaack. 

America. 83. 

Beeltje, 77. 

Cornelia, 83. 

Cornelius, 176. 

Emanuel. 176. 

Garritz, 83. 

Goosen, 176. 

Gerritsen. 176. 

Levinius. 83. 

Mary, 176. 
Van Slichtenhorst, Alida, 32. 
Van Tienhoven, Alfje, 1. 
Van Tilburg. Johannes, 79. 
Van Vleck. Isaac, 173. 
Van Voorst. Cornelius. 7.'i6. 
Van Wyck, Theodoras, 30. 
Van Zandt. Maria, 151. 

Tobias, 30. 
Van Zant, Mary, 1054. 
Van Zuydtlandt, Abraham, 11, 25. 



Velthuysen, Nicholas, 1. 
Verlandt, Miss, 151. 
Vermilyea, Charles A., 995. 

Elizabeth P., 994, 

Emily A., 993. 

Frederick M., 987. 

Louis F., 992. 

Louisa M., 990. 

Mary A., 989. 

Robert M., 991. 

Thomas E., 988. 

William E., 987. 

William M., 991, 517. 
Ver Plank, Catalyn. 32. 
Volleman, Sarah, 27. 
Von Ledlitz, Baron, 1090. 

Olga, 1090. 
Vreelenhuesen, Elizabeth, 89. 
Walker, Gollothan, 1138. 

John M., 1138, 1479. 

Roosevelt P., 1478. 
Wallace, Malcom, 644. 

Marian, 644. 

Sir William, 644. 
Walton, Abraham 86. 

Gerard, 208. 

Maria E., 208. 
Washington, General George, 86, 195. 
Webb, Alexander S., 1182, 1533. 

Amelia B., 1178. 

Catherine L., 1179. 

Elizabeth N. 1531. 

Frances E.. 1187. 

Francis P., 1529. 

Frederica V., 1535. 

Georsre C, 1185. 

Helen L., 1530, 1532. 

Helen M., 1177. 

Henry W^., 1184. 

Jacob L.. 1186. 

James W., 835. 1180, 1.^36. 

Lispenard S.. 1176, 1189. 

Mary S., 1190. 

Robert S., 1175, 1525. 

Stephania L., 1191. 

Stephen H., 836, 1192. 

Vanderbilt, 1538. 

Virginia G., 1193. 

"Watson, 1181. 

William R., 1534. 

William S., 1183, 1537. 
Webbers, Sarah, 9. 
Webster, Daniel, 110. 

Welles, Benjamin S., 1168, 1512. 

Catherine W., 1513. 

Emily P., 1512. 

Harriet C, 1514. 

Helen S., 1511. 

Martha M., 1280. 
Welsh, Lyman, 996. 
Wessels, Elizabeth, 68. 
West, Mary, 640. 
Wharton, Sarah, 1528. 
White, Augusta, 827. 

Augustus V. C. 825. 

Catharine, 824, 421. 

Helen, 828. 

Henry, 413. 

Henry V. C, 826. 
Whitfield, Henry, 1079. 

Sarah, 1079. 
Whitney, George L., 1107. 

James R., 1107. 

Lucinda, 1107. 
Wilde, Elizabeth, 303. 

Emma, 1153. 
Wiley, Elizabeth. 303. 
Wilkins, James, 385. 
Wilkinson, Susan, 1108. 
Will, George, 1095. 

Gertrude M. H., 1430. 

Norl G. H., 1429. 

Ronald H. H., 1431. 
Willet, Ann, 251. 
Willis, Mary, 379. 
William, Prince of Orange, 180. 
Wilson, James, 384. 

Marshal O.. 1518. 

Orne, 1518. 

Thornton, 1518. 
Wilton, Miss., 164. 
Woodburn, Ella C. 1506. 
Woodhouse, Grace, 1077. 

L. G., 1077. 
Woodruff, Alonzo N., 1330. 

Edith I., 1330. 

Fred P., 1330. 

Robert A., 1330. 

Ruth E., 1330. 
Wycoff, Angelica C, 1200. 
Wyngart, Margarita, 176. 
Taets. Maria, 70. 
Yates, Angeltie, 176. 
Young, Jane M., 403. 

Mary, 565. 

Mary C, 565. 

WMlliam, .565. 











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